Changes for version 1.055 - 2022-07-03

  • Fix #62: rs6000_71 (AIX) "An offset in the .loader section header is too large."
    • Communicate pp option "--clean" to the generated executable in a different way. Previously this was done by patching "__ENV_PAR_..." strings **in the executable being built** and interpreting these strings in **at runtime**. Though hacky, this seemingly worked on any OS (without rendering the executable invalid). But the only information ever passed was the value of PAR_CLEAN and this was gleaned at build time from the value of JSONPath $par.clean from META.yml in the zip (set by pp by option "--clean"). Instead read and interpret "META.yml" in **at runtime**.
  • Fix: merge PR #58 from
    • Adding support for running MacOS Universal binaries created via 'lipo' from already pp'ed and signed thin binaries
  • Make writing stuff more robust: check return value of print() and close() in some places.


Make and run Perl Archives
Binary PAR Loader
frontend to pp written in Perl/Tk.


Pack applications in a single executable file
Input filter for PAR
Bleach filter
Bytecode filter
Obfuscating filter
Content patcher
POD-stripping filter
PAR Packager
Base class for the PARL data packages
PAR Packager