Changes for version 0.2.7 - 2015-06-23

  • Add repository directory option


OS Package Management System


OS Package Management System
OS::Package::Application object.
OS::Package::Artifact object.
Provides the download method for Artifact role.
Provides the extract method for Artifact role.
Provides the validation methods for Artifact role.
OS::Package application initialization.
Load OS::Package configuration object.
Initialize an OS::Package object.
Initializes ospkg
Load OS::Package LOGGER object.
OS::Package::Maintainer object.
RPM package plugin.
Debian package plugin.
Solaris 11 package plugin.
Solaris 10 package plugin.
Provides build method for OS::Package object.
Provides the clean method.
Provides prune method for OS::Package object.
Determine OS version and type.