Changes for version 1.1.4 - 2015-02-03

  • fix version number in main module


UPS API client, non-blocking
a credit card to pay UPS shipments with
a label for a shipment request
a payment method for UPS shipments
a UPS Quantum View subscription
shipment rate from UPS
base class with fields common to all UPS responses
response for validate_address
information about a package in a booked shipment
a Quantum View "delivery" event
a Quantum View "exception" event
a Quantum View "manifest" event
a package inside a Quantum View "manifest" event
a Quantum View package or shipment reference
UPS response to a ShipAccept request
base class for UPS shipment responses
UPS response to a ShipConfirm request
utility functions to parse hashrefs into response objects
shipment return service from UPS
shipment service from UPS
a contact with an account number
type library for UPS


in lib/Net/Async/Webservice/UPS/
in lib/Net/Async/Webservice/UPS/