Version 0.10 on Oct 17 2018:
    - Version 0.09 actually requires Parallel::ForkManager 1.15. Declare that
Version 0.09 on Oct 16 2018:
    - Fix Bug #127362 for Parallel-Loops: Fails with recent versions of
Version 0.08 on Mar 6 2016:
    - Introduce $finishSub for while() to make it easy/possible to report
      progress in the parent.
Version 0.07 on Mar 23 2011:
    - Use IO::Select if select works, and temp files otherwise (e.g. on
Version 0.06 on Mar 17 2011:
    - Avoid deadlock sitations by reading from pipes as soon as possible and
      don't wait for processes to end which they may not be able to do if
      nobody is reading the pipe they're trying to write to.
      Thanks to Marko Nordberg
    - Fix problem where inc/Module/ wasn't included in tarball
    - Updated 'Performance and properties of the loop body' POD section to
      explain that this forks for every iteration, so if each iteration is
      tiny, you may get worse performance from Parallel::Loops than a pure
      sequential run
    - Use 'make all test manifest dist' instead of making the
      tarball ourselves
    - Remove: use Scalar::Util
    - Mention repository in Makefile.PL since there is a field for that
Version 0.05 on Mar 9 2011:
    - Close pipe file handles to prevent too many open files
      This fixes:
      Bug #66487: Error "Couldn't open a pipe" when more input parameters are
    - Fixed UNIVERSAL import warning in perl 5.12
    - Throw exception when trying to share blessed objects
      Thanks to Alexander Hartmaier <>
    - Modernize tests
      Thanks to Alexander Hartmaier <>
      Since, the dependency on Test::Fatal was removed
    - Converted to Module::Install
      Thanks to Alexander Hartmaier <>
    - Declare that this module requires perl version 5.8 minimum, as we rely on
      Tie::ExtraHash which (apparently) was introduced in perl 5.8. Patches to
      this requirement are welcome.
    - Moved Exception POD down below general Description
Version 0.04 on Feb 9 2011:
    - foreach() now gives the loop correct $_ values
      This fixes:
      Bug #60384: foreach fails when @parameters doesn't use numbers
                  starting with zero
      Bug #60659: Does not work with string parameters
    - Handle fatal errors in children e.g. if the die()
    - Detect if child didn't print any results e.g. because 'exit' was called
    - Don't allow $pl->share() to clobber any values that may already be in the
      refs - preserve the initial contents
    - Put in perldoc about two children setting same key
Version 0.03 on Jun 30 2010:
    - Forgot to update README
Version 0.02 on Jun 30 2010:
    - Renamed tieOutput to share (API change!)
    - Let both while and foreach return values from the children
    - Use Storable instead of Data::Dumper
Version 0.01 on Jun 25 2010:
    - Initial version