0.29     2016-05-29

- Fix test prereqs on MooseX::AttributeHelpers and MooseX::Role::Strict.

0.28     2016-05-16

- Repository migrated to the github moose organization. (Karen Etheridge)

- Removed dependency on List::MoreUtils. (Karen Etheridge)

0.27   2013-03-28

- The latest Moose release (2.08) broke this module. This release fixes
  MooseX::ClassAttribute to work with both new and old Mooses. Reported by
  Jonathan Stowe. RT #84263.

0.26   2011-06-06

- The default() method for class attributes always returned a value, even if
  the default was a subroutine ref, which isn't how the method works for
  regular attributes. This broke inlining with Moose HEAD.

0.25   2011-06-05

- Class attributes now have a definition context set, which means that errors
  thrown from generated methods associated with these attributes say something
  like "X at accessor MyClass::ClassAttribute (defined at path/to/file line
  42)" rather than "generated method (unknown origin)".

0.24   2011-02-22

- This release provides forward compatibility with Moose 1.99+. It will still
  work with Moose 1.23 as well. Partially based on work originally done by
  Moritz Onken.

0.23   2011-02-13

- Fixed a bug where applying a role with class attributes didn't record the
  role as actually being applied in the meta class (or role) to which it was
  applied. Reported by Karen Etheridge. RT #59610.

- Applying multiple roles to a class lost all class attributes from those
  roles. Fixed by Andrew Rodland. RT #59572.

0.22   2011-02-02

- Explicitly require namespace::clean 0.20 to avoid some bad interactions
  between namespace::clean and Package::Stash.

0.21   2010-10-29

- Switch from Test::Exception to Test::Fatal.

0.20   2010-10-07

- A test file tried to load MooseX::Role::Parameterized, which was not listed
  as a dep. Reported by Andreas Koenig. RT #61957.

0.19   2010-10-06

- Removed references to MooseX::ClassAttribute::Meta::Method::Accessor, which
  was removed in 0.18. This caused lots of test failures if you hadn't
  installed a previous version of this distribution.

0.18   2010-10-05

- Changes to work with (and require) Moose 1.15.

0.17   2010-09-26

- Changes to work with (and require) Moose 1.09.

0.16   2010-07-15

- More warnings fixes for next Moose release.

- Fix bad repo metadata.

0.15   2010-07-14

- Fix bad uri for bugtracker in metadata

0.14   2010-07-14

- Use modern Moose APIs, to avoid warnings with the next Moose release.

0.13   2010-02-11

- Fixed tests that failed if you had an older version of
  MooseX::AttributeHelpers installed.

0.12   2010-02-10

- Fixed so that applying a role with class attributes to an instance works
  with Moose 0.98.

0.11   2010-02-09

- Roles can now have class attributes, which will be fully initialized when
  the role is applied to a class.

- Many modules have been renamed from MooseX::ClassAttribute::Role::Meta::* to

- Deprecated the get_class_attribute_map method.

- Added a version number to every .pm file.

0.10   2009-08-26

- Fixed to make triggers work with Moose 0.89+, and made triggers pass the old
  attribute value when appropriate just like non-class attributes.

0.09   2009-07-09

- An attribute with a builder that wasn't also lazy caused an
  exception when the attribute's accessor was called. Reported by

0.08   2009-04-07

- Make this module work with Moose 0.73_01+.

- Deprecated compute_all_applicable_class_attributes. Use
  get_all_class_attributes instead.

0.07   2008-11-10

- Fixed a bug where class attributes did not honor the
  Class::MOP::Attribute properly, so things that used it directly
  failed. This bug could be tickled by using certain
  MooseX::AttributeHelpers attribute metaclasses with a class
  attribute. Fixed by Shawn Moore.

0.06   2008-09-06

- No code changes, just added a missing prereq for

0.05   2008-09-05

* Totally rewritten as proper meta classes, so it supports
  introspection and all that good stuff. This breaks some old code
  because there is no longer a "containing class" for class

0.04   2008-01-21

- An internals change to make this class work with Moose 0.34.

0.03   2007-12-08

- Split main functionality out of sugar sub class_has(), into
  process_class_attribute(). This makes it easier to create attributes
  on behalf of other classes.

0.02   2007-11-25

- Inherit from Exporter, rather than trying to import its
  import(). Unfortunately, older Exporters as shipped with Perl 5.6.x
  only allow subclassing.

0.01   2007-11-24

- First version, released on an unsuspecting world.