ppm_install - build and install a distribution via ppm


 ppm_install [options] [Module | Distribution]


 [--version]          : print version information and exit
 [--help]             : print this help screen
 [-r | --remove]      : remove the build directory after installation
 [-i | --ignore]      : ignore any failing test results
 [-f | --force]       : force remaking a distribution
 [--upgrade]          : upgrade via ppm
 [--program]  b=a     : specify "a" to be used for the "b" program
 [ --skip]            : skip running the tests

Additional Arguments:

   Module       : specify a module to fetch (requires
   Distribution : specify a distribution to fetch

With no arguments, ppm_install will install a distribution inside the current directory.


ppm_install is an interface to the PPM::Make::Install module, and is used to build a PPM (Perl Package Manager) distribution from a CPAN source distribution and then install it with the ppm utility. See PPM::Make for a discussion.

Apart from the options described below, without any arguments ppm_install will assume it is inside an unpacked source distribution and make the corresponding PPM distribution. If it is given an argument of what looks like a module name (eg, Net::FTP), it will use to look up the corresponding distribution and fetch and build it (module names are case sensistive). Otherwise, additional arguments (eg, package.tar.gz, or will be interpreted as distributions to fetch and build.

[-i | --ignore]

By default, ppm_install, if it is building the distribution, will die if all tests do not pass. Turning on this option instructs ppm_install to ignore any test failures.

[ --skip ]

Setting this option will skip running any tests supplied with the package.

[-r | --remove]

If specified, the directory used to build the ppm distribution given on the command line will be removed after a successful install.

[-f | --force]

By default, if ppm_install detects a blib/ directory, it will assume the distribution has already been made, and will not remake it. This option forces remaking the distribution.


Will do an upgrade of the specified package, if applicable.


This prints out a short help screen and exits.


This prints out some version information and exits.


This program is copyright, 2003, by Randy Kobes <>. It is distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.


PPM and PPM::Make.