Revision history for MooseX-Types-XMLSchema

0.06   2012-06-26 01:13:22
        [rt#77879] Fix typo in xs:dateTime pod.
        Add missing types in synopsis.
        Add more tests.
        All Math::BigInt/BigFloat objects also coerce from Str.
       xs:positiveInteger, xs:nonPositiveInteger, xs:negativeInteger,
       xs:nonNegativeInteger are Math::BigInt objects now (due to removing
       their duplicated versions).  

0.05   2012-06-16 00:54:18
    [rt#77810/gh#1] Allow timezone in xs:date string by IVANWILLS
    Coerced DateTime object will include timezone in xs:date
    Added extra tests

0.04    Tue Apr 24 21:49:13 2012
        [rt#76789] Example use of xs:decimal invalid
        Require Math::BigInt and Math::BigFloat.

0.03    Sun Nov 20 22:10:27 2011
        [rt#72474] Missing valid base64 character
        [rt#72468] Fractional seconds in xs:dateTime
        Also add fractional seconds to xs:time and xs:duration

0.02    Fri Mar 26 22:31:12 2010
        Package made public.

0.01    2009-07-23 12:52
        First developer version.