rep_summary - generate summary files for a ppm repository


 rep_summary --rep /path/to/ppm/repository


 [--version]          : print version information and exit
 [--help]             : print this help screen
 [--rep ] location    : specify the ppm repository location
 [--no-ppm4 ]         : don't generate a package.xml file for ppm4
 [--arch ] arch       : specify the architecture for package.xml


rep_summary is an interface to PPM::Make::RepositorySummary, which may be used to generate various summary files as used by ActiveState's ppm system (summary.ppm, searchsummary.ppm, package.lst, and, unless excluded by the --no_ppm4 option, package.xml. See PPM::Make::RepositorySummary for a description of these files. Options include

--rep /path/to/ppds

This option, which is required, specifies the path to where the ppd files are found. The summary files will be written in this directory.


If this option is specified, the package.xml file (which contains some extensions used by ppm4) will not be generated.

--arch MSWin32-x86-multi-thread-5.8

If this option is given, it will be used as the ARCHITECTURE attribute of the REPOSITORYSUMMARY element of package.xml.


This prints out a short help screen and exits.


This prints out some version information and exits.


This program is copyright, 2006, by Randy Kobes <>. It is distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.


PPM and PPM::Make::RepositorySummary