Revision history for Net::SIP

0.835 2023-01-28
- #60 from pali/max-forwards
  Make sure that ACK and CANCEL requests have max-forwards header
  Add test from qunifi:add-missing-ack-max-forwards #55 (similar issue)
- #59 from pali/socketpool-peer
  Fix warnings about unitialized values by initializing rbuf and wbuf
- #57 from pali/rtp
  Ensure that RTP synchronization source id and initial sequence number is
  unique per RTP stream.
0.834 2023-01-03
- #61 from pali/leg-peer-socket
  fix Leg creation with TCP
- #56 from qunifi/catch-null-s2p
  ignore empty packets used for keepalive
- #62 from pali/eventloop-timer
  fix eventloop when select was interrupted by signal, fixes #58
- fix #53 handling of auth information in user2pass
0.833 2021-12-26
- fix regex for call-id to properly include \\, \[, \]
  changes based on
0.832 2021-09-06
- fix multipart handling in case no CRLF after close-delimiter
0.831 2021-09-02
- support for SDP inside multipart/ MIME body
  - sdp_body will extract the SDP part
  - sdp_body will also be able to replace an existing SDP part or add one or
    rewrite the MIME body
- remove duplicate results and legs when resolving URI, solving #44
- Net::SIP::Simple::listen returns now an object, which can be used as part of a
  chain. Should be used as last part though
0.830 2021-07-16
- fix detection of strict routing. Require not only that URI in request
  matches local leg, but also that a Route header exist
- Simple::RTP - create unique SSRC per program instead of using 0x1234 everywhere #47
0.829 2021-05-04
- fix crash introduced in 0.827 when trying to be smarter about timers
  (actually, this just made an error already introduced in 2007 way more likely)
- Propagate timeout errors on TCP connect via callback
- If a URL explicitly specified a port number this will take precedence to any
  port number set in the SRV record when resolving the URL.
- resolver: make sure to consider a response for TCP even if one for UDP was
  already returned, but the leg is TCP only.
  Do not send DNS SRV queries for protocols not supported by the legs
0.828 2021-02-26
- changed bugtracker in Makefile.PL to github, away from obsolete
0.827 2021-02-13
- Improvements to resource usage and reliability fixes by pali. Thanks a lot.
0.826 2020-11-25
- Interface between StatelessProxy and NATHelper: include URIs for From and
  To in the API. Any custom NATHelper need to be adjusted for the changed
0.825 2020-11-24
- SocketPool: don't set SSL_hostname if host is IPv4/IPv6 address
0.824 2020-11-23
- StatelessProxy: dialogs will only be identified by tags on From/To, not on the
  SIP URI (see RFC 3261 and 19.3)
- add support for PCMA in DTMF (pull #26 from pali)
- fix typo which led to bug in Net::Dispatcher (pull #28 from qunify)
0.823 2020-07-15
- NATHelper:
  - expire a session immediately when it gets replaced by a new one and not only
    when the expiration timer runs
  - sockets on replaced sessions will no longer be closed in sub expire after
    'active' (default 30 seconds) but after 'closed' (default 1 second)
- Simple::RTP - support changing of RTP streams within the same handler: if
  the RTP SSRC changes the expectation on the sequence number is reset
- Authentication: use only realm and not realm+opaque when checking, if there is
  already an authorization header
- Leg/SocketPool: allow SSL_hostname and SSL_verifycn_name to be explicitly
  given, i.e. prefer user settings against implicitly determined settings
- Fix TCP handling by allowing short-form content length header
- Propagate SSL errors
- Util::INETSOCK: speed up protocol lookup by caching instead of letting it
  handle by IO::Socket::IP. There it might cause a reading of the protocols file
  on each socket open.
- Fix typos
0.822 2019-10-18
- Fix of bug introduced in 0.821 while fixing NATHelper. 
  Could lead to dereferencing an undefined value
0.821 2019-10-16
- fixes in NATHelper and StatelessProxy for early close of sessions,
  specifically incomplete sessions resulting from errors or authentication
  or from CANCEL
- Resent request after authentication with same dst_addr and leg as given to
  the original request -
  Thanks to Richard Carver
- explicitly include the algorithm in Auth response if it was given in the
  challenge -
  Thanks to Martin Falkus
- Proper default for PeerPort in Leg::new
  Thanks to cj.fooser AT
0.820 2019-02-14
- loose check from 0.819 - allow multiple contacts
0.819 2019-02-14
- Net::SIP::Packet - add more checks when parsing a packet from string,
  notably about conflicting fields like multiple cseq or conflic between
  method in cseq vs method in request.
0.818 2018-11-10
- fixed wrong skip size in t/22_stateless_proxy_ack_on_error.t in case specific
  features like IPv6 or TLS where not available
0.817 2018-11-07
- recreate test certificates so that they work with restrictions in openssl 1.1.1
0.816 2018-11-07
- StatelessProxy: make sure ACK to error passes through proxy if NAT is used
- Simple::RTP: add payload type to write callback
- Simple::RTP: don't die() if RTP send fails, just ignore the problem
0.815 2018-06-15
- StatelessProxy: make sure that idfrom/idto in NAT helper are based on
  normalized URL, so that different writing (with comment, with <..>..) do
  not affect the value. This is needed if peers use a different syntax for
  the same URI during the dialog.
- use range of 2 for all RTP/ types, not only for RTP/AVP (i.e. also for
- fix/enhance documentation
0.814 2018-02-24
- fix t/20_channel_on_hold.t of IPv6 or TLS are not supported (wrong number
  of skipped tests).
- fix tests if no IPv6 is supported
- StatlessProxy/NAT - sub callbacks: remove callbacks which have no
  destination due to the channel being inactive/sendonly
0.813 2018-02-21
- StatelessProxy
  - support for inactive or sendonly channels (port=0) in NAT scenario
  - only rewrite SDP inside INVITE|ACK request|response
- properly handle parameters in contact argument: 
0.812 2017-11-22
- don't include To-Header into computation of branch, since this might differ
  between INVITE and ACK (by adding the tag from the response).
- RT#123685 - better debug-output in StatelessProxy on DNS problems
- RT#122925 - call StatelessProxy::__forward_packet_final as method not function
  to allow overriding in special cases - this does not make it a public API!
- RT#122595 - Net::SIP::Debug->level looks for useful caller now starting with
  caller(0) instead of caller(1)
- RT#121348 - Leg::match check addr also against host
- RT#120909 - support for same contact on multiple legs in StatelessProxy, i.e.
  multiple IP for same domain of contact
0.811 2017-11-06
- Net::SIP::Simple - adhere to rtp_param on listener side too which makes it
  possible to use custom codecs for both sender and recipient
0.810 2017-08-08
- various fixes based on feedback from Richard Carver:
  - RT#120816 - account for slightly different Via and Proxy-Authorization
    in INVITE and CANCEL when computing via_branch
  - RT#121514: fix race in SocketPool where it tried to send new data during
    TCP connect or TLS handshake, which resulted in the worst case in data
    sent in plain instead of encrypted
  - RT#121347 - fix usage if dict in Net::SIP::Dispatcher::i2legs
  - RT#121585 - fix encoding special characters in
  - RT#122588 - fix typo in Net::SIP::Debug::level
- make it possible to restrict methods when receiving DTMF using param
  dtmf_methods in Simple::Call, based on feedback from Peter Linden
0.809 2017-03-14
- StatelessProxy: decrease size of resulting new contact in the default
  rewrite_contact handler to better deal with implementations which severally
  limit the size of contact headers they accept.
  Switch _stupid_crypt from mac-then-encrypt to encrypt-then-mac
- RT#120593, StatelessProxy now handles rewriting of contacts with no '@'
- RT#120039, SocketPool callbacks now include receiving socket object for
  further analysis, like getting the certificates from the SSL socket
- RT#120011, Leg::forward_outgoing - ignore (invalid) Via headers w/o branch
- RT#120009, use ReuseAddr additionally to Reuse in IO::Socket* for compatibilty
  with IO::Socket::IP
0.808 2016-12-13
- make DTMF detection more robust in case of UDP reordering, duplicates etc
- make t/19_call_with_dtmf.t more robust on slooow systems
- call UA cleanup in tests to reduce warnings at global destruction
0.807 2016-12-07
- fix workaround for IO::Socket::IP from 0.806
- fix DNS resolver fix from 0.806
0.806 2016-12-06
- fixed case in builtin DNS resolver where address records got preference
  to SRV records
- work around IO::Socket::IP behavior on systems with only lo interface
0.805 2016-12-05
- use host argument in Leg::new even if ip and port are extracted from the
0.804 2016-12-05
- fix requirement for 5.10.0 in Makefile.PL and
0.803 2016-12-04
- Dispatcher::resolve_uri - fix case with explicit transport
- SocketPool: support for requesting client certificate (argument
  verify_client). Update documentation to include TLS settings.
- refuse to build if Socket does not implement inet_pton
- spelling fixes from Debian RT#118979
- make it more friendly to cpantesters
0.802 2016-11-25
- various small fixes primarily related to TLS
- Util::sip_sockinfo2uri accepts hash for convinience
- lots of improvements for code readibility and better documentation based on
  feedback from BLUHM
0.801 2016-11-23
- bugfix Util::ip_string2parts
0.800 2016-11-23
- added support for TLS (SIPS) when IO::Socket::SSL >= 1.956 is installed
- make the requirement for Net::DNS optional, i.e. only needed if actually used
  for DNS lookups.
- fully non-blocking DNS lookups in Dispatcher (dns_host2ip, dns_domain2srv)
- new/extended API
  - easy way to do own DNS resolving with dnsresolv argument to Dispatcher
  - new function Util::ip_is_v46
  - Util ip_string2parts, ip_sockaddr2parts return hash on wantarray and the
    reverse functions ip_parts2string, ip_parts2sockaddr accept hash reference
  - Leg->laddr(2) uses hostname instead of IP address
- important, partly incompatible API changes
  - Leg::new and Simple::new now croak when unexpected arguments are given
  - Internals changed for more code reability and to take care of TLS where the
    hostname is needed for certificate validatin. Lots of structures are now
    managed by (restricted) hashes which were previously implemented as arrays.
    Anybody grabbing in the internals will probably need to adjust code.
    Affects partly the more public functions of Leg and Dispatcher too.

0.703 2016-11-20
- fix to support Perl 5.14.x and lower
0.702 2016-11-18
- fix wrong TCP connect timeout triggered long after successful connect
- fix reading of partial SIP packet with TCP
- various small improvements based on feedback from BLUHM
0.701 2016-11-17
- fix TCP async connect
0.700 2016-11-17
- support for TCP
- major API changes !!!
  - proxies, registrars etc are no longer given with udp:/tcp: prefix to signal
    which protocol gets used but instead SIP URL's are used:
      sip:...  - SIP over UDP
      sip:...;transport=TCP - SIP over TCP
      sips:... - SIP over TLS
    the simplified syntax without protocol specification still works and is
    considered as before as SIP over UDP
  - Util: result of sip_uri2parts changed
    from (domain,user,proto,param,data)
    to   (domain,user,proto,data,param)
  - Eventloop - addFD, delFD now take argument $rw to specify if the handler is
    for read or for write. If omitted in delFD it will remove all handlers for
    fd as before. Wrong (old) usage with addFD will result in Carp::confess.
    !!! When integrating with its own eventloop this is also the interface this
    loop is expected to provide !!!
  - Dispatcher::deliver: arguments dst_addr now [proto,ip,port,family] instead
    of string. Using string with SIP URI is also still supported but not
    official API but existing code without protocol specification in string
    should thus still work.
  - Endpoint::register expects SIP URI, i.e. no longer adds 'sip:' prefix
  - fields or meaning of fields in Leg, Packet, Dispatcher::Packet changed but
    nobody should have accessed these internals anyway
  - Leg::deliver: destination given as [proto,ip,port,family] instead of
    ip:port string
  - Leg::sendto takes packet object instead of packet string, dst as single
    argument with [host,port,family] instead of separate addr and port arguments
  - Leg::receive now gets (packet,from) and returns the same (might modify data
    but currently doesn't). Previously reading of the packet was done inside
    this function but now reading is done by SocketPool and Leg just has the
    option to process packet.

0.691 2016-10-31
- various smaller enhancements
- added spelling fixes from Debian, RT#118564
0.690 2016-10-30
- fix target hostname vs. IP detection in StatelessProxy with IPv6
0.689 2016-10-28
- some IPv6 fixes and enhancements in parts based on review by BLUHM
0.688 2016-10-26
- support for IPv6
0.687 2014-02-11
- better encryption for rewritten contact and way to define its own
- fix loop detection
0.686 2014-02-07
- StatelessProxy: rewriting contact now contains information about incoming
  and outgoing legs to restore the path if somebody uses the rewritten
  contact for a new request
0.685 2014-02-04
- fix NATHelper::Call::session (wrong argument for callback)
- enhance NATHelper::Session to connect sockets if we detect that the peer
  uses symmetric RTP. Make sure, that even with asymmetric RTP we get the
  data from always the same peer
0.684 2014-01-27
- add hooks into NATHelper::Base to make it easier to adapt
0.683 2013-10-23
- fix issue with comma inside <..>, thanks to ccjaph[AT]gmail[DOT]com
0.682_1 2013-09-30
- fixed issue, where incoming sequence number of 0 was seen as duplicate of
  previous incoming request
  Thanks to stefano[DOT]pisani[AT]omniavoip[DOT]org
- added more meta information to Makefile.PL
0.682 2013-07-29
- add DTMF receiving to Simple::RTP send_recv handler
  Thanks to stefano[DOT]pisani[AT]omniavoip[DOT]org
- enhanced t/19_call_with_dtmf.t
0.681 2013-07-29
- add DMTF media type to SDPs media line in 
  Thanks to stefano[DOT]pisani[AT]omniavoip[DOT]org
0.68 2012-12-17
- by dying in Makefile.PL
  on Win32. Probably only the forking tests will be the problem on windows,
  but for now I've no motivation to put more efforts in supporting this
0.67 2012-08-29
- fixed, thanks to 
  Martin Sk√łtt for reporting
- added cb_notify callback to Net::SIP::Simple, which gets triggered 
  when a NOTIFY gets received
0.66_1 2012-07-03
- added method request to Simple::Call, usable to create requests within the
  context of the current call, like REFER.
0.66 2012-06-26
- fix in DTMF code for perl<5.14
0.65 2012-06-25
- first non-developer release with DTMF support.
  Reworked some documentation regarding DTMF handling, otherwise same as
- removed t/*fdleak tests for now, because they no longer work on recent
  linux versions (ubuntu 12.04) which sometimes map /proc/pid/auxv as
  a file descriptor and thus mix up fd count. 
  Will be added again once the problem is worked around
0.64_6 2012-06-12
- support for DTMF in Net::SIP::Simple : sending and receiving, rfc2833 
  and audio. See sub dtmf and callback cb_dtmf.
0.64_5 2012-05-06
- add info about final response to most of the cb_final callbacks
  based on idea from r[DOT]molle[AT]teles[DOT]de
0.64_4 2012-04-17
- to modify request before authorized response one can now first issue 
  request w/o authorization, catch the 401/407 response within the cb_final
  and then reissue the request including the response containing the
  authorization request as resp40x parameter
0.64_3 2012-03-17
- add response packet to final callback when registration failed in
  Simple::register. Can be used to to preflight registration in case
  of NAT and to extract received_addr etc from response.
  based on idea from r[DOT]molle[AT]teles[DOT]de
0.64_2 2012-03-17
- if contact is given for leg use it for the default contact in 
  INVITE requests and 2xx responses instead of addr:port,
  based on idea from r[DOT]molle[AT]teles[DOT]de
0.64_1 2012-01-13
- let Net::SIP::Simple invite and register define the callid for the
  connection, based on idea from r[DOT]molle[AT]teles[DOT]de
0.64 2011-10-25
- in stateless proxy: if incoming leg and outgoing leg are different add
  via header for incoming leg and use it when response comes in to find 
  the outgoing leg for the response
0.63 2011-10-10
- just call 0.62_12 0.63 because the last stable was released long ago
0.62_12 2011-10-07
- authorization infos gets copied to new call object if INVITE was received.
- add create_auth to Net::SIP::Simple, fix authorization for registrar (only
- add cb_invite callback to Net::SIP::Simple::Call, which gets triggered on
  reinvite from peer
- added more samples below samples/ directory
0.62_11 2011-09-11
- add authorization to listen, registrar, proxy
- add test for invite+reinvite+bye with authorization
- fix so that ACK and CANCEL reuse authorization from INVITE
0.62_10 2011-08-26
- reorder actions in Endpoint::Context::handle_response, so that 
  response requesting authorized BYE gets handled with authorized BYE 
  instead of ignoring it.
  Thanks to Roland Mas lolando[AT]debian[DOT]org for reporting the problem.
0.62_9 2011-05-17
- clarify behavior for bad packets in documentation (e.g. throw
0.62_8 2011-05-13
- deal with mailformed SDP body in Net::SIP::Simple::Call, e.g. catch
  error and ignore packet instead of letting the application die.
  Thanks to vitspec[AT]gmail[DOT]com reporting the problem.
0.62_7 2011-05-02
- fix Dispatcher::add_leg for arguments IO::Handle and Hash.
  Thanks to DetlefPilzecker[AT]web[DOT]de for reporting
0.62_6 2011-04-15
- fix UAC behavior for response to REGISTER in Net::SIP::Simple::register
  Thanks to dmw for reporting
0.62_5 2011-03-08
- fix to Net::SIP::Authorize::FromIsRealm. Here was not only the domain
  part compared to the realm but additionally the port if the sender
  was given as sip:user@host:port
  Thanks to DetlefPilzecker[AT]web[DOT]de for reporting
0.62_4 2011-02-14
- on permanent delivery failure callback was called within context
  with wrong order of arguments. Thanks to 
  james[AT]bolderthinking[DOT]com for reporting problem.
0.62_3 2011-02-03
- track which method started context and close context on final
  response (>=200) unless method was INVITE.
  Thanks to james[AT]bolderthinking[DOT]com for reporting problem.
0.62_2 2011-02-03
- changes to Net::SIP::Dropper* based on feedback from
0.62_1 2011-01-18
- add Net::SIP::Dropper incl. ...Dropper::{ByIPPort,ByField} based
  on a lot of input and code from DetlefPilzecker[AT]web[DOT]de
0.62 2010-12-06
- overwrite route header from record-route only for 200 response
  which established dialog, not for further responses
  Thanks to vitspec[AT]gmail[DOT]com for reporting.
0.61 2010-12-06
- overwrite route header from record-route only for first INVITE
  in context, not for re-INVITEs.
  Thanks to vitspec[AT]gmail[DOT]com for reporting.
0.60 2010-11-30
- overwrite route header from record-route only for INVITE.
  Thanks to vitspec[AT]gmail[DOT]com for reporting.
0.59_11 2010-11-02
- overwrite a given route header for any new request if there is
  already a route information for the given context.
  Thanks to vitspec[AT]gmail[DOT]com for reporting.
0.59_10 2010-11-01
- the route header in ACK must be set to the route it got by 
  record-route from the response (if any), instead of using the
  route from the INVITE.
  Thanks to vitspec[AT]gmail[DOT]com for reporting the bug. 
0.59_9 2010-09-09
- bugfix rport handling by DetlefPilzecker[AT]web[DOT]de
- clarify documentation of Net::SIP::Packet, e.g. that it die()s if
  it cannot parse string as SIP packet
0.59_8 2010-08-20
- fixes to 0.59_7 from DetlefPilzecker[AT]web[DOT]de
- added documentation for filter in Authorize
0.59_7 2010-08-17
- additional authorization based on idea of 
0.59_6 2010-08-09 
- fix unitialized warning in Authorize if user neither in user2a1
  nor in user2pass. 
- dispatcher: add recieved + rport to via only for requests
- Thanks again to DetlefPilzecker[AT]web[DOT]de
0.59_5 2010-08-09 
- fix Registrar to get the address for registration from 'To' header, 
  not 'From' header. Thanks again to DetlefPilzecker[AT]web[DOT]de
0.59_4 2010-08-08 
- fix rport handling. Thanks again to DetlefPilzecker[AT]web[DOT]de
0.59_3 2010-07-26
- fix Via:..;received= handling - should by IP of sending host, not
  of receiving leg. Moved setting it to dispatcher, and set target addr
  from received in Statelessproxy instead of lookup for leg with this
  addr.  Thanks again to DetlefPilzecker[AT]web[DOT]de
- added rport support to Via header (RFC 3581)
0.59_1 2010-07-22
- Leg: Via..received= should only contain ip, not ip:port.
  Thanks to DetlefPilzecker[AT]web[DOT]de for pointing out. Fix
  Leg and StatelessProxy (where it expects to get port)
0.59 2010-07-12
- Dispatcher::cancel_delivery returns true if delivery was canceled
- Blocker blocks all ACKS if all INVITE will be blocked, no mattter
  if the response is in delivery queue. Thanks to 
0.58_11 2010-07-09
- fix for Blocker + test from DetlefPilzecker[AT]web[DOT]de
0.58_10 2010-06-24
- if qop=auth,auth-int given respond with qop=auth
0.58_9 2010-06-24
- Endpoint::Context::request_delivery_done - do not remove 
  transaction, because in case of tcp delivery done will be called
  once request is send. transaction will be removed in handle_response
0.58_8 2010-06-24
- Request::authorize - accept qop="auth,auth-int".., e.g. es long 
  auth is specifified its ok. Based on Bug report from 
0.58_7 2010-06-11
- removed unused field outgoing_leg from Net::SIP::Dispatcher.
  Thanks to DetlefPilzecker[AT]web[DOT]de for pointing this out
0.58_6 2010-06-02
- fixes on based on reports from 
  - cancel_delivery in Authorize on ACK
0.58_4 2010-05-31
- fixes on based on reports from 
  - respond 200 to CANCEL
  - redirect everything except REGISTER, not only INVITE
0.58_3 2010-05-31
Based on patches from DetlefPilzecker[AT]web[DOT]de
- Net::SIP::Request::create_response - msg is optional, if not given
  a builtin msg for the code will be used. 
- new functionality: Net::SIP::Blocker provides way to block requests
  by method name with custom code
0.58_2 2010-05-31
- fix Net::SIP::Simple::register, so that it uses an explicitly 
  given contact unchanged. Bug report by 
0.58_1 2010-05-28
various fixes based on feedback and patches from 
- check authorization for CANCEL not only against INVITE:uri but also
  against CANCEL:uri. The RFC is not specific in this area
- Authorize: don't forward unauthorized ACKs
- ReceiveChain: filter callback need not to be code ref, especially
  if methods arg was used. Now called with invoke_callback instead

0.58 2010-04-15
- with 'perl -MNet::SIP=rtp:min-max' the ports to used for RTP can be
  restricted, useful if behind firewall with limited forwarding.
  See Net::SIP doku for more information.
  Thanks to DetlefPilzecker[AT]web[DOT]de for pointing out the problem.
0.57_4 2010-04-15
- Net::SIP::Endpoint::Context - set based on reply before
  invoking callback. Thanks <vitspec[AT]gmail[DOT]com> for input.
0.57_3 2010-04-15
- Net::SIP::Leg::receive: ignore packets with len<13 because any valid
  packet must be larger. Such packets are used for keep-alives.
  Thanks to DetlefPilzecker[AT]web[DOT]de for pointing out the problem.
0.57_2 2010-04-13
- added Net::SIP::Simple::Call::get_param as pendant to set_param based
  on patch from <dave[AT]3c[DOT]co[DOT]uk>
0.57_1 2010-04-13
- dispatcher calls receive callback with eval so that it does not 
  die on bad or unexpected packets. Thanks to <vitspec[AT]gmail[DOT]com>
  for pointing out the problem

0.57 2010-03-19
- save remote_contact from successful responses in context and use
  them as remote-URI in new requests. 
  Thanks to <vitspec[AT]gmail[DOT]com> for pointing out the problem.

0.56 2010-02-02
- fix CANCEL handling: instead of closing the context immediately:
  - server should return 487 to client before closing the context
  - server should ignore ACKs for unknown contexts instead of 
    replying with 481
  - client should not close context after CANCEL but wait for 
    response too invite (probably 487) so that it can ACK it
  - extend t/11_invite_timeout.t to test for the behavior
  - thanks to <vitspec[AT]gmail[DOT]com> for pointing out the problems.

0.55_1 2010-02-02
- add samples/

0.55 2010-01-27
- Net::SIP::Redirect provides functionlity to redirect INVITES using
  information from registrar. Sample program
- fixes for Net::SIP::Authorize if no pass is known for user (or user
  is not known).
- fixes for Net::SIP::Authorize for ACK an CANCEL (no challenge 
  possible, credentials should be compared against INVITE method)

0.54 2009-09-04
- bugfix in Net::SIP::Packet::new_from_parts when the header was already
  given as list of Net::SIP::HeaderPair objects

0.53 2009-01-26
- add Option force_rewrite to Net::SIP::StatelessProxy so that it rewrites
  the contact even if incoming and outgoing legs are the same

0.52 2008-12-17
- removed changes from 0.47 - if 2xx response to INVITE contains
  contact header this is used as the base for the request-URI in ACK,
  not the one from the original INVITE

0.51 2008-12-16
- get to+tag from 2xx response on invite only when call is outgoing,
  e.g. not on re-INVITE from UAS where UAC send initial INVITE

0.50 2008-10-31
- release 0.49_3 as 0.50
0.49_3 2008-10-29
- Net::SIP::StatelessProxy - observe maddr of URI when forwarding
0.49_2 2008-10-29
- Net::SIP::Dispatcher - observe maddr and transport parameter of URI
  when finding peer
0.49_1 2008-10-23
- fixed code in Net::SIP::Simple::RTP where it dropped packets
  (and subsequently terminated the connection due to inactivity)
  when the 16bit RTP sequence counter overflowed

0.49  2008-09-30
- fixed Socket6::inet_pton based check for valid IP6 address in 
- fix bugs reported by gilad[AT]summit-tech[DOT]ca:
  - force Allow and Supported header only on INVITE req and 2xx response
    to INVITE, on 2xx responses to OPTIONS and on 405 responses
  - force Contact header only on INVITE req and it's 2xx response

- new function Net::SIP::Util::sip_uri_eq to check if two URIs mean the 
- fix bugs reported by gilad[AT]summit-tech[DOT]ca:
  - when comparing Route header in incoming/outgoing request with myself
    use sip_uri_eq instead of simple eq, because the URIs might be
    the same, but one might specify a default port while the other not
  - when adding record-route header in forward_outgoing check that the 
    top record-route header isn't myself (in case incoming and outgoing
    leg are the same)

- if contact header changes the URI of the dialog send the ACK with
  the original URI of the INVITE and change the dialogs URI afterwards

- support for canceling a call after some time of ringing based on
  input from
  see Net::SIP::Simple::Call documentation for sub reinvite, parameters
  ring_time, cb_noanswer. See also method cancel in this package
  feature gets used in samples/ too
- fix for t/*_fdleak for platforms, which use 2 fd for tempfiles (see Now it allocates a
  new fd simply by dup()ing STDOUT
- fix in Net::SIP::Dispatcher::Eventloop in case the select returned
  because of EINTR
- fixes in handling response in Net::SIP::Endpoint::Context for the case,
  that multiple requests shared the same tid (e.g. INVITE,CANCEL)
- support for user2a1 instead of user2pass in Net::SIP::Authorize based
  on input from Alex Revetski <revetski[AT]gmail[DOT]com>

- Net::SIP::Packet::sdp_body - content type is case insensitive,
  accept application/SDP etc
- more debug statements
- Dispatcher::EventLoop::addFD
  3rd arg name of callback to aid debugging
- Net::SIP::SDP - better check for IP6 address
- Leg: allow multiple contact header in request/response
- StatelessProxy: 
  - rewrite contact header only if incoming_leg!=outgoing_leg,
  - let it actuall define external rewrite function
  - prefix user in default rewrite contact with 'r' so that it does
    not look like phone number and doesn't irritate rewriting
  - fix rewriting, so that user part does not need to be \w+
  - split __forward_request into __forward_request_getleg and 
    __forward_request_getaddr for better subclassing
  - reduce <..> into .. in route before processing it
- Registrar: 
  - update all contact information at once, don't combine information 
    from different register requests
  - access to internal store, to save/restore it from disk with
- fix and extend bin/
  - add rewriting, e.g. 0XXX gets forward as XXX to host 
  - restore/save registry data on start/exit
  - rework lots of code
- Net::SIP::Debug: import can set debug function, level and export 
  function within the same call
- bugfix Net::SIP::Endpoint::Context::handle_response, see

- Net::SIP::Packet::get_header: if called in scalar to get the only
  one value and we have multiple values try if they are all the same
  and in this case return the uniq value instead of croaking
  Works around bug in proxy which issued two content-length headers
  with the same length as reported in
- fix test skip in t/*fdleak.t 

- enforce codec 0 PCMU/8000 in outgoing SDP generated based on
  incoming SDP, don't just accept all codecs the other party offers
  because Net::SIP::Simple can only PCMU/8000
- make header names per default ucfirst (Via not via)
- add default allow and supported headers to INVITE requests and
  2xx responses if none where given
- fix bug indroduced in 0.42, where contact from incoming INVITE
  was not used as URI for outgoing BYE for the call

- on 2xx responses set the URI of the dialog to the contact given
  in the response. For 302 retry the request with the URI set to
  the contact given in the 302 response.
- make sure that the right contact header is set. for outgoing
  invites and 2xx responses to invite combine the user part from the 
  sender ('from' for requests, 'to' for responses) with addr and port 
  from the outgoing leg - unless the contact was explicitly set.
- if a contact header was given in Net::SIP::Simple which had a
  port specification the port would be duplicated, e.g. 

- give 'contact' header to Net::SIP::Simple which is then used for
  invite and register
- more checks of data when parsing SIP header, more knowledge about 
  keys, where the values cannot be comma-seperated
- fix wrong call of ok() in t/03_forward_stateless
- fix
  (Net::SIP::Request::set_uri did not update string representation)

- Net::SIP::Simple::RTP - when sending data from file set the timestamp
  based on sequence number and packet size ( == samples in packet for 8bit)
- set Via header correct in the case of udp and port 5061.
  No longer set Via based on contact header, base it only on address
  of leg
- primitive support for other codecs in Net::SIP::Simple, see 
  rtp_param in Net::SIP::Simple::Call

- work around missing support for non-blocking sockets in IO::Socket
  on MSWin32 platform
- fix where the same realm
  was authorized again and again if the given user/pass where wrong

- fix dns lookup problem for SRV records. Instead of using the
  IP it used the service name (e.g. _sip._udp....) as the target
  of the packet
- bin/ - crude attempt to create filenames
  which don't have chars special to windows ('<',...)

- Endpoint::close_context now cancel all outstanding deliveries 
  for this context in the dispatcher. Extented queue objects 
  and Dispatcher::cancel_delivery to make this possible
- tests for file descriptor leaks (09_fdleak.t,10_fdleak.t)
- some more Scalar::Util::weaken for callbacks in Simple::Call
  to stop circular references

- small performance improvements for Net::SIP::Simple::RTP
  and samples/bench
- fixed race condition on Net::SIP::Dispatcher::Eventloop (e.g
  one callback disabled fd, but it tried to call callback for the
  disabled fd)
- added Net::SIP::Simple::cleanup and made some references to the
  objects within callbacks weak, so that no objects and file
  descriptors would leak if properly used

- Net::SIP::Simple::Call - close call context in $call->cleanup,
  otherwise it could leak file descriptors if the call wasn't
  closed clean (with BYE or CANCEL).
- new test applications for simple benchmarks in samples/bench
- documentation: new file samples/README describes the files in 

- Net::SIP::Simple: handle OPTIONS requests. These are for 
  instance used by Asterisk to determine if the registered 
  party accepts incoming calls.
- fix rt#29153 in ($1 from prev regex
  used after call of user function, which could change it)
- Endpoint::new_response - make sure that 2xx responses to
  INVITE carry a contact header

- Net::SIP::Registrar checks on non-REGISTER requests if the
  target it registered with itself and then rewrites the URI in
  the packet. This can be used for a combined Registar+Proxy,
  see samples/
- samples/invite_and_*.pl have now option -L|--leg to specify
  a local address

- make it usable for perl5.9, tested with 5.9.5

- Option cb_preliminary for Simple::Call:reinvite to specify
  callback which will be triggered when preliminary response
  is received
  more parameter for cb_create in Simple::listen, so that
  it can create a response (like 180 Ringing) to the peer
  see documentation and the adapted t/02_listen_and_invite.t

- make sure that max-forwards is added to every Request from the
  endpoint and that all INVITE have a contact header because these
  are mandatory according to RFC
- invoke 'filter' callback in Net::SIP::Simple::listen with the
  Request object as an additional argument, cb_create callback
  in listen needs to return TRUE or the call will be closed
  !!!! Warning: this might break code which did not return TRUE
  from cb_create !!!!!

- - make sure that nc-count is send when authorizing
  and qop was set. This is required according to rfc2617

-, - support 'opaque' field in digest
  authorization (when authorizing or when requesting authorization)

- - fix regex for IP4 which did not include all IPv4 addr

- small fixes to SDP
- added concept of chains, e.g. put an Authorize object in
  front of Registrar inside a ReceiveChain and all REGISTER
  requests will be authorized,
  see Net::SIP::{Authorize,ReceiveChain}
- StatelessProxy can no longer have an internal Registrar.
  use ReceiveChain to put a Registrar in front of the proxy
- new test t/ to test Authorize 
  and ReceiveChain
- fix Request::authorize
- make adding commands to NATHelper::Server easier
- add user params for NATHelper::Session during activate_session
- SDP: make sure that IP4/IP6 is valid IP
- small fixes

- fix memleak in NATHelper::Base
- support for derived NATHelper::Base in NATHelper::Server 
- update docu for NATHelper::Base::expire

- enforce perl5.8 and prerequisite Net::DNS in Makefile.PL
- NATHelper::Base - more controling of resource usage with
  max_sockets and max_sockets_in_group and/or by redefining

- new sample samples/ for 3rd party call control
- small fixes

- enhancements on tests, new tests for reinvite and call on hold
- lots of bugfixes: re-invites, NAT, call on hold, branch tag
  on via and 'tag' on to|from in responses, max-forwards handling,
  response caching in dispatcher....
- set route from record-route in responses, use route header
  in dispatching outgoing requests
- early loop detection for outgoing packets
- new param call_on_hold for Net::Simple::Call to set call on
  hold on reinvite...

- NATHelper::* changes in the return values of expire,
  close_session, activate_session to aid logging of
  sessions (see updated doc)
- NATHelper::Local has smarter _update_callbacks
- bugfixes, especially on Net::Simple regarding handling 
  of re-invites in existing call
- new test t/06_call_with_reinvite.t

- added documentation for Net::SIP::NATHelper::*
- updated doc for Net::SIP::StatelessProxy regarding NAT
- added HOWTO with some Q+A
- new method 'method' in Net::SIP::Response
- small bugfixes

- lots of bugfixes
- removed leg2proxy and domain2leg from Net::SIP::Dispatcher
  again because they do not fit into concept, see 
  bin/ how to achieve similar things
- lot of bugfixes, changes and enhancement on StatelessProxy
- Net::SIP can now export useful things, see doc
- a lot of enhancements for NAT, implementation of local
  (inside process) and remote NAT helpers which forward
  RTP data
- Net::SIP::Dispatcher: lookup for A an SRV records now in
  seperate, callback oriented method (which are not asynchronous
  yet, but have an asynchronous interface)
- moved real world usable programs from samples/ to bin/
- more tests, samples/ and bins/

- various bugfixes
- limit Max-Forwards header to 70 while forwarding packets
  for security reasons (to avoid bad clients which will set
  it to something very high and then try to force loop)
- do not add Record-Route header to REGISTER requests
- major changes and enhancements on Net::SIP::StatelessProxy
- rename Net::SIP::Dispatcher::Eventloop::addTimer to add_timer
  so that it is the same name like in the other modules
- Net::SIP::Simple: way to add explicit Route headers#
- new package Net::SIP::NATHelper do aid in the writing of 
  SIP proxies which do NAT (no documentation yet)
- support for debug levels in Net::SIP::Debug
  sample scripts support various debug levels, see doc to
  Net::SIP::Debug for meaning of different levels
- samples/ as sample implementation for
  slightly complex stateless proxy (not fully tested yet)
- new function sip_uri2parts in Net::SIP::Util
- ways to specify custom headers in Net::SIP::Simple using
  option 'sip_header'
- new keys domain2leg and leg2proxy in Net::SIP::Dispatcher
  which influence routing
- new method resolve_uri in Net::SIP::Dispatcher to asnychronously
  resolve URI (was __resolve_uri, but now public with slightly
  different interface)
- new test 03_forward_stateless which tests parts of routing
  for stateless proxy

- forgot to include samples to MANIFEST, this is fixed now
  so that they get included into the distribution

- samples/ as a sample implementation
  of an answer machine
- new methods peer in Net::SIP::Endpoint::Context and
  get_peer in Net::SIP::Simple::Call
- fix inactivity timeout for media_recv_send in Net::SIP::Simple::RTP
- media_send_recv, media_recv_echo in Net::SIP::Simple::RTP can use 
  callback for read/write data instead of filenames

- samples/ as new sample client
  which can invite and send multiple voice file
  to peer (using re-invites)
- various small bug fixes

- samples/ as new sample client
  which can invite and record a message
- various small features and bug fixes

0.1 - first public version