Revision history for MooseX-UndefTolerant

0.21      2016-10-23 01:05:18Z
   * avoid failing tests when upstream modules warn

0.20      2015-08-16 02:45:25Z
   * repository migrated to the github moose organization

0.19      2012-09-26 00:16:40Z
   * fix incorrect version dependency on Test::NoWarnings

0.18      2012-09-23 20:35:06Z
   * avoid undef warning by not attempting to manipulate constructor data for
     init_arg => undef attributes (thanks Damon Tkoch for the report!)

0.17      2012-05-03 21:43:42Z
    * re-release to fix dependency issue *again*! :)

0.16      2012-05-02 22:13:01Z
    * remove temporary dep, and increase the required version of
      Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::CheckDeps, that now injects this dependency

0.15      2012-05-02 19:56:59Z
    * temporarily add missing dep on Test::CheckDeps

0.14      2012-05-02 16:23:54Z
    * re-release of 0.13 to fix a PAUSE indexing issue.

0.13    2012-03-25
    * unit test improvements - tighter TODO scopes, better diagnostics on
      failure, Test::Moose for cleaner logic
    * fix documentation referencing Moose changes that are still TBD
    * undef attr values being stripped at construction time are now removed
      from visibility of all attr initializations, not just the one being
      updated at the time
    * fixed case where an attribute on an immutable class was being stripped
      of its undef value at construction time even if its type constraint
      already can tolerate undef.

0.12    2011-04-03
    * This module can now be used in roles with Moose 1.9900+. (Jesse Luehrs)

0.11    2011-03-19
    * re-release to fix careless syntax error (whoops!) :)

0.10    2011-03-18
    * No longer apply UndefTolerant behaviour to attributes with a type
      constraint that handles undef (or those with no type constraint at all).
      (Karen Etheridge)

0.09    2011-03-02
    * Add missing test prereq on Test::Fatal. (Dave Rolsky)

0.08    2011-02-27
    * Additional (TODO) unit tests for immutable classes, and documentation
      notes about these limitations. (Karen Etheridge)

    * Added forward compatibility with Moose 1.9900+, but this module still
      works with older Moose too. (Dave Rolsky)

0.07    2010-10-21
    * Don't do extra work by exists-ing before defined-ing (Chip Salzenberg)

0.06    2010-10-11
    * Add support for immutable classes (Chris Andrews)
    * Be more careful avoiding warnings when the init_arg is undef (Chris Andrews)
    * POD fixups

0.05    2010-07-19
    * Avoid warnings from Moose 1.09. (Dave Rolsky)

0.04    2010-01-23
    * Rather than skipping initialization all together, just pop off the undef
      and let the init happen normally.  This makes default values work
      properly. (Test provided by (and thanks to) Tom Heady)

0.03    2009-12-03
    * Fiddle with dependencies.

0.02    2009-12-02
    * Actually check the value properly, therefore setting it properly

0.01    2009-12-01
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.