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0.08 2021-02-22T17:51:23+01:00
 - Change api of parse(): Don't decode utf-8 string via 'input_encoding'.

0.07 2021-02-20T21:25:19+01:00
 - Add 'output_encoding' parameter.
 - Rewrite implicit encode() to PYX::Utils::encode().
 - Update copyright years.

0.06 2020-10-14T09:13:41+02:00
 - Add tests for finalize().
 - Change bugtracker to github.
 - Fix tests for situation when Tags::Output::LibXML not present.
 - Rewrite doc to use =head2 for methods.

0.05 2020-10-14T01:03:12+02:00
 - Add 'input_tags_item_callback' parameter for e.g.validation.
 - Add tests for output via libxml.
 - Rename test files to better names (raw tests).
 - Rewrite to better default of 'tags' parameter.
 - Rewrite Encode to Unicode::UTF8.

0.04 2020-04-26T18:32:33+02:00
 - Add test comments.
 - Add test for utf-8 characters (in Czech).
 - Add Tags reseting to each test.
 - Test for element renamed to -xml version. Added sgml version.

0.03 2020-04-26T15:28:41+02:00
 - Add EXAMPLE2 to PYX::SGML::Tags.
 - Add tests for parse() method.
 - Improve LICENSE AND COPYRIGHT section in doc.
 - Improve SYNOPSIS section in doc.
 - Rename tests to better names (tag → element).
 - Rename PYX data files to better names (tag → element).
 - Rename PYX data to better names (tag → element).
 - Update Module::Install to 1.19 version.
 - Update author github username.
 - Update copyright years.
 - Update my name to reality.

0.02 2016-02-20T23:38:52+01:00
 - Add 'input_encoding' parameter.
 - Add REPOSITORY section to doc.

0.01 2016-02-17T10:48:26+01:00
 - First version.