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Author image Bryan Jurish
and 1 contributors

Changes for version v1.23.16 - 2021-03-29

  • fixed $PDL::VERSION checks in Config.PL to reflect reality
    • integer-type downcasting behavior actually changed in PDL-2.037 with commit #f892aeb4ae on PDL/Basic/Ufunc/ufunc.pd
    • should fix new cpantesters failures, e.g. http://www.cpantesters.org/cpan/report/1fc08e78-a7e3-11eb-aa01-337c1f24ea8f
  • added missing "resources" level to META_MERGE section in Makefile.PL


Sparse N-dimensional PDLs with compressed column storage
Backwards-compatibility module for PDL::CCS
Useful perl-level functions for PDL::CCS
Common pseudo-private routines for PDL::CCS::Nd I/O
PDL::IO::FITS wrappers for PDL::CCS::Nd
PDL::IO::FastRaw wrappers for PDL::CCS::Nd
LDA-C format text I/O for PDL::CCS::Nd
Matrix Market Exchange Format text I/O for PDL::CCS::Nd
PETSc-compatible I/O for PDL::CCS::Nd
Low-level matrix operations for compressed storage sparse PDLs
N-dimensional sparse pseudo-PDLs
Low-level binary operations for compressed storage sparse PDLs
Ufuncs for compressed storage sparse PDLs
Low-level utilities for compressed storage sparse PDLs


in CCS/Config.pm
in CCS/Version.pm