This file documents the revision history for Perl extension MooseX::Role::BuildInstanceOf.

0.08 09 November 2011
    - Everything mentioned in the removed 0.07 release (from Nov 2011)
    - Restored the stuff I blew away that was in the original 0.07 release
    - Included a documentation patch (eilara++)

0.07 08 November 2011
    - Documention typo and errors fixed (yanick++)
    - Fixed broken Makefile.PL
    - fixed broken test case by removing incorrect use of coercion
    - allow you to 'inherit' args from the consuming class into the target role

0.07 10 August 2010
    - Avoid warnings from recent Moose versions by not asking it to coerce
      values if there's no coercions on the types.
    - Convert to Dist::Zilla.

0.06 09 March 2010
    - removed some debug code that got left in place accidentally

0.05 09 March 2010
    - Documentation fixes (included fix for missing change delta)
    - Some work toward cleaning up the test cases.

0.03 - 0.04 (unknown)
    - Missing changelog.  Repository indicates bugs fixes in the way the default
    - namespace feature (::Class and ~Class) work

0.02  18 January 2010
    - Various formating and syntax updates to more modern Perl standards
    - Removed deprecated practice of using '.' in custom Moose type names
    - Be less crazy about how we declare delegations.
    - Make the auto-loading type anonymous.
    - add rafl as a contributor

0.01  02 November 2009
    - First usable version released.  Contains docs, code and tests.