0.31     2023-01-06

- Require Class::XSAccessor 1.17+ when trying to load it. Earlier versions
  cause test failures. Reported by David Cantrell. GH #27.

0.30     2018-07-31

- Tweaked the POD formatting so that the table of contents generated by
  MetaCPAN is more useful.

0.29     2018-07-31

- Make Class::XSAccessor a recommended dep, not a required one.

0.28     2018-07-31

- Added a new option for named params, "return_object". This causes the
  validation sub to return an object with methods for each param rather than a
  hashref. This is a great way to avoid typos in hash keys. This idea (and
  some of the implementation) was shamelessly stolen from Toby Inkster's
  Type::Params module.

0.27     2018-02-11

- Fixed a bug with inlining Moose types. If a type's parent needed environment
  variables those would not get closed over. Reported by Mark Fowler. GH #22.

- Added a debug option to dump the source of the subroutine before it is

0.26     2017-11-28

- The exceptions.t test would fail if Sub::Util was not installed. Reported by
  Paul Howarth. GH #19.

- Fix test failures on Windows. GH #20.

0.25     2017-11-23

- All exceptions now include a stack trace by default when treated as a
  string. This makes finding where validation failed a lot easier. Fixes GH

- The name for a subroutine is now used in some exception messages, even if
  Sub::Util cannot be installed.

0.24     2017-04-08

- The source_for() exported by Params::ValidationCompiler did not work at
  all. Reported by Diab Jerius. GH #16.

0.23     2017-01-23

- Trying to create a validator for positional parameters where a required
  param came after one with a default did not throw an exception.

- A positional params validator with a slurpy type which had coercions did not
  return the coerced values. It returned the original values instead.

0.22     2016-12-31

- Explicitly load the B module. Previously the code relied on this already
  being loaded by something else. Fixed by Tomasz Konojacki. PR #11.

- Removed the alpha warning from the docs.

0.21     2016-12-06

- Switched to using GitHub issues.

0.20     2016-12-05

- The keys for parameter specifications are now validated. If an unknown key
  is seen then an exception will be thrown. This will help you catch typos in
  your parameter specification. Implemented by Greg Oschwald. PR #8.

0.19     2016-11-21

- Non-inlinable Specio types caused a syntax error when used with positional

- Positional params with coercions and defaults did not work properly. The
  coerced value and the default would simply not be returned in any case.

0.18     2016-11-13

- Using coercions with positional parameters could cause a "Modification of a
  read-only value attempted" exception when the generated code tried to assign
  to elements of @_. This is now fixed by making a copy if any of the types
  have a coercion.

- Using Moose types with coercions in a positional params check would cause
  invalid code to be generated. This could also happen with Type::Tiny if
  either the type or a coercion could not be inlined.

0.17     2016-11-04

- When using positional parameters, parameters with a default are now
  optional. For named parameters, this was already the case.

0.16     2016-11-03

- Moose and Specio types (and coercions) which provide variables to close over
  when being inlined did not always compile properly. Most notable, this was
  not being handled at all for Moose types, and not completely handled for
  Specio coercions.

0.15     2016-11-03

- Previously, using a default with a positional parameter would result in an
  error when compiling the validator subroutine. Defaults now work with
  positional parameters. Implemented by Greg Oschwald. Based on PR #5.

0.14     2016-11-02

- Added a "named_to_list" option to support returning only the parameter
  values from a named parameter validator rather than the key-value
  pairs. Implemented by Greg Oschwald. Based on PR #4.

- Errors from calls to validation_for() now use croak so as to show up at the
  call site, rather than in the internals

0.13     2016-09-16

- Small fixes to make sure that you can pass both readonly and locked hashes
  to both validation_for and the subroutine it creates for you. Locked hashes
  work and readonly hashes sort of work on some Perls.

- Added a new parameter, "name_is_optional". When this is true, the "name"
  parameter is simply ignored when Sub::Util is not available, rather than
  causing an exception.

- Removed List::SomeUtils as a prereq.

0.12     2016-08-16

- Require Specio for tests instead of Type::Tiny. Type::Tiny does not work
  with blead and the maintainer has not responded to bug reports for a while.

0.11     2016-08-14

- Use Sub::Util instead of Sub::Name as our optional sub-naming module, since
  Sub::Util is part of core as of 5.22.

0.10     2016-08-10

- The parameters you pass when creating a validator are now validated.

- The $e->message returned when a Moose type fails now includes the parameter
  name or position. Adding these for other type systems will come in a future

0.09     2016-07-04

- Really make Sub::Name optional.

0.08     2016-07-03

- Renamed from Params-CheckCompiler to Params-ValidationCompiler.

- Made Sub::Name optional. If you try to set the name of a generation
  validation sub without Sub::Name installed, you will get a fatal error.

0.07     2016-06-18

- Make the compiled sub for checking named params die if given a single object
  as an argument, even if the object is implemented using a hashref. However,
  if the object overloads hash dereferencing then the overloading is
  used. Reported by Mark Fowler. GitHub #3.

- Renamed compile() to validation_for(). The latter is not a very specific
  name. Requested by Mark Fowler. GitHub #1.

0.06     2016-06-18

- Require Type::Tiny for tests. Reported by Slave Rezic. RT #115413.

- Fix tests when Moose is installed but Devel::PartialDump is not. Reported by
  Slave Rezic. RT #115413.

0.05     2016-06-18

- Removed all remaining uses of Moo.

0.04     2016-06-17

- Removed more modules from test prereqs that are only used in optional tests.

- Replace Throwable with Exception::Class.

0.03     2016-06-17

- Remove Moose from test prereqs. This is only used for an optional test.

- When generating the source for named params checking, sort the parameters so
  that the order in which keys are checked is consistent.

- You can now pass a name parameter when creating a check subroutine. This
  will be used to name the generated subroutine using Sub::Name.

0.02     2016-05-28

- Add support for positional parameters.

- Add support for type checking extra parameters.

- Renamed allow_extra to slurpy.

0.01     2016-05-24

- First release upon an unsuspecting world.