Revision history for Perl extension PDF::Reuse

0.39 Tues Sept 26 2016
     This release simply corrects the rev number

0.38 Mon Sept 26 2016
     118069: MYMETA must not be included

0.37 Fri Sept 23 2016
     101145 	Add support for IO::String and "in memory" files
     107301 	prStrWidth returns undef when string is '0'
     41287 	It seems that filehandles of TTF files are not closed
     79703 	Allow a handle to be provided instead of a file name
     107299 	Warnings on empty strings in prStrWidth/prText
     117892 	Could not open '' (0.36_02)
     93049 	PDF::Reuse Bookmarks bug and fix
     97290 	fix for uninitialized value $param{"Index"} when reading PDF version 1.5 file
     43232 	Wrong prototype for findFont()
     46202 	PDF-Reuse 0.35 prDoc/xrefSection problem
     48804 	Bad PDF Spins CPU
     59359 	qQ imbalance in
     104874 	prMbox() not dealing with 0 ux/uy

     Thanks to all who contributed patches for these fixes!

0.36 Wed Dec 10 2014
     Added binary blob handling to prJpeg
     Added prAltJpeg to allow for insertion of alternate low-res images for display
     Added support for grayscale images to prJpeg after suggestions from Ingo Lachmann
     Removing depricated define(@array) syntax per suggestion from Nigel Gourlay
     Updating copyright notices

0.35 Mon Jul 3 2008
     Thanks to Yunliang Yu Outlines mode is turned on, if bookmarks are added
     and a minor bug with bookmarks and another one with the creation of pages
     are corrected.

0.34 June 2008
     Thanks to Grant McLean prTTFont method is added to support embedding
     TrueType fonts and using UTF8 text with prText (only works if Font::TTF and
     Text::PDF are installed)

0.33 Tue Nov 15 2005
     Corrected a "bug" with prField. Changed the documentation a little.
     The address to the mailing list is given. 

0.32 Fri Jul 22 2005
     prText has 1 more parameter, rotation, parameter 4 now only handles alignment.
     prDoc has new functionality. If there are "contents" available, it is added to
     the array of streams of the first included page. (This was developed for a specific
     task with support from the Electoral Enrolment Centre, Wellington, New Zealand.)
     prSinglePage is a new function. It is a variant of prDoc for one page. It also
     has a counter of pages and last page extracted from a document, so it has more or 
     less the ability to loop through a document if necessary.
     A new output definition for Apache2, thanks to Matisse Enzer.
0.30 Thu Jun 3
     Changes to the documentation. Fonts are handled a little differently.
     If prFont is called in list context, a reference to all fonts known to 
     the current program is also returned.

0.29 Mon May 10
     A bug with fonts corrected, minor changes to the documentation.

0.28 Fri Apr 23 2004
     New annotations, which are repeated on many pages, are defined only once.
     You can tie the request object to the output file, thanks to Matisse Enzer.
     Compress::Zlib is included in the code with 'use'. There was some problem with
     'autouse', and I couldn't solve it. Minor changes to the the code to improve
     performance a little. 

0.27 Fri Apr 16 2004
     A potential bug with links removed. Repeated links are stored only once.
     Unnecessary line feeds removed.

0.26 Thu Apr 15 2004
     Bugs fixed. When an image was imported, the program could become confused
	  about standard fonts. Importing of JavaScripts failed. Corrected.

0.25 Sat Apr 10 2004
     -"prLink" added, to add and merge hyper links into a document
     -prStrWidth added. You get string width calculated for some predefined fonts.
     -A new parameter to prText added, so you can center, right adjust and rotate
     If the text is not rotated you can get from- and to- positions of text strings
     -New parameters to prFile to control how a document is initially displayed
     -MediaBox is defined at the top of the page tree also. 
     -Special characters in values to prField are hex-encoded when they are
     transferred to the new document, and unescaped from within JavaScript.
     So special characters might be handled in a new way ! 

0.24 Tue Mar 9 2004
     Corrected a warning about when JavaScripts can be added to a document

0.23 Tue Feb 3 2004
     Added warnings in the documentation about JavaScript and webpdf.api

0.22 Sun Jan 11 2004
     Corrected an error introduced in version 0.15. Resources were not inherited
     the way they should.  
     Changes to the documentation. The examples have been moved from this
     distribution to PDF::Reuse::Tutorial.

0.21 Fri Dec 26 2003
     -prFontSize will accept sizes with decimal point. 
     -The constant IS_MODPERL has been added. It is taken from $ENV{MOD_PERL}.
      If it is set, STDOUT can be tied to Apache.

0.20 Sun Dec 14 2003
     -You can extract pages or split documents with the help of two
     new parameters to prDoc. 
     -prField can have a snippet of JavaScript code instead of a value.
     -Bugs removed. Internal changes.
0.19 Fri Nov 21 2003
     Code produced for prField is now prepared with "extra" backslashes for 
     \n \r and \'. Improved precision in the "formula" for rotation.

0.18  Tue Nov 11 2003
      Several new parameters for forms and images, so they can be resized, moved
     and rotated. 

0.17  Sat Nov 1 2003
     A bug removed. The module sometimes got confused when it was reconstructing
     forms and was switching between different files. This was an error 
     introduced with version 0.15

0.16  Tue Oct 21 2003
     Added backslashes to the 4 special characters in the comment line, which is 
     written to every file produced by PDF::Reuse. If not escaped,
     they caused Red Hat (8.0) Linux to terminate the run with the error message:
     "Wide character in syswrite ... PDF/ line 268".
     A changed regex to find object references. Some global variables 
     have been removed. If you use the function prCompress(1), new JavaScripts
     are also compressed.
     You can have a new parameter with prInit, so the initiation code is shown
     at document level. By default (now, but not before) it is not shown. 

0.15  Fri Oct 10 2003
     First steps to adjust the module to PDF-1.5 (Acrobat 6.0). Lots of changes to
     the code. 
     If you try to update a field with prField and the field can't be found, the
     field is just ignored. Before the change, you had a JavaScript error and a
     subsequent interruption.

0.14  Mon Sep 15 2003
     The added parameter for prInit from version 0.12 had to be withdrawn.
     Sometimes it caused Acrobat/Acrobat Reader to crash.

0.12  Tue Sep 9 2003
     Corrected a "bug". The "typeof info.moddate" can give another result than
     1 year ago, so an important test at initiation had to be changed.
     You can have a new parameter with prInit, so the initiation code is shown
     at document level. By default (now, but not before) it is not shown. 

0.11  Wed Sep 3 2003
     You can have your bookmarks closed with a new parameter.
     Changes to the documentation.

0.10  Tue Aug 26 2003
     Added a function to define bookmarks. 
     Corrected a bug with object numbers.
     Sometimes the module reserved an object number and didn't need it. Subsequent
     procedures continued with new object numbers and there was a gap ..
     Changes to the documentation. "Experimental" has been removed from the 
     interactive functions.
0.09  Mon Jul 21 2003
     If no file name is given to the function prFile, output is written to STDOUT. 

0.08  Sun Jun 29
     Corrected bugs which occurred when a font was going to be reused. The function
     prInitVars has been added. changes to the documentation.

0.07  Tue Jun 17
     You can add JavaScripts as strings, not only as files. Corrected bugs which
     occurred 1) when JavaScripts were added and 2) when the log for prAdd was

0.06 Mon Jun 2
     Corrected a bug in prText: when you tried to print '0' it was transformed
     to ''. Minor changes to the barcode font. Changed documentation referring
     to GD::Barcode and the modules in that group

0.05 Wed May 21 15:45 
     Tried to make the module backwards compatible with Perl 5.6.1
     Changed use 5.008 to use 5.006, constants are individually defined and
     AutoLoader is used instead of SelfLoader.

0.03 Tue Apr 29 16:50:00 2003
   - Corrected an error that occurred when a form was used many times in different
     documents. (Translation of old => new object number)
   - Some preparations for using PDF::Reuse as an COM-object (ActiveX object)
     (In version 0.02 of PDF::Reuse::Tutorial there will be examples)

0.02  Fri Apr 25 20:49:50 2003
   - I had to put all PDF documents and generated modules used in the examples 
     in a zip file, to hide them from the normal processing around the upload to CPAN.

0.01  Thu Apr  3 12:21:26 2003
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
		-AX -n PDF::Reuse