Revision history for

0.11  15 December, 2016
      Fixed tests to work with MoneyWorks versions like 7.3.8r1.

0.10  24 July, 2016
      Fixed to work with perl 5.24.0.

0.09  25 October, 2012
    • Work around a bug in MoneyWorks,  which sometimes  begins  out-
      put with  ‘Address already in use’  when  the  client  is  run-
      ning as root.
    • Fix tests to work with MoneyWorks 6. 

0.08  21 November, 2010
      Suppress a warning about tie being ambiguous in perl 5.13.x.

0.07  20 June, 2010
      Now the SIGPIPE code hopefully actually works, instead of dying.

0.06  23 May, 2010
    • Instead of ignoring SIGPIPEs, now we start a new MW process and
      try again.
    • Fixed to work in perl 5.12 and higher.
    • The tests for the version method have been fixed to  work  with
      MoneyWorks 5.3 (two numbers, not three).

0.05  14 February, 2010
      We now intercept  SIGPIPEs to stop the perl process from  being
      killed if the MW process crashes.

0.04  2 December, 2009
      The  import  method no longer causes a  ‘Command cannot contain
      line breaks’ error if the data contain a carriage return but no
      line feed.

0.03  7 September, 2009
    • Error messages are now  more  verbose.  used  to
      choose between  Diagnostic  and  Error  headers,  but it’s  not
      always easy to tell which would be the most helpful to the user,
      so both are used.
    • Documentation fix: passwd -> password
    • The eval method now replaces line breaks with spaces instead of
      dying (since MoneyWorks expressions cannot contain line breaks).
      This makes it easier to write long expressions.
    • The tie interface can now deal with  @ signs  (which MoneyWorks
      usually  treats  specially),  so  you  can  write  things  like
    • The export  method no longer requires the key to be in the list
      of exported fields.
    • The  command  method now strips nulls,  but warns when doing so.
    • mw_cli_quote now warns if it sees line breaks.
    • The export method no longer requires a list of fields.  It will
      export all fields by default.

0.02  16 May, 2009
    • Port numbers are no longer inserted  automatically  into  money-
      works://  URLs.  (I didn’t realise at first that there are *two*
      default ports, depending on the type of server.)
    • For the sake of security,  file names are no longer  passed  to
      moneyworks on the command line, but through STDIN.
    • Password-protected local files can now be opened  (this feature
      was documented in the  first  release,  but  was  never  added).

0.01  15 May, 2009
      First release.