Revision history for Net-SSH-Mechanize
0.1.3     2012-06-09 01:24:54 Europe/London
	Add a "Known Issues" section to the POD.

	Stop using Getopt::Long::GetOptionsFromArray (to support older

	Reinvoke Perl scripts with the same executable (to avoid
	mismatched versions, missing binaries - RT #77013).

0.1.2     2012-05-01 15:58:10 Europe/London
	In Net::SSH::Mechanize::Session - Use 'C*' pack format instead
	of 'W*' as it is more portable

	Convert distro to use Dist::Zilla instead of Module::Release
	(since the latter can't handle three-part versions yet)

	Correct ordering/numbering in this Changes file

v0.1.1 - Mon Dec 19 13:24:20 2011
	Changed maintainership, corrected CPAN email
	Minor fixes for CPAN metadata friendliness (setting 
	@Coro::AnyEvent::CARP_NOT without actually opening the package).

1.00 - Fri Nov 18 16:39:51 2011
	First CPAN release
	Nominally working, but mistakenly tagged 1.00 by Module::Release breakage.

0.0.1  2011-09-27       Initial release.