Revision history for MooseX::Log::Log4perl
    * RT#82888: Refactor to use Moo instead of Any::Moose (Alexander Hartmaier)

0.46  Wed Jun 27 2012 (rl)
    * RT#77451: Spelling mistake in (thanks
    * RT#77783: Added tests (03inheritence) to showcase expected category in logging

0.45  Mon May 7 2012 (rl)
    * RT#72596: META file needs regenerating, should be fixed now
    * Correct some dist stuff (copyright, license, bundled Module::Install)

0.44  Wed May 1 2012 (rl)
    * Fix CPAN tester build issue for Tie::Hash::NamedCapture (probably caused by "use English")
    * Support special 'append' prefix for category (Andreas Marienborg)
    * Fix wrong META.yml file

0.43  Thu Aug 25 2011 (rl)
    * Change to use Any::Moose to also support Mouse environment
    * Documentation improvements for Any::Moose

0.42  Thu Apr 29 2010 (again)
    * Remove Log::Any from benchmark tests, we want to avoid failing tests

0.41  Thu Apr 29 2010
    * Added POD::Covergage test (t/podcoverage.t)
    * Added Perl::Critic test (t/pelr-critic.t)
    * RT#57021: Raised dependency to Log::Log4perl 1.13 which first introduced the TRACE level (thanks Sam Vilain)
    * Raise dependency for Moose to 0.65, which has fixes for Win32 Builds
    * Updated Module::Install to 0.94
    * Raise required perl version to 5.8

0.40  Sun May 17 2009
    * #45554: Applied patch for easy method handling for %M pattern by Tim Bunce
    * Added t/99bench.t for basic benchmark testing
    * Added load test of ::Easy and diag printing of version numbers to t/00load.t
    * Updated included Module::Install to 0.88
    * Improved tests to include %M pattern
    * Only do the benchmark test for TEST_MAINT is set, otherwise skip

0.31  Mon Jul 21 2008
    * Fixed bug reported by Maik Hentsche

0.30  Tue Jul 15 2008
    * Corrected MANIFEST (added MANIFEST.SKIP to generate it correctly now)
    * Improved pod and fixed typo in MooseX::Log::Log4perl::Easy
    * Cleanup of tests and pod
    * Repackage as 0.30 to fix failing cpan tests (and fix perl module version numbering for CPAN)

0.2    Mon Jul 14 2008
    * Added MooseX::Log::Log4perl::Easy for simple log interface
      this adds methods $self->log_error, $self->log_debug, ... for all log levels
    * Cleanup of tests and pod

0.1    Thu Jul 10 2008
    * Initial release with support for log4perl logging. (Roland Lammel)
    * Logger init  has to be done outside of this package for now.