0.05 2020-11-23
    . Docfix to link to the proper class/module
    . No code changes, no need to upgrade

0.04 2019-11-01
    . Fix UTF-8 encoding (GH #1, thanks to Johan Vromans)
    . Fix deletion of entries on FritzOS 6.x (GH #2, thanks to Johan Vromans)
      We now do a binary search to find entries to delete on FritzOS 6.x,
      while on FritzOS 7 onwards, we use DeletePhonebookEntryUID

0.03 2017-04-25
    . Add test reporting the module versions
    . Make test more resilient against UTF-8 (non-)encoding by XML::Simple
    . No module changes, no need to upgrade

0.02 2017-04-10
    . Fix tests for older Perl versions
      They were missing "use charnames" to recognize the Unicode character
      names used for disambiguation
    . Add Travis-CI integration to detect incompatibilities with old Perl
      versions earlier
    . No module changes, no need to upgrade

0.01 2017-04-09
    . Released on an unsuspecting world