2.32  2020-05-10   Add dependency on LWP::Protocol::https which has
                     been split out into a separate dist on the CPAN

2.31  2014-04-05   Update to make it work with recent JSON.pm. Now
                     requires JSON.pm 2.90 or higher.

2.3   2013-07-25   Fix nasty context bug. scalar($rand->get(1)) would
                     always give you 1 (the number of elements in the
                     list returned) instead of a useful number.

2.22  2012-05-26   Cope with broken JSON from QRNG when they're busy

2.21  2012-05-20   Use JSON API for qrng, thanks to Syed Assad for
                     telling me about it

2.2   2012-05-16   Add support for qrng.anu.edu.au, thanks to Steve Wills

2.1   2012-04-12   Added support for https, thanks to Mark Allen

2.0   2007-04-12   random.org changed their quota system;
                   Much better testing, using MockObject (but still not
                   min can now be -ve;
                   Algorithm for ensuring output is in correct range
                     made less insane

1.4   2007-02-28   Use Sys::Hostname instead of $Config{aphostname};
                   Skip tests if there's not enough randomness

1.3   2007-01-20   Now detects when we get kicked out of fourmilab
                     for asking for too much randomness

1.2   2005-12-13   Updated tests so they randomly fail less often

1.1   2004-09-06   Added support for proxies, via LWP::UserAgent's
                     env_proxy.  Thanks to Rich Rauenzahn for pointing
                     this functionality out to me.