I welcome bug reports, patches, and suggestions. My preferred way to
recieve these is via the RT system at
but I happily accept them either through GitHub at
by electronic mail to WYANT AT cpan DOT org, or any other way that works
for you, though I can not accept owls because I have no facilities to
house them. Non-RT requests may be turned into RT tickets by me unless
you specifically request otherwise. The bug report, patch, or suggestion
(if acted on) will also be acknowledged in the Changes file unless you
specifically request othewise.

Requests for information probably do not need to be tickets in RT or
GitHub, and my preferred route for these is by electronic mail, but
again anything that works for you is probably fine with me.

I try hard never to reject a bug report outright, though I may edit
patches, believe that a different fix is more in line with my vision for
the code, or even that the report is due to a misunderstanding and
address it with a documentation change. Whatever I decide I will give
you time to respond (typically a week or so), and whatever I actually do
I will give you time to see if it meets your needs before I do a
production release.

GitHub pull requests should be made on a topic branch rather than the
master branch. If you have something big in mind I would appreciate a
heads-up in some form prior to the pull request.