Revision history for MooseX-MethodAttributes

0.32      2020-08-30 01:32:08Z
 - no longer using MooseX::Types internally

0.31      2015-09-27 05:28:49Z
 - increase Moose prereq on perl 5.8.x to fix boolean overload handling

0.30      2015-08-16 04:02:53Z
 - update some distribution tooling

0.29      2013-11-15 02:31:46Z
 - change docs to recommending using a role to grant Inheritable behaviour
   rather than a superclass, and changed tests to match
 - converted all uses of namespace::clean to namespace::autoclean
 - converted all uses of Test::Exception to Test::Fatal
 - repository migrated to the github moose organization

0.28   2012-09-04 03:28:26Z
 - RT#79385: Import Carp::croak into the right package (spotted by Bill

0.27   2012-02-13 18:28:00Z
 - Fix issue with new Moose and new Module::Runtime where Moose
   functions were not getting correctly exported to the users of
   this module.

0.26   2012-01-13 12:06:00Z
 - Fix packages relying on ->meta->make_immutable to return true.
   This should work, but doesn't in some occasional circumstances.

0.25   2011-06-20 10:53:00Z
 - Updated to avoid test issues from Moose 2.0007 (spotted by ilmari)

0.24   2010-07-19 03:23:57Z
 - Updated to avoid warnings from Moose 1.09 (Dave Rolsky).

0.23   2010-06-15 19:22:00Z
 - Fix dependency on MooseX::Types::Moose (RT#58406)

0.22   2010-05-31 19:49:00Z
 - Fix issues causing composing multiple (normal) roles onto a subclass of a
   MooseX::MethodAttributes class to fail by removing a forced metaclass
   reinitialization which wasn't needed.

0.21   2010-05-07 02:48:54Z
  - Add more metadata, including a repository url.

0.20   2010-02-10 00:46:11Z
  - Remove horrible code and epic comment working around Moose bugs
    with reinitializing anon classes now that the bug is fixed upstream
    in Moose (commit cf600c83).

0.19   2010-01-09 17:29:00Z
  - Adapt to changes in in composition_class roles
    in new Moose releases (>= 0.93_01)

0.18   2009-09-25 09:51:24Z
  - Bump Test::More dependency to 0.88 for done_testing
  - Require namespace::autoclean for t/late_reinitialize.t

0.17   2009-09-23 14:35:50Z
  - Bump MooseX::Types version to 0.20 to avoid warnings with newer
    Moose releases

0.16_02   2009-09-20 16:58:38Z
  - Also export the Moose::Role sugar from MooseX::MethodAttributes::Role

0.16_01   2009-09-18 01:29:38Z
  - Combining roles now works as expected when writing roles, or when applying
    multiple roles to a class
  - Bump other dependencies in line with required Moose version

0.16   2009-09-15 05:58:14Z
  - Fix so that MooseX::Role::Parameterized can be used in combination with roles
    containing method attributes + testcase from phaylon (RT#48758)
  - Fixes to avoid a deprecation warning from the latest Class::MOP (Dave

0.15  2009-07-26
  - Fix test which was failing in some cases and additional test cases.

  - No other changes on the dev release.

0.14_01  2009-07-16
  - Add TODO tests for role combination with method attributes, proving that this doesn't work.

  - Add nasty hack to allow the application of roles with method attributes to anon classes to
    work if the user does a special handwave. This is less than optimum, see big block comment
    in the code. :/

0.14  2009-06-07
  - Fix bugs with composing roles with method attributes into other
    roles with method attributes + tests

0.13   2009-05-28 00:19:00Z
  - Add Test::More and Test::Exception to requirements for RT#46395
    and RT#46396

0.12   2009-05-25 18:33:30Z
  - Add additional tests for role composition behavior.
  - Add an error message if someone tries to exclude or alias methods
    from a role with attributes, which currently doesn't work.
  - Add tests for this error, and tests for behavior if aliasing did work.

0.11_03   2009-05-24 23:06:50Z
  - Fix overenthusiastic meta trait application which caused
    classes which already had methods with attributes to have their
    attributes wiped out.

0.11_02   2009-05-21 00:46:47Z
  - Add support for use Moose::Role -traits => 'MethodAttributes'
    if we've already been loaded.
  - Add support for composing a role containg methods with attributes into
    another role.

0.11_01   2009-05-17 22:50:44Z
  - Do not apply metaclass roles unless needed.
  - Add MooseX::MethodAttributes::Role::Meta::Role, for roles which
    contain methods with attributes.
  - Split attribute container functionality out into

0.11   2009-05-15 16:02:27Z
  - Depend on Moose 079 to prevent metaclass incompatibility failure.

0.10   2009-05-13 23:08:30Z
  - Stop non Moose classes which inherit MooseX::MethodAttributes::Inheritable
    and which define a sub meta from throwing an exception.

0.09   2009-04-28 08:47:28Z
  - Use modifiers in the metaclass role to catch modifiers being applied
    to subs, and apply our wrapped method role to the generated method
    instance. This is horrible, but appears to be a sane way to avoid
    that fact that method metaclasses applied to one class aren't inherited.

0.08   2009-04-25 15:30:00Z
  - Fix get_nearest_methods_with_attributes to deal with wrapped methods.
    - Add tests for this, and how Catalyst uses the module
  - Add TODO tests showing that method metaclass inheritance (or lacktherof)
    into subclasses causes us to fail to do the right thing.

0.07   2009-04-25 12:47:05Z
  - Add the get_nearest_methods_with_attributes method.

0.06   2009-04-19 22:03:06Z
  - Fix bug when using base, as Moose doesn't automatically inherit the
    method metaclass from your parent class unless you use the 'extends'
  - Package on a different machine, due to reported unarchiving issues
    on win32.

0.05   2009-04-01 20:40:05Z
  - Ensure that we have an initialised metaclass to apply roles to in
    AttrContainer::Inheritable, fixing bugs with non-moose base classes
    which have not has a metaclass initialised for them.

0.04   2009-02-26 21:47:18Z
  - Depend on an MX::Types version with support for parameterisation.
  - Add tests for behaviour of get_all_methods_with_attributes and method

0.03   2009-02-19 07:13:18Z
  - Implement metaclass methods for getting all meta methods with attributes.

0.02   2009-02-14 21:17:56Z
  - Depend on Moose 0.70 for wrapped_method_metaclass_roles support.
  - Apply a role to wrapped method metaclasses to support getting
    attributes of wrapped methods.
  - Add MooseX::MethodAttributes::Inherited as a way of capturing method
    attributes without explicitly using MooseX::MethodAttributes in every

0.01   2009-02-13 21:21:11Z
  - Initial release.