Revision history for Net-Async-SOCKS

0.003     2018-04-02 18:04:54+01:00 Europe/London
        * Deconfigure $stream's on_read after setup
	* Slightly neater sequencing; always remember to $loop->remove($stream) even after failure
	* Only add/remove $stream to loop if we constructed it; stream given by 'handle' argument should already be a member
	* Use ATYPE_FQDN except for hostnames that look a bit like IPv4 addresses (see also RT124730)

0.002     2014-08-29 06:43:15+01:00 Europe/London
	No new features.

	Dependency fixes:
	* Test::HexString

0.001     2014-08-23 20:03:39+01:00 Europe/London
	Initial CPAN release