Revision history for Moo

2.005005 - 2023-01-05
  - drop dependency on Test::Fatal

2.005004 - 2021-03-29
  - fix file set in %INC in create_class_with_roles (RT#134845)

2.005003 - 2021-03-21
  - silence 'once' warnings from Moo::_Utils

2.005_002 - 2021-01-22
  - fix C3 test skipping properly when MRO::Compat not available on perl < 5.10

2.005_001 - 2021-01-20
  - fix perl version check in global destruction code

2.005_000 - 2021-01-20
  - remove MooseX::Types from developer prereqs
  - recommend Sub::Util rather than Sub::Name, since Sub::Util is in core
  - fix line numbers when using oo module (perl -Moo)
  - adjust some author tests to rely less on external modules
  - lower Exporter prereq to any version
  - bump Role::Tiny prereq to 2.003004
  - refactor and simplify role application code, as allowed by new Role::Tiny
  - switch to using normal strict+warnings rather than strictures for authors
  - remove strictures from recommends, as Moo does not use it anywhere
  - remove Task::Weaken prereq, as it served no purpose
  - remove MRO::Compat prereq, using it only when user code does
  - remove use of Devel::GlobalDestruction in code, only using
    Devel::GlobalDestruction::XS when it is available. Devel::GlobalDestruction
    is still a dependency on perl < 5.14 to facilitate the installation of the
    ::XS module.
  - Moo now has no mandatory perl version specific dependencies. The version
    specific modules are now optional or not used. This means code using Moo can
    be fatpacked on a new perl version without special cases, and it will work
    on older perl versions.

2.004004 - 2020-11-25
  - fix error location test when using core Carp on perl 5.8.9 - 5.10.1

2.004003 - 2020-11-21
  - fix extraneous MANIFEST entry

2.004002 - 2020-11-20
  - no changes
  - releasing as stable

2.004_001 - 2020-07-30
  - remove Module::Runtime prerequisite
  - internal code cleanups
  - added test for conflicts in extensions wrapping 'has' and similar subs

2.004000 - 2020-04-09
  - minor documentation tweaks
  - minor test tweaks
  - refactor creation and installation of helper subs allowing extensions to
    customize the behavior easier.
  - added is_class and make_class methods to Moo
  - added make_role method to Moo::Role
  - lower Scalar::Util dependency to 1.00
  - fix unlikely failure to properly inflate Type::Tiny types to Moose under
    threads on perl 5.8

2.003006 - 2019-10-25
  - update Role::Tiny prerequisite to 2.001004 to fix issues with re-importing

2.003_005 - 2019-10-18
  - always exclude helper subs (has, with, etc) from the list of methods, even
    if they are installed later or wrapped with a modifier
  - drop Devel::GlobalDestruction prerequisite unless using perl < 5.14
  - fix preserving full accuracy of numbers in non-ref defaults
  - fix tracking of stubs and constants as methods to be consistent and work
    properly with unusual ways of storing subs (RT#130050)
  - fix test for modules broken by newer Moo versions when new enough
    CPAN::Meta version is not available
  - fix undeferring subs before wrapping with a method modifier when subs to
    wrap are given as a list or array ref
  - fix error reporting locations from Carp calls in DEMOLISH (RT#124845)
  - fix extending attributes (has +) to allow overriding a default with a
    builder (RT#130361)
  - fix re-throwing Moose inflation exceptions when examining exception
    objects on older Moose or Devel::StackTrace versions
  - reorganized documentation related to Moose to improve clarity
  - improved documentation of usage with namespace::clean
  - various documentation tweaks

2.003004 - 2017-12-01
  - re-allow stubs for attribute parameters like isa or coerce (RT#123753)
  - fix accidentally removed space in coderef error message (GH#33)
  - fix test errors with old Carp versions

2.003003 - 2017-11-16
  - test tweaks
  - fix handling of code refs stored directly in the stash (for perl 5.28)
  - consider inline packages with constants in them as being loaded
  - stubs will be treated as methods that exist when inflating to Moose
  - avoid loading unless required

2.003002 - 2017-03-28
  - ensure tarball does not contain SCHILY headers

2.003001 - 2017-03-06
  - fix +attributes replacing builder subs if parent attribute was defined with
    builder => $subref
  - fix trigger with a default value and init_arg of undef

2.003000 - 2016-12-09
  - fix create_class_with_roles being used multiple times with the same packages
  - fix edge case with @ISA assignment on perl 5.10.0
  - minor test adjustments
  - fix handles on oddly named attributes
  - make has options linkable in documentation
  - Sub::Quote and Sub::Defer have been split into a separate dist

2.002005 - 2016-10-31
  - fix accessor extensions that need captured variables for clearers and
    predicates. (RT#118453)
  - avoid relying on '.' being in @INC in tests
  - fix Sub::Quote test when run with perl -C or PERL_UNICODE on perl 5.10
  - improved error messages for invalid sub names in Sub::Quote (RT#116416,
  - clarify meta method documentation
  - bump Role::Tiny prereq version to get stub in role fix (RT#116674)

2.002004 - 2016-06-28
  - fixed another case of local functions interfering with generated code.
  - prevent infinite recursion on some Moose metaclass inflation errors.

2.002003 - 2016-06-23
  - prevent local functions with same names as core functions from interfering
    with generated code (RT#115529)
  - Work around nmake bug that corrupts commands that include slashes
  - Fix tests to work when lexical features are enabled outside of our control
    (such as with cperl)
  - Fix tests on perl 5.6

2.002002 - 2016-06-21
  - fix handling of Carp < 1.12

2.002_001 - 2016-06-17
  - added Sub::Quote::sanitize_identifier to generate an identifier from an
    arbitrary string.
  - Sub::Defer::defer_info is now exportable.
  - improved documentation for Sub::Quote.
  - fix quoted subs with no_defer ignoring no_install option. (RT#114605)
  - internals of Sub::Quote were refactored.
  - error message when @ISA changes now includes the location that the
    constructor was generated.
  - original invoker will be used when calling a non-Moo parent constructor.
  - added testing for preserving context into quote_sub subs. (RT#114511)
  - quote_sub context options will be used even when zero. (RT#114512)
  - Sub::Defer::defer_sub gained attributes option to specify sub attributes.
  - Sub::Quote::quote_sub gained attributes option to specify sub attributes.

2.002_000 - 2016-05-18
  - Use Carp::croak rather than die to improve reported error locations
    (RT#109844, RT#109632, RT#102622)
  - removed Method::Inliner module.  It was never intended to ship with Moo,
    and was undocumented, untested, and unused on CPAN.
  - require Role::Tiny 2.000002 for fixes to method modifiers being applied
    via multiple role composition paths (RT#106668)
  - Delay loading Class::Method::Modifiers until we actually need it
  - Fix an explosion that could happen if meta inflation was attempted part way
    through Moo's bootstrapping process, which was possible via a
    CORE::GLOBAL::bless override (RT#113743)
  - Accessor subs will be generated immediately, rather than being partially
    deferred.  The deferal added extra sub layers and the delayed compilation
    didn't provide any real benefit for them.
  - Numeric values used as defaults will be inlined as numbers rather than
  - Numerous test cleanups and additional test coverage
  - Fixed a typo in Sub::Defer docs (RT#113416)
  - Deferred subs (including constructors) will always be named properly, even
    if neither Sub::Name nor Sub::Util are available.  This improves
    compatibility with namespace::autoclean, among other things.  Once the sub
    is undeferred, it may not be given a correct name if Sub::Name or Sub::Util
    aren't available.

2.001001 - 2016-03-04
  - Fixed order of attribute value being set and trigger running when there is
    an isa check present. (RT#112677)
  - Corrected LIFECYCLE METHODS to be a head1 section rather than head2.

2.001000 - 2016-02-29
  * Documentation
    - Added documentation for has's ability to accept an arrayref of attribute
      names to create with the same options.
    - Removed mention that we may not call BUILDARGS, since that behavior was
      removed in 2.000002.
    - Reorganized documentation of class methods to separate those provided as a
      public API (new/does/meta) from those used by Moo in the object lifecycle
    - Updated documentation of most class methods for clarity.
    - Updated BUILDARGS documentation to show an around rather than just
    - Added examples to FOREIGNBUILDARGS and BUILD.
    - Added explicit documentation for DOES and meta methods.

  * Fixes
    - Fixed grammar in error message when @ISA is changed unexpectedly before
      a constructor is fully generated.
    - Fixed Moo classes and Sub::Quote subs in packages that are nearly 252
      characters long.
    - Fixed Sub::Defer::undefer_package emitting warnings.
    - Fixed detection of constructors that have already been inlined.

  * Performance
    - The generated code in constructors and setters has had a number of
      microoptimizations applied.
    - Deferred subs (and quoted subs like some accessors) in roles will be
      undefered before copying them to classes.  This prevents the need for a
      goto on every call that would slow down the subs.
    - Fixed Moose inflation code resulting in constructors with deferred

  * Other
    - Recommend Sub::Name 0.08, which fixes a memory leak.
    - The values given to BUILD subs will be the original values passed to new,
      rather than after coercions have been applied.  This brings the behavior
      in line with Moose.

2.000002 - 2015-07-24
  - BUILDARGS will now always be called on object creation, even if no
    attributes exist
  - fix required attributes with spaces or other odd characters in init_arg
  - fix (is => 'lazy', required => 1, init_arg => undef), which previously
    didn't think it provided a builder
  - under 'no Moo::sification', prevent automatic Moose metaclass inflation
    from ->meta calls
  - don't load Moo::Role for a ->does check if no roles could exist
  - make global destruction test more robust from outside interference
  - fix false default values satisfying required attributes
  - Fix Moose attribute delegation to a Moo class via a wildcard
  - work around case where Sub::Util is loadable but doesn't provide
  - skip thread tests on perl 5.8.4 and below where threads are extremely
  - Allow stub methods (e.g. sub foo;) to be overwritten by accessors or other
    generated methods. (RT#103804)

2.000001 - 2015-03-16
  - Fix how we pick between Sub::Name and Sub::Util if they are both loaded.
    This fixes how we interact with Moose in some cases. (RT#102729) (GH#15)

2.000000 - 2015-03-02
  * Incompatible Changes
    - Fatal warnings and the other additional checks from the strictures
      module will no longer be applied to modules using Moo or Moo::Role.  We
      now only apply strict and (non-fatal) warnings, matching the behavior of
    - Classes without attributes used to store everything passed to ->new
      in the object.  This has been fixed to not store anything in the object,
      making it consistent with classes that had attributes.
    - Moo will now pass __no_BUILD__ to parent constructors when inheriting
      from a Moose or Class::Tiny class, to prevent them from calling BUILD
      functions.  Moo calls the BUILD functions itself, which previously led
      to them being called multiple times.
    - Attempting to replace an existing constructor, or modify one that has
      been used, will throw an error.  This includes adding attributes.
      Previously, this would result in some attributes being silently ignored
      by the constructor.
    - If a class's @ISA is modified without using 'extends' in a way that
      affects object construction, Moo will detect this and throw an error.
      This can happen in code that uses ->load_components from
      Class::C3::Componentised, which is common in DBIx::Class modules.

  * Bug Fixes
    - Fix calling class methods on Moo::HandleMoose::FakeMetaClass, such as
      modules scanning all classes

  * Miscellaneous
    - use Sub::Util instead of Sub::Name if available

1.007000 - 2015-01-21
  - fix Moose metaclass inflation of Method::Generate::Constructor (RT#101111)
  - clarify behavior of clearers for non-lazy attribute defaults
  - add Sub::Defer::undefer_package to undefer all subs from a given package
  - existing attributes will no longer be overwritten when composing roles.
    Previously, the attribute configuration used by the constructor would be
    overridden, but the attribute methods would not be.  This caused a mismatch
    in attribute behavior.
  - link to Type::Tiny in docs rather than MooX::Types::MooseLike
  - document exports of Sub::Defer
  - fix capture_unroll usage in inlinify example
  - fix needless re-assigning of variables in generated Sub::Quote subs
  - fix global destruction test to work when perl path has spaces

1.006001 - 2014-10-22
  - Name the ->DOES method installed by Role::Tiny
  - don't apply threading workarounds on non-threaded perls, even if module for
    it is loaded by something
  - avoid loading and just set @ISA manually
  - fix some Pod links to Class::Method::Modifiers
  - fix applying roles with multiple attributes with defaults to objects
  - fix Moose inheriting from a Moo class that inherits from a non-M* class
    when the Moose class is not made immutable
  - fix ->does method on Moose child classes of Moo classes

1.006000 - 2014-08-16
  - support coerce => 1 in attributes, taking the coercion from the isa option
    if it is an object that supports the coerce or coercion method.
  - add attribute information to type check errors by trapping with an eval
    rather than overriding the global __DIE__ handler
  - bump Module::Runtime prerequisite to fix error messages when there is a
    missing module used by a role loaded using 'with' or similar (rt#97669)

1.005000 - 2014-06-10
  - add qsub to Sub::Quote as a prototyped alternative to quote_sub, accepting
    only the sub body
  - avoid testing UTF-8 on perl 5.6

1.004006 - 2014-05-27
  - fix quotify for characters in the \x80-\xFF range when used under the utf8
    pragma.  Also fixes some cases of constructor generation with the pragma.

1.004005 - 2014-05-23
  - releasing 1.004_004 as stable

1.004_004 - 2014-05-12
  - stop internally depending on Moo::Object::new including all inputs in
    constructed object
  - be more careful when munging code for inlining
  - fix maintaining source of quoted sub for lifetime of sub
  - redo foreign C3 compatibility, fixing constructors without changing behavior
    for Moo constructors
  - don't build Moose metaclass when checking Moo classes with ->is_role
  - include Sub::Name in recommendations metadata

1.004_003 - 2014-04-13
  - always maintain source of quoted subs for the lifetime of the sub
  - fix Sub::Quote and Sub::Defer leaking memory
  - Class::XSAccessor is now listed as a recommended prerequisite
  - fix generating a subclass with roles when using a non-standard accessor
  - use alternate quoting routine, which is faster and saves memory by not
  - fix default of undef
  - fix inheriting from a class with a prototype on new
  - use ->is_role internally to check if a package is a role
  - minimise Role::Tiny coupling outside Moo::Role
  - fix calling parent constructor when C3 multiple inheritance is in use
    (such as when combining with DBIx::Class)
  - return true from Moo::Role->is_role for all loaded Moose roles
  - improved test coverage
  - fix strictures author test when PERL_STRICTURES_EXTRA is set
  - remove Dist::CheckConflicts prerequisite and replace with a test to report
    known broken downstream modules
  - fix x_breaks metadata

1.004002 - 2013-12-31
  - fix type inflation in threads when types are inserted by manually
    stringifying the type first (like Type::Tiny)
  - add undefer_all to Sub::Defer

1.004001 - 2013-12-27
  - fix repository links in pod
  - add missing changelog entry regarding strictures to 1.004000 release

1.004000 - 2013-12-26
  - strictures will now be applied to modules using Moo just as if they
    included "use strictures" directly.  This means that strictures extra
    checks will now apply to code in checkouts.
  - fix handling of type inflation when used with threads
  - don't include meta method when consuming Mouse roles
  - inhale Moose roles for has attr => ( handles => "RoleName" )
  - provide useful error if attribute defined as required but with
    init_arg => undef
  - document that BUILDARGS isn't called when there are no attributes
  - omit sub imported before use Moo from Moose method inflation
  - check for FOREIGNBUILDARGS only once per class instead of on each
  - take advantage of XS predicates from newer versions of Class::XSAccessor
  - always try to load superclasses and roles, and only fall back on the
    heuristic of checking for subs if the file doesn't exist
  - fix handling of attributes with names that aren't valid identifiers
  - Quoted subs now preserve the package and pragmas from their calling code
  - the official Moo git repository has moved to the Moose organization on

1.003001 - 2013-09-10
  - abbreviate class names from created by create_class_with_roles if they are
    too long for perl to handle (RT#83248)
  - prevent destructors from failing in global destruction for certain
    combinations of Moo and Moose classes subclassing each other (RT#87810)
  - clarify in docs that Sub::Quote's captured variables are copies, not aliases
  - fix infinite recursion if an isa check fails due to another isa check
  - fix Sub::Quote and Sub::Defer under threads (RT#87043)
  - better diagnostics when bad parameters given to has

1.003000 - 2013-07-15
  - fix composing roles that require methods provided by the other (RT#82711)
  - document optional use of Class::XSAccessor with caveats
  - fix constructor generated when creating a class with
    create_class_with_roles when the superclass constructor hasn't been
    generated yet
  - fix extending the constructor generator using Moo classes/roles
  - non-lazy attribute defaults are used when applying a role to an object
  - updated META files to list prerequisites in proper phases
  - $Method::Generate::Accessor::CurrentAttribute hashref contains
    information about attribute currently being processed (available
    to exception objects thrown by "isa" and "coerce")
  - properly die when composing a module that isn't a Role
  - fix passing attribute parameters for traits when inflating to Moose
  - fix inflating method modifiers applied to multiple methods
  - fix documentation for Sub::Quote::capture_unroll
  - add documentation noting Sub::Quote's use of strictures
  - fix FOREIGNBUILDARGS not being called if no attributes created

1.002000 - 2013-05-04
  - add 'moosify' attribute key to provide code for inflating to Moose
  - fix warnings about unknown attribute parameters on metaclass inflation
  - don't pass 'handles' down when doing 'has +' to avoid unDWIMmy explosions
  - throw a useful exception when typemap doesn't return a value
  - avoid localising @_ when not required for Sub::Quote
  - successfully inflate a metaclass for attributeless classes (RT#86415)
  - fix false default values used with non-lazy accessors
  - stop built values that fail isa checks still getting stored in the object
  - stop lazy+weak_ref accessors re-building their value on every call
  - make lazy+weak_ref accessors return undef if built value isn't already
    stored elsewhere (Moose compatibility)
  - stop isa checks being called on every access for lazy attributes
  - bump Devel::GlobalDestruction dependency to fix warning on cleanup
    when run under -c (RT#78617)
  - document Moose type constraint creation for roles and classes
    (actually fixed in 1.001000)

1.001000 - 2013-03-16
  - add support for FOREIGNBUILDARGS when inheriting from non-Moo classes
  - non-ref default values are allowed without using a sub
  - has will refuse to overwrite locally defined subs with generated
  - added more meta resources and added more support relevant links into
    the POD documentation
  - clarify in docs that default and built values won't call triggers
  - expand is => 'lazy' doc to make it clear that you can make rw lazy
    attributes if you really want to
  - handles => "RoleName" tries to load the module
  - fix delegation to false/undef attributes (RT#83361)

1.000008 - 2013-02-06
  - Re-export on 'use Moo' after 'no Moo'
  - Export meta() into roles (but mark as non-method to avoid composing it)
  - Don't generate an accessor for rw attributes if reader+writer both set
  - Support builder => sub {} ala MooseX::AttributeShortcuts
  - Fix 'no Moo;' to preserve non-sub package variables
  - Switch to testing for Mouse::Util->can('find_meta') to avoid
    exploding on ancient Mouse installs
  - Fix loading order bug that results in _install_coderef being treated
    as indirect object notation

1.000007 - 2012-12-15
  - Correctly handle methods dragged along by role composition
  - Die if Moo and Moo::Role are imported into the same package

1.000006 - 2012-11-16
  - Don't use $_ as loop variable when calling arbitrary code (RT#81072)
  - Bump Role::Tiny prereq to fix method modifier breakage on 5.10.0

1.000005 - 2012-10-23
  - fix POD typo (RT#80060)
  - include init_arg name in constructor errors (RT#79596)
  - bump Class::Method::Modifiers dependency to avoid warnings on 5.8

1.000004 - 2012-10-03
  - allow 'has \@attributes' like Moose does

1.000003 - 2012-08-09
  - make setter for weak_ref attributes return the value

1.000002 - 2012-08-04
  - remove Devel::GlobalDestruction fallback inlining because we can now
    depend on 0.08 which uses Sub::Exporter::Progressive
  - honour BUILDARGS when calling $meta->new_object on behalf of Moose
  - throw an error on invalid builder (RT#78479)
  - fix stupid typo in new Sub::Quote section

1.000001 - 2012-07-21
  - documentation tweaks and cleanup
  - ignore required when default or builder is present
  - document Moo versus Any::Moose in brief with article link
  - remove quote_sub from SYNOPSIS and has docs, expand Sub::Quote section
  - localize @_ when inlining quote_sub'ed isa checks (fixes lazy+isa+default)
  - ensure constructor gets regenerated if forced early by metaclass inflation

1.000000 - 2012-07-18
  - clean up doc language and expand on Moo and Moose
  - error prefixes for isa and coerce exceptions
  - unmark Moo and Moose as experimental since it's relatively solid now
  - convert isa and coerce info from external role attributes
  - clear method cache after metaclass generation to fix autoclean bug

0.091014 - 2012-07-16
  - load explicitly for overload::StrVal

0.091013 - 2012-07-15
  - useful and detailed errors for coerce in attrib generation

0.091012 - 2012-07-15
  - useful and detailed errors for default checker in attrib generation
  - throw an error when trying to extend a role

0.091011 - 2012-06-27
  - re-add #web-simple as development IRC
  - don't assume Scalar::Util is imported into the current package

0.091010 - 2012-06-26
  - isa checks on builders
  - additional quote_sub docs
  - remove multi-populate code to fix exists/defined new() bug
  - document move to #moose and include repository metadata
  - no Moo and no Moo::Role
  - squelch used only once warnings for $Moo::HandleMoose::MOUSE
  - MooClass->meta
  - subconstructor handling for Moose classes

0.091009 - 2012-06-20
  - squelch redefine warnings in the coderef installation code

0.091008 - 2012-06-19
  - bump Role::Tiny dependency to get working modifiers under composition
  - handle "has '+foo'" for attrs from superclass or consumed role
  - document override -> around translation
  - use D::GD if installed rather than re-adding it as a requirement

0.091007 - 2012-05-17
  - remove stray reference to Devel::GlobalDestruction

0.091006 - 2012-05-16
  - drop a couple of dependencies by minor releases we don't strictly need

0.091005 - 2012-05-14
  - temporary switch to an inlined in_global_destruction to avoid needing
    to fatpack Sub::Exporter for features we don't use
  - re-order is documentation to give readonly styles more prominence
  - a weakened value should still be returned on set (fixes lazy + weak_ref)
  - add an explicit return to all exported subs so people don't accidentally
    rely on the return value

0.091004 - 2012-05-07
  - also inhale from Mouse
  - clarify how isa and coerce interact
  - support isa and coerce together for Moose
  - guard _accessor_maker_for calls in Moo::Role in case Moo isn't loaded
  - reset handlemoose state on mutation in case somebody reified the
    metaclass too early

0.091003 - 2012-05-06
  - improve attribute option documentation
  - update the incompatibilities section since we're less incompatible now
  - fix coderef naming to avoid confusing autoclean

0.091002 - 2012-05-05
  - exclude union roles and same-role-as-self from metaclass inflation
  - inhale Moose roles before checking for composition conflicts
  - enable Moo::sification if only Moo::Role is loaded and not Moo
  - preserve attribute ordering
  - factor out accessor generation code a bit more to enable extension

0.091001 - 2012-05-02
  - bump Role::Tiny dependency to require de-strictures-ed version
  - fix test failure where Class::XSAccessor is not available

0.091000 - 2012-04-27
  - document MX::AttributeShortcuts 009+ support
  - documentation for the metaclass inflation code
  - better error message for broken BUILDARGS
  - provide 'no Moo::sification' to forcibly disable metaclass inflation
  - switch to Devel::GlobalDestruction to correctly disarm the
    Moo::sification trigger under threads
  - make extends after has work
  - name subs if Sub::Name is available for better stracktraces
  - undefer all subs before creating a concrete Moose metaclass
  - fix bug in _load_module where global vars could cause mis-detection
    of the module already being loaded

0.009_017 - 2012-04-16
  - mangle constructor meta-method on inflation so make_immutable works
  - fix possible infinite loop caused by subconstructor code

0.009_016 - 2012-04-12
  - don't accidentally load Moo::HandleMoose during global destruction
  - better docs for trigger (and initializer's absence)

0.009_015 - 2012-04-11
  - Complete support for MooseX::AttributeShortcuts 0.009
  - Allow Moo classes to compose Moose roles
  - Introduce Moo::HandleMoose, which should allow Moo classes and roles
    to be treated as Moose classes/roles. Supported so far:
    - Some level of attributes and methods for both classes and roles
    - Required methods in roles
    - Method modifiers in roles (they're already applied in classes)
    - Type constraints

0.009014 - 2012-03-29
  - Split Role::Tiny out into its own dist
  - Fix a bug where coercions weren't called on lazy default/builder returns
  - Switch Moo::Utils to using Module::Runtime, and add the 5.8 %INC
    leakage fix into Role::Tiny's _load_module to provide partial parity
  - Update incompatibilities with Moose documentation
  - Remove Sub::Quote's outstanding queue since it doesn't actually slow
    things down to do it this way and makes debugging easier.
  - Revert 'local $@' around require calls to avoid triggering Unknown Error
  - Explicitly require Role::Tiny in Role::Tiny::With (RT#70446)
  - Fix spurious 'once' warnings under perl -w

0.009013 - 2011-12-23
  - fix up Class::XSAccessor version check to be more robust
  - improved documentation
  - fix failures on perls < 5.8.3
  - fix test failures on cygwin

0.009012 - 2011-11-15
  - make Method::Generate::Constructor handle $obj->new
  - fix bug where constants containing a reference weren't handled correctly
    (ref(\[]) is 'REF' not 'SCALAR', ref(\v1) is 'VSTRING')

0.009011 - 2011-10-03
  - add support for DEMOLISH
  - add support for BUILDARGS

0.009010 - 2011-07-20
  - missing new files for Role::Tiny::With

0.009009 - 2011-07-20
  - remove the big scary warning because we seem to be mostly working now
  - perl based getter dies if @_ > 1 (XSAccessor already did)
  - add Role::Tiny::With for use in classes
  - automatically generate constructors in subclasses when required so that
    subclasses with a BUILD method but no attributes get it honoured
  - add coerce handling

0.009008 - 2011-06-03
  - transfer fix to _load_module to Role::Tiny and make a note it's an inline
  - Bring back 5.8.1 compat

0.009007 - 2011-02-25
  - I botched the copyright. re-disting.

0.009006 - 2011-02-25
  - handle non-lazy default and builder when init_arg is undef
  - add copyright and license info for downstream packagers
  - weak ref checking for Sub::Quote to avoid bugs on refaddr reuse
  - Switch composed role names to be a valid package name

0.9.5 Tue Jan 11 2011
  - Fix clobberage of runtime-installed wrappers by Sub::Defer
  - Fix nonMoo constructor firing through multiple layers of Moo
  - Fix bug where nonMoo is mistakenly detected given a Moo superclass
    with no attributes (and hence no own constructor)

0.9.4 Mon Dec 13 2010
  - Automatic detection on non-Moo superclasses

0.9.3 Sun Dec 5 2010
  - Fix _load_module to deal with pre-existing subpackages

0.9.2 Wed Nov 17 2010
  - Add explanation of Moo's existence
  - Change @ISA setting mechanism to deal with a big in 5.10.0's get_linear_isa
  - Change 5.10 checks to >= to not try and load MRO::Compat on 5.10.0
  - Make 'perl -Moo' DTRT

0.9.1 Tue Nov 16 2010
  - Initial release