. store the origin of a callback so
      we can tell the user where it originated if it leaks
    . Make the callback-leak warning configurable
    . Make MozRepl::RemoteObject::Instance::DESTROY just
      queue the id, and have MozRepl::RemoteObject call
      repl.breakLink() with just the ids, reducing traffic
    . Automatically load the AnyEvent backend if needed.
    . Implement ->can() for MozRepl objects

0.40 20170819
    ! Fix a potential infinite loop
      Contributed by Alexander198961
    . Travis CI

0.39 20141026
    ! Fix wrong coordinates sent in ->__click()

0.38 20141020
    . Pass through parameters for ->__event()
      This allows ->__click() to pass in x,y coordinates

0.37 20130825
    . Fix MozRepl::RemoteObject raising an invalid
      "Continuation prompt detected" error (RT #88100)
      Diagnosis, test code and fix by Daniel Stadie
      The test requires WWW::Mechanize::Firefox and lives
      in that module.

0.36 20130403
    ! Revert 0.35 - it fails with WWW::Mechanize::Firefox,
      which I should have tested before releasing.

0.35 20130403
    ! Changed the XPath evaluation from using
      XPathResult.ORDERED_NODE_SNAPSHOT_TYPE to XPathResult.ANY_TYPE. This
      may or may not influence the results you get from ->xpath() calls.
      This widens the amount of valid XPath queries - you can now query
      for string results in addition to nodes.
      People tell me that Firefox still returns nodes in document (depth
      first) order.

0.34 20121012
    ! Firefox 16 now seems to treat String concatenation with the "+"
      operator in a bad way:
          + "\u30C8\u30EF\u30FC\u30AD\u30F3\u30B0 \u30B5\u30FC"
      results in NaN , which means that something in there gets
      interpreted as number. This is different from previous Firefox
      The change is only in the tests - they now use Array.join("")
      for string concatenation.

0.33 20120901
    . ->__click() directly calls if the target has
      a .click field.
    . Eliminated random guessing of the "window" object for mouse
      events in favour of deriving the window from the defaultView
      property of the document.

0.32 20120410
    ! Fix for using MozRepl::RemoteObject with WWW::Mechanize::Firefox 0.65
    . Move the __dive method to MozRepl::RemoteObject::Methods

0.31 20120331
    ! Do not rely on obj.hasOwnProperty being available.
      We now always use Object.hasOwnProperty, to avoid calling methods
      on a Javascript object.

0.30 20120316
    ! Fix a destructor clobbering $@ indirectly
      This led to $@ being empty even though an exception was thrown.
    . Add a test for long function bodies

0.29 20111222
    . This version is mostly a cleanup version with clearer failure
      diagnostics. If MozRepl::RemoteObject is currently working for you,
      there is no need to upgrade.
    + The module is now tested with
        Firefox 3.0.9
        Firefox 3.5.x
        Firefox 4.0.1
        Firefox 5
        Firefox 6.0.1
        Firefox 7.0.1
        Firefox 8
        Firefox 9
    . Firefox 8 onwards need a very recent version of the mozrepl Add-on,
      for example 1.1.0 available from
      Older versions will not work due to "script caching" in Firefox
      that prevents the repl from ever returning anything but the first result.
      If you are upgrading Firefox to version 8 or later, you will see failure
      symptoms like

        Transport still not UTF-8 safe: "8.0!"?!?

0.28 20110923
    + Switch to "multiline" input mode.

      This should eliminate the "no result yet from mozrepl"
      warnings and make input/response somewhat better.
    . Fix a buglet in the memleak test
    ! Function generation using ->expr() needs the following
      idiom to work with Firefox 6+:
          f=function() {
          }; f
      Ideally, use ->declare() to declare functions.

    + The module is now tested with
        Firefox 3.0.9
        Firefox 3.5.x
        Firefox 4.0.1
        Firefox 5
        Firefox 6.0.1
        Firefox 7 Beta 5

0.27 20110726
    + The module is now tested with
        Firefox 3.0.9
        Firefox 3.5.x
        Firefox 4.0.1
        Firefox 5
        Firefox 6 Beta

    + The Javascript code now catches eval() errors and
      returns a structured exception to Perl. The
      Perl interface does not change.
      This brings ca. 10% speed increase

    + More UTF-8 handling on the Perl side of the connection. All
      received strings are now actively decoded to unicode strings
      before being handed to

    + The JS API now uses the native JSON encoder of Firefox
      instead of using a hand-rolled JSON encoder when possible. The
      conditions are:
        a) Native JSON must be available
        b) The transport of Unicode characters must survive from
           Javascript back to Perl. This only works natively with
           a patched version mozrepl, see
      This should be autodetected.

0.26 20110502
    ! Bugfix: Actually process the C<bufsize> parameter again

0.25 20110426
    . Add CLEAR method to tied objects so now list-assignment
      to a hash works:

          %$foo = (Just => 'another', Javascript => 'Hacker');
          $foo->{Just} # another
          $foo->{Javascript} # Hacker

    . Add the C<bufsize> parameter to ->install_bridge
      for setting the Net::Telnet buffer size
    . Don't list MozRepl::RemoteObject::Methods in carp()
    . More method implementation moved to ::Methods

0.24 20110416
    . Redo connect logic in ->setup, so that we handle cases
      where MozRepl is unavailable gracefully.

0.23 20110415
    . Fix test failures
    . Postpone deprecation period of methods added to JS objects
      a bit. All methods will remain until after 0.25.

0.22 20110411
    . Added experimental AnyEvent-compatible backend MozRepl::AnyEvent
      This backend does not yet support asynchronous execution. It
      just plays well with other AnyEvent-enabled modules.
      It is not automatically loaded.
    ! Start of deprecation cycle for methods injected to the JS objects.
      ->__xpath will be moved to MozRepl::RemoteObject::Util::xpath
          $obj->MozRepl::RemoteObject::Util::xpath( ... )
      This makes the object cleaner and you shouldn't have many places
      where you call C<< ->__xpath >> anyway, as it is not available on
      most JS objects anyway.

      This method will go away in 0.23.

0.21 20110109
    . Remove a debugging help that crashed the module when it was called...

0.20 20110106
    . Improve event sending/handling
    . Add max_queue_size to limit queue backlog
    . Add stress-test for queue backlog
    . Collect statistics about roundtrips,callbacks,fetch,store
      in $repl->{stats}

0.19 20101211
    . Simplify Exporter usage
    . Add ->constant() method to (lazily) fetch Javascript constants
      and cache them on the Perl side of things.
    . Add more tests to ensure that we have no memory cycles

0.18 20101122
    . Add test for pop(), actually make pop() work
    . Add test for splice(), actually make splice() work
    + Add as_list, an exportable function in MozRepl::RemoteObject,
      that allows bulk-fetching of arrays.

0.17 20101120
    . Added test for circular reference fixed in 0.16
    . Added more support for command queueing. Destructors can now
      be queued until program exit, repl shutdown or
      until the next command is executed, whichever comes first.
    + Actually call the callback set up by ->__on_destroy
    . Added a test that the __on_destroy callbacks get called

0.16 20101119
    . Enable use_queue parameter (but leave it undocumented)
    + Fix memory leak when using ->declare. This should fix the messages
      during global destruction.

0.15 20101021
    . Filter object for only immediate properties. This means that inherited
      properties don't show up anymore in keys %$obj or using exists. You
      can still get at their values though.
      See L<> for a
      discussion of filtering and why it should happen.
    . Implement C<delete> (and tests) for hashes

0.14 20101017
    . Fix ->__event() to create the event in the correct .document.
      This fixes intermittent errors that were raised if (for example)
      the Firefox Javascript Console was the topmost Firefox window.
    . Add a test that checks that the Changes file has a well-formed date
      for every version

0.13 20100810
    . Squelch some warnings when global destruction pulls out the rug
      from under our feet.
    . Don't fetch results from Firefox if we don't need them.
      STORE() in tied elements should not return a value.

0.12 20100625
    . Fix bad unquoted passthrough of numbers with a leading zero. This
      led to those numbers being interpreted as octal numbers.
      Reported and diagnosed by Jess Robinson and James Mastros
    . Document limitations of passthrough
    + Die with an informative message if we can't connect

0.11 20091130
    . Don't carp() in ::TiedHash or ::TiedArray
    . Added "launch" option to launch a mozrepl process
    . This means we need IPC::Run as a prerequisite

0.10 20091126
    . Add way to deregister callbacks to release the memory
      taken up on the Perl side for them.

0.09 20091121
    . Add tests for multiple bridge instances
    . Multiple bridge instances work (except for some warnings
      originating from
    . Some code cleanup

0.08 20091111
    . Localize $@ in the destructor so we don't eat
    . Allow for passing of multiple parameters in callbacks

0.07 20091109
    . Always use our own JSON encoder on the Javascript side.
      The native encoders don't output ASCII. This is sad,
      but there seems to be a problem with the encodings along the way.

0.06 20091102
    . Added __event() to send arbitrary events

0.05 20091031
    . Implement callbacks/events

0.04 20091030
    . Added exists functionality for hashes
    . added $bridge->appinfo as a convenience function

0.03 20091029
    ! Fixed ->__xpath
    ! Fixed bad use of ->declare
    * Use the stable but large encoding of 7-bit ASCII
      for communication by switching to String.toSourceCode() on the
      JS side.

0.02 20091027
    * ->__xpath returned numbers instead of objects
    * The object was split into two classes, one for bridge functionality
      and one for instance functionality
    * $bridge->declare() for declaring cached anonymous functions

0.01 20091018
    . released on CPAN