$Id: Changes,v 1.14 2010-05-20 17:29:09 ubuntu Exp $

    - Got rid of the DBD-mySQL dependency

	- some biopax entities where not being processes properly
	  because their base uri had >1 # appended to them.
    - Added owl:unionOf to what is parsed out of OWL and
      inserted in our class map.
    - fix: hasValue range wasnt being set properly when > 1
      rdf:types exist.

    - Restrictions using hasValue now extracted and added to
      class restrictions.
    - parsing of non empty text content wasnt handled properly
      for different serializations of text.
    - When URIs are encountered that are slightly incorrect, we
      attempt to correct them and not just use them as is, as this
      is usually incorrect (and is better than throwing an 
      exception). Example, the URI rdf:about="##bar"
      is changed to #bar.
    - fixed how Module::Conditional::Load was being called
      because the way we were doing it broke all of a sudden
    - added a select_parser method so that you can specify
      the sax parser to use (defaulted in the past to pureperl
      which is way too slow)
    - added dependency for XML::LibXML (since we use their SAX
      parser now by default);
    - added a verbose param to Ontology/OWL/Lite.pm that triggers 
      a call to debug() in init()
    - added a 'do_impl' param to Ontology/OWL/Lite.pm that triggers
      the ->implementations() part of Lite.pm. Look at owllite2perl.pl
      for how to set the parameter.
    - DBD::mysql is now a dependency iff mysql is accessible on
      the users machine.
    - added a check in issue_query that checks to see whether 
      the $query was parsed correctly into a ODO::Query::RDQL
      in ODO::Graph::Storage::Memory.
    - added more text for warning of missing properties.
    - bug fix: subClassOf was being added as a restriction and
      not to inheritance 
    - when parsing owl files, import statements are parsed out,
      but not traversed. They are returned to the user though.
      NOTE: if you use prior versions of ODO::Parser::XML, your
      code may break as statements and imports are returned after
      calling parse. owllite2perl illustrates this.
     owllite2perl needs to be updated to produce actual modules, etc.
     This will hopefully be accomplished next release. In SADI::SADI,
     a code generator that is based on this module exists. However,
     it uses RDF::Core to serialize the RDF.
     - Fixed the RDF code generator. It now produces valid Perl code.
     - Went through ODO::Ontology::RDFS code and fixed how it processed
       statements. Basically, I made sure that ISA/inheritance dont contain
       any undef keys/values. Then i updated the templates so that my updates
       to ODO::Ontology::RDFS.pm were taken into account.
     - Updated the test scripts to take into account that parse
       now returns statements and imports
     - updated the example scripts to take into account the above.
     - updated the makefile to add DBD-mysql (eventhough, the db
       side of ODO/Pluto doesnt work).
     - added VERSION info for each file that reflects the cvs revision to aide
       in diff'ing the files.

    - Added missing methods that were referred to in Lite.pm
    - Updated the OWL SAX parser so that entities prefixed by #
      now have theh base xmlns appended to it
    - The owl2perl example script still doesnt work 100%, but
      a script in SADI (sadi-generate-datatypes) does something
      similar to this script and uses ODO to do it.
    - Cleaned up the Makefile.PL script (uses Module::Install now)
	- Added trivial tests for empty test suites
	- Added ODO::DBI::Connector tests
	- Removed database specific database drivers
	- Factored out ODO::Ontology::Vocabulary to just ODO::Vocabulary
	- ODO::Node constructor bug fixes
	- Added Jena node parser tests
	- Added Jena system graph tests
	- Added Jena objects DB/Settings.{n3|pm}, Graph/Settings.{n3|pm}
	- Began update of OWL::Lite code generator to new API
	- Removed dependence on Class::ISA
	- Added initial N3 parser in ODO::Parser::N3; it needs expanded test case coverage
	- Added support for manipulating graphs stored by Jena
	- ODO::Ontology and ODO::Ontology::RDFS refactored
	- ODO::Ontology::RDFS code generation bugs fixed
	- ODO/RDFS.pm added; contains Perl code generated from RDFS Schema
	- Initial release under the EPL