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Changes for version v0.6.3 - 2022-06-28

  • Added method is_allowed() in Net::API::REST to check early on if an ip is allowed to access the REST api.
  • Added documentation and added Apache constants to Net::API::REST::Status
  • Added methods escape, unescape, uri_escape and uri_unescape in Net::API::REST::Response
  • Added handlers to check allowance for various attributes, such as network, api access before calling endpoint code
  • Added check for request content-type if provided against supported content-type. See <>
  • Added an option to set a size limit for payload sent to the server using the perl option Net_API_REST_MAX_SIZE in Apache configuration. See data method in Net::API::REST::Request.
  • Minor improvement to accept array as object in Net::API::REST, Net::API::REST::Request and Net::API::REST::Response
  • Improvement in print() in autoloading data-compressing library
  • Added package Net::API::REST::RC to represent a return code and message
  • Updated route() and routes() to check for method capability only using class ( $cl->can( $meth) ) rather than object
  • Added methods parse_date, str2datetime, str2time, time2datetime, time2str pointing to their equivalent in Net::API::REST::DateTime for backward compatibility


Endpoint object for Net::APi::REST
Return Code Object for Net::APi::REST
Apache2 Request Fields Object
Apache2 Request Upload Object


Framework for RESTful APIs
Cookie Object
Cookie Jar and cookie management
HTTP DateTime Manipulation and Formatting
JSON Web Token (JWT, JWS, JWE) as defined by RFC7519, RFC7515, RFC7516
utf8 compliant URI query string manipulation
Apache2 Incoming Request Access and Manipulation
Apache2 Outgoing Response Access and Manipulation
Apache2 Status Codes


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