Revision history for MooseX-NonMoose

0.26  2014-02-25
      - fix dependency specification for Try::Tiny (Gareth Harper, #9)

0.25  2014-02-06
      - fix for Module::Runtime 0.014

0.24  2013-09-07
      - added missing lib include (Karen Etheridge)

0.23  2013-09-04
      - stop using old and deprecated (or soon to be deprecated) functions from

0.22  2011-05-09
      - Fix issues where the metaclass gets reinitialized after the call to
        'extends' but before 'make_immutable'. This could happen if a role
        used an extension which provided an application_to_class metarole,
        since the role application would then apply a metarole to the class,
        and metarole application currently causes metaclass reinitialization
        in Moose. (ugh.)

0.21  2011-04-29
      - Allow this module to work with constructors with names other than
        'new'. If you're extending a class with a constructor named something
        other than 'new', you should declare this when calling extends, as in:

          extends 'Foo' => { -constructor_name => 'create' };

        This will ensure that calling 'create' will also call Moose's

0.20  2011-03-22
      - fix warning when passing inline_constructor => 0 with no superclass new
        method (rafl).

0.19  2011-03-02
      - don't die if superclass doesn't have a 'new' method

0.18  2011-02-09
      - forward compat for Moose 2.0

0.17  2010-11-08
      - convert to Test::Fatal, and dep on it

0.16  2010-10-05
      - Make it work with Moose 1.15 (Dave Rolsky).

0.15  2010-08-20
      - Fix the fallback constructor call for hashref parameters (ribasushi,
        t0m, castaway).

0.14  2010-07-19
      - Avoid warnings from Moose 1.09, part 2 (Dave Rolsky).

0.13  2010-07-18
      - Also avoid warnings in MooseX::NonMoose::InsideOut.

0.12  2010-07-18
      - Avoid warnings from Moose 1.09 (Dave Rolsky).

0.11  2010-06-30
      - Actually use the right test.

0.10  2010-06-30
      - Don't break if someone specifies a version to extends.

0.09  2010-06-15
      - Fix several issues relating to picking the correct constructor to call
        from the constructor that we build.

0.08  2010-05-20
      - Fix inheriting from classes which don't bless their instances into the
        correct class when subclassing (jhallock).

      - Update for things fixed in latest Moose.

0.07  2009-09-27
      - Start adding support for non-Moose destructors. Destructor inlining
        isn't supported yet, since Moose isn't quite flexible enough there for
        it to be more than an annoying hack, but this should still work with
        immutable classes anyway.

0.06  2009-09-27
      - defining a custom constructor in a class using mx-nonmoose now works

      - use a less broken test for whether or not a superclass has an inlined
        constructor (fixes issue uncovered by fixes to Moose's metaclass
        compatibility fixing)

0.05  2009-06-24
      - gaaaaah, packaging is so stupid (remove stray file)

0.04  2009-06-23
      - Add tests and official support for alternate instance metaclasses, such
        as MooseX::GlobRef and MooseX::InsideOut - including supplying a custom
        exporter MooseX::NonMoose::InsideOut which should work in all possible
        cases, when just using the same hash that the nonmoose class is using
        would break

      - Fix a couple issues with inheriting from MooseX::NonMoose classes -
        make sure FOREIGNBUILDARGS is only called once, and fix some issues
        with immutability

0.03  2009-05-06
      - Add a FOREIGNBUILDARGS method to support modifying the argument list
        passed to the non-Moose constructor

0.02  2009-04-29
      - A few minor doc fixes

0.01  2009-04-20
      - Initial release