Revision history for Perl extension PPM::Make.

0.9904 2017-04-05
  - Resolved
    - RT #97088 (work around for PROVIDE)
    - RT #119132 (Non-ASCII in author name)
    - RT #119133 (.tar.bz2 distributions)
    - RT #120921 (Module::Build::Tiny support)

0.9903 2016-06-02
  - Resolved RT #102518 (confused Makefile parser) and
    RT #114769 (SHA256 checksum), both by Ralf Neubauer
  - removed unused modules and other minor cleanup
  - switched to Test::More

0.9902 2014-08-03
  - not to depend on dead services at theoryx5 (RT #97053)
  - use XML::Writer to write ppd/xml files
  - smoother installation (still WIP)

0.9901  Wed, Feb 2, 2012
  - hid external package name

0.99  Wed, Feb 2, 2012
  - fixed local tarball handling (resolved #63257)
  - updated usage text of make_ppm to use --zip_archive option to
    create a zip archive (resolved #72919)
  - META.(yml|json) is now created by MakeMaker

0.98  Thu, Jan 6, 2011
  - ISHIGAKI took over the maintenance.
  - Only check Win32::BuildNumber while using ActivePerl
  - Check ppm.bat in the site/lib directory

0.97  Sat, Sep 19, 2009
  - In PPM::Make::Meta::parse_make, skip MAN3PODS that can appear 
    if some words from @wanted found (patch supllied by Serguei Trouchelle)
  - Address CPAN dist download failure:
  - Add no_remote_lookup option, which if specified, will not search
    remote databases nor for information not contained in the
    files of the distribution:

0.96 Fri, Dec 26, 2008
  - if distro misses NAME, use DISTNAME if available (patch provided by 
    Serguei Trouchelle)
  - fix problem with v-style versions of modules when creating PPD 
    and tgz/zip bundle with --vsr (patch provided by Serguei Trouchelle)
  - omit warning when development version of Archive::Tar is used (patch 
    provided by Serguei Trouchelle).
  - refactor searching for ppm info into PPM::Make::Search
  - use META information available from
    so that SOAP::Lite isn't required
  - add the make_ppm_install script, and associated module
    PPM::Make::CPAN, for use as the make_install_make_command
    within to install modules via ppm.

0.95 Sat, Dec 22, 2007
  - fix architecture string addition (eg, MSWin32-x86-multi-thread-5.10)
    so as to work with perl-5.10

0.94 Sun, June 10, 2007
  - workaround for  a bug in Net::FTP 2.77, which drops the last 
    character on each line when putting file in ASCII mode (provided 
    by Serguey Trouchelle)
  - remove whitespace from version string (provided by Serguey Trouchelle)
  - have settings in Makefile override those in META.yml; in particular,
    this avoids problem of version strings not being updated in
    META.yml (suggested by Serguey Trouchelle)

0.93 Tues, Jan 11, 2007
  - sort summary files by package name

0.92 Thur, Dec 21, 2006

  - wrap parsing of the ppd files in
    around an eval, to catch errors (suggested by
    Serguey Trouchelle)
  - use CONTENTS exclusively in parse_bundle of
    to exract contents of a Bundle file, as some Bundles
    also include a DESCRIPTION (suggested by
    Serguey Trouchelle)

0.91 Sat, Nov 18, 2006

  - import HAS_PPM from PPM::Make::Config in PPM::Make::Install
  - use VERSION from META.yml only as a last resort, as a number
    of authors forget to update the META.yml:
  - rename check_opts of PPM::Make::Install to check_opts_install,
    to avoid "subroutine redefinition" warning.
  - use PPM::Make::Meta in PPM::Make::Install
  - add --skip option to PPM::Make::Install to skip running tests

0.89 Sat, Oct 28, 2006

  - add "return 1" to end of make_ppm of PPM::Make, make_bundle
    of PPM::Make::Bundle, and ppm_install of PPM::Make::Install,
    so one can eval() them (suggested by Serguei Trouchelle)
  - if a distribution name can't be found corresponding to a
    dist or mod argument, die at a stage before trying to
    find the non-existent file.

0.88 Wed, Oct 11, 2006

  - fix warnings about an abstract not found in certain cases
  - try NAME and DISTNAME when trying to get info on modules
    and packages from SOAP/
  - use smaller dummy .tar.gz archives under t/ppms/ for the tests

0.87 Wed, Oct 4, 2006

  - remove PPM::XML::* files from distribution
  - add a skip option to PPM::Make to skip running the tests
  - when building up a list of dependencies, ignore those that
    come with ActivePerl
  - enable parse_ppd() to parse ppd files with multiple
    <IMPLEMENTATION> sections, and have PPM::Make::RepositorySummary
    output summary files with this information
  - add PPM::Make::Bundle to make a zipped bundle file containing
    a package and all of its prerequisites
  - fixes for setting the version number in certain edge cases
    (thanks to Serguei Trouchelle for the patch)
  - if fetch_file() fails on assuming the argument passed is a
    module, try it as a distribution.
  - split methods used in PPM::Make to obtain meta information
    about a distribution into PPM::Make::Meta
  - split functions used in PPM::Make to obtain config information
    into PPM::Make::Config
  - if the author meta information is an array ref, dereference it
    when writing the ppd file

0.83 Fri, Sep 1, 2006

  - use better cross-platform method to guess if a module
    is installed as a core module (reported by Jeff McCarrell)
  - introduce no_html option in PPM::Make (--no-html in make_ppm)
    to disable building of html docs, as some platforms (eg, linux)
    may not have an installhtmldir specified in Perl's Config
    (reported by Jeff McCarrell)
  - introduce --no-cfg as an alias to --no_cfg in make_ppm
  - allow zipped distributions made with the --zipdist option
    to be uploaded to a specified location, just as is done
    with the ppd and tar.gz files
  - in making up a ppd file, fetch either from the remote
    soap server or from a list of modules for the
    given distribution, and use that to populate PROVIDE
    elements in the ppd file (introduced in ppm4). This can
    be disabled by using the no_pp,4 option in PPM::Make,
    or the --no-ppm4 switch in make_ppm
  - INCOMPATIBLE change: in PPM::Make, change the zip option
    to zip_archive, to enable creation of .zip archives,
    rather than .tar.gz ones.
  - Add PPM::Make::RepositorySummary to make ppm summary files
    (summary.ppm, searchsummary.ppm, package.lst, package.xml)
    for a repository, and add a rep_summary script as an interface

0.79 Mon, Aug 21, 2006
  - fix bug in xml_encode which led to replacing the '&'
    in entitities that were already encoded, such as '&lt;'.

0.78 Wed, Aug 2, 2006
  - drop requirement of PPM, and supply the needed files
    in the distribution, as the PPM distribution will install
    a ppm.bat which overwrites an existing (newer) ppm
    (reported by Serguei Trouchelle)
  - use HTML::Entities to encode fields in ppd file, so
    that high ASCII characters get encoded
    (reported by Serguei Trouchelle)
  - don't die if error results in loading META.yml file
  - rename html_escape routine of PPM::Make::Util to
    xml_encode, to better reflect purpose

0.76 Sat, Jan 8, 2006
  - add dependency on File::HomeDir to obtain $ENV{HOME}
  - allow argument to make_ppm accept a local file as the
    source of a distribution
  - add capability to make a ppm package for a Bundle/Task file,
    to install a list of prerequisites
  - fix loading of CPAN::Config to account for recent changes
  - add dependency on PPM

0.75 Sat Sep 4 2004
  - adjust the routines for getting module and distribution
    information to accept an array reference of values, and
    return a corresponding hash reference. This cuts down
    particularly on repeated calls to the soap server for
    distributions with more than one prerequisite.
  - fix bug in calling dist_search/mod_search with wrong
    args in some cases when guessing author
  - fix parsing of YAML file in extracting AUTHOR field, if present

0.74 Fri Aug 27 2004
  - add Net::FTP debug messages (thanks to Jeff McCarrell)
  - honor presence of $ENV{HOME}, if present, on Win32
    in looking for the .ppmcfg configuration file (thanks to
    Jeff McCarrell)
  - fix bug where the AUTHOR was reported as an ARRAY ref
    in the ppd file when META.yaml was used
  - attempt to read Module::Build's information file
    only when the _build directory is present.
  - in getting author information, as well as module/distribution
    mappings, in filling out the ppd file, now first try a remote
    soap server, and if that fails, fall back to the CPAN indices.

0.71 Fri Apr 2 11:00:00 2004
  - fix bug in ppm_install for ppm3
  - use $^X rather than $Config{perlpath} for perl binary

0.70 Tue Mar 23 11:00:00 2004
  - fix warning in PPM::Make::Util when is configured
    but doesn't have a url_list
  - added more checks in make_zipdist of PPM::Make when
    the codebase isn't a local file

0.69 Mon Mar 22 23:00:00 2004
  - use Archive::Zip::AZ_OK(), rather than AZ_OK().
  - add zipdist option to make a .zip file consisting
    of the .ppd and the .tar.gz files.

0.68 Sun Jan 11 23:00:00 2004
  - require Archive::Tar >= 1.08 for Win32 to fix A::T bug
  - add --vsp and --vsr flags to add version string to
    ppd and archive files
  - fix bug on non-Win32 when generating ppm packages for
    use on Win32 regarding which files to include in the
    archive [thanks to Mike Schilli]

0.67 Thu Nov 20 20:08:00 2003
  - fix bug in tk-ppm regarding dialogue_yes_no
  - on Win32, only list files in making archive (not directories),
    to quieten newer Archive::Tar

0.66 Wed Sep 10 10:08:00 2003
  - add documentation for PPM::Make::Install
  - add version for PPM::Make::Install and PPM::Make::Util

0.65 Mon Jun 23 14:08:00 2003
  - move the install option of PPM::Make to PPM::Make::Install
  - add the tk-ppm script
  - add support for packages using Module::Build
  - add YAML support
  - let Getopt::Long handle help and version options
  - add option to build cpan distribution
  - add checksum check on downloaded CPAN files
  - add option to perform case-insensitive module searches
  - put utility functions in PPM::Make::Util

0.52 Wed Jun 13 14:08:00 2003
  - add ppm_install script to install via ppm
  - fix for extracting name from a distribution
  - try urls as specified in $CPAN::Config

0.48 Wed Feb 18 12:48:00 2003

  - offer to get nmake for Win32, if not present
  - add capability to upload ppd and archive files
  - support for ini configuration files added
  - don't include dependencies if they're part of the core,
    or are contained in /^perl$/
  - make no default for "exec" if a script is specified
  - if the script matches !^(http|ftp)://!, use it as
    the HREF attribute of INSTALL.

0.41 Wed Dec 16 12:48:00 2002

  - fix parsing of Makefile to avoid unquoted keys
  - have dependencies report distribution name, rather than module

0.38 Fri Dec  6 20:48:00 2002

  - capability to add version string to ppd and archive filenames
       [Toby Johnson <>]
  - make possible to omit ARCHITECTURE and OS fields
       [Mike Schilli <>]
  - workaround for creating .tar.gz files on non-Win32 for Win32
       [Mike Schilli <>]
  - add Perl string to ARCHITECTURE for >= 5.8
  - omit man pages if OS or ARCHITECTURE is missing

0.36 Thu Nov 28 16:48:00 2002

  - better linking of HTML docs, using only Pod::Html
       [ Mirko <> ]
  - make program locations configurable
       [Toby Johnson <>]
  - don't include man/ directories for a Windows ppm
       [Mike Schilli <>]
  - use a more descriptive title for the HTML docs

0.28 Sat Nov 16 15:48:00 2002

  - add option to add files to archive
  - change make_ppm to use Getopt::Long

0.27 Thu Nov  7 10:55:00 2002

  - use blib/ files to make html
       [ Mirko <> ]
0.26 Sat Nov  2 10:55:00 2002

  - adjust html path for more than 2-level module name
       [ Mirko <> ]
  - added options to install and clean up files
       [ Mirko <> ]

0.25 Thu Sep  5 09:42:48 2002

  - use XML::Parser to parse ppd file
  - adjusted so as to not remake html unless forced

0.2  Thu Aug 29 11:05:00 2002

  - search for in $HOME (suggested by Slaven Rezik)
  - configurable OS and ARCHITECTURE (suggested by Slaven Rezik)
  - add script to archive
  - fixed typo in binary/location
  - added semi-realistic test
  - added A::T/C::Z and A::Z to list of prerequisites
  - added option to insert an architecture-dependent subdirectory

0.1  Sun Jul 14 20:05:00 2002
  - original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
         -X -n PPM::Make