Changes for version 0.02 - 2020-02-10

  • New Features
    • New global option: `--interactive`.
    • Now catching `die` inside a `CODE` directive (with appropriate error).
    • STDERR now also goes to logfile (if any).
  • Docs
    • Fix bogus issue tracker URL.
    • Document more subs to make newer Pod::Coverage happy.
  • Distro Fixes
    • Add manual dependency on IPC::System::Simple. (brought in via `use autodie ':all'`) github #1 (thx Chris White (cxw42))
    • Fix failing unit test due to `autodie` causing different exit values. (thx CPAN Testers)
    • Fix test failures for non-English locales by not hardcoding errors. github #2 (thx Slaven Rezić (SREZIC))
    • Don't try to run unit tests on machines with no `bash`. (using code stolen from PerlX::bash)
    • Attempt to fix CPAN Testers failure caused by downstream bug: CLI::Osprey not requiring proper version of Getopt::Long::Descriptive.


a workflow system made from Perl and bash
context object for a Pb command