use strict;
use warnings;
use Panotools::Script;
use Image::ExifTool;
use LWP::UserAgent;
use Pod::Usage;
use URI;

my $url = $ENV{LENS_URL} || 'http://oink.postle.net/';

pod2usage (2) unless (scalar @ARGV);

my $agent = new LWP::UserAgent;
$agent->agent('lens-submit/'. $Panotools::Script::VERSION);
$agent->timeout (5);

for my $path_pto (@ARGV)
    print "Project file: $path_pto\n";
    my $pto = new Panotools::Script;
    $pto->Read ($path_pto);
    unless (scalar @{$pto->Control} > 4)
        print "Skipping: not enough control points\n"; next;

    my $image = $pto->Image->[0];

    my $query_image = {};
    for my $parameter (qw/w h f v a b c d e g t Ra Rb Rc Rd Re Va Vb Vc Vd Vx Vy/)
        $query_image->{$parameter} = $image->{$parameter}
            if defined $image->{$parameter};

    my $path_photo = $image->Path ($path_pto);
    unless (-e $path_photo)
        print "Skipping: Can't find $path_photo\n"; next;

    my $exiftool = new Image::ExifTool;
    $exiftool->Options (PrintConv => 0);
    my $photo = $exiftool->ImageInfo ($path_photo);
    unless (defined $photo->{Make} and defined $photo->{Model})
        print "Skipping: Incomplete EXIF\n"; next;

    my $query_photo = {};
    for my $parameter (qw/ColorSpace ExifVersion FileType FNumber FocalLength FOV
        FocalLengthIn35mmFormat ImageHeight ImageWidth Lens LensModel LensType Make
        Model ResolutionUnit ScaleFactor35efl Software SubjectDistanceRange XResolution
        $query_photo->{$parameter} = $photo->{$parameter}
            if defined $photo->{$parameter};

    my $uri = new URI ($url);
    $uri->query_form (%{$query_image}, %{$query_photo}, md5 => $pto->{md5});

    my $response = $agent->get ($uri->as_string);

    if ($response->is_success) {print 'Submitted: '}
    else {print 'Failed: '}
    print $query_photo->{Make} .' '. $query_photo->{Model}
        .' : '. $response->status_line ."\n";


=head1 NAME

lens-submit - collect lens and EXIF data


lens-submit project1.pto project2.pto [...]

Options: None, use the LENS_URL environmental variable to vary the location of
the data collection server, and http_proxy to set a proxy.


B<lines-submit> is a simple tool that reads a Hugin .pto project, finds the
first 'lens', gathers some lens and EXIF data, and submits it via HTTP to a
central collecting server.

Data submitted is anonymous, no serial numbers, user names, dates or file names
are submitted.  Your ip-address can be logged by the server as the submission
is via a normal HTTP GET request.

IMPORTANT: Data submitted via this protocol may be collated, processed and
redistributed under any or all of the following licenses:

 GNU General Public License (any version)
 GNU Lesser General Public License (any version)
 Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike (any version)

=head1 LICENSE

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

=head1 SEE ALSO


=head1 AUTHOR

Bruno Postle - March 2010.