- 1.50.4 Sat Mar 10 12:45:39 CST 2018

    Saner check for UNIVERSAL, thanks for Zefram.

    Updated t/03*t for validating overrides.

- 1.50.3 Tue Aug  1 17:28:44 CDT 2017

    Added boilerplate to override loop on UNIVERSAL to
    avoid checking non-method names, non-coderef's or 
    globs without a CODE slot value.

    Use the sanity check in override test.

    Bump version number in module.

- 1.50.2 Sat Mar  3 22:33:25 CST 2018

    Fix t/03-Universal-Override.t to check whether the symbols
    in UNIVERSAL have CODE and can reasonably be treated as 
    methods (See RT 124441).

    Update Makefile.PL to include Test::More.

- 1.50.1 Sun Feb 25 11:15:51 CST 2018

    use v5.24
    put version into "package" line.
    use vX.Y.Z notation.
    remove unused regex.
    renamed Changes to CHANGES.
    test cleanups.

- v1.30 Fri Jul 26 12:09:17 CDT 2013

    use v5.12.
    drop "use strict" (now built-in).

    Remove regex check on prototype, allows using object to dispatch
    constructor (allows dispatch via factory object).

    Add overrides for UNIVERSAL class methods that dispatch into 
    the AUTOLOAD ($trampoline->isa( X ) or can will return correct

- Tue Jun 12 13:55:35 CDT 2012

    Minor test cleanups.
    use v5.8.

- Wed Jul 22 20:13:17 EDT 2009

    Check that the use succeeded in eval.

    Check for a true value of the class on the
    way in and constructor on the way out. 

    Replace "ref" with "blessed" to validate
    object construction.

    Update the tests to use blessed also.

    Added a test for rejecting false classes
    in the initial construction, failure to 
    use the class on bounce.

    Module now depends on Symbol (for testing)
    and Scalar::Util (for operation) also; both
    are core so it shouldn't cause any pain.

- Thu Jan 26 17:43:45 EST 2006

    Fixed typo in eval (dbkliv)

    Update pod.

    Code cleanup: redispatching anon sub blows up with wierd
    stack error in 5.8.4; not that much code to duplicate.

- Wed Jan 25 16:51:15 EST 2006

    use_class got too klutzy due to issues with bookkeeping
    multiple calling classes. Feh... Added Object::Trampoline::Use
    that does a use in the caller's package to get the object.

    Upated the POD.

- Tue Jan 24 18:00:50 EST 2006

    Add add'l argument for using the construcor class 

    Update pod to reflect add'l argument.

    Still need to add tests for this; but it at least
    didn't break anything...

- Mon Nov 21 17:51:06 EST 2005

    So far so good, up the thing to 1.00, add some 
    more POD::::.

 Mon Nov 21 12:55:16 EST 2005

    Replace single $obj->can with if-block that first
    attempts to get a subref then uses $obj->$name in
    order to handle classes whose first non-constructor
    method is an AUTOLOAD.

    Pod, debugging use.

- Fri Nov 18 12:53:41 EST 2005

    POD, example of handle catalog module, notes.

- Tue Nov  8 14:26:53 EST 2005

    Typos in POD, comments.
    Added comments to 02.t

- Tue Nov  1 14:08:06 EST 2005

    Modify Bounce's AUTOLOAD to eval the construction rather
    than croak if it fails. This handles AUTOLOAD-ed constructors
    (which $class->can( $name ) fails on). If you're really
    perverted you can now even use O::T to generate objects of
    type O::T...

- Tue Oct 25 10:34:38 EDT 2005