1.12 2017-05-13 15:46:50
  - Switch syntax highlighting from Kate to prism.js (simonaw)
  - Add missing dependencies, fix for tag deletion (simonaw)
  - Remove obsolete unicode plugin

1.11 2014-10-25 20:24:00
  - Apply patch from debian downstream to use current PSGI engine
  - Add valid answer to registration captcha
  - Fix rss bug from prev release (#68)
  - Enable admin created users by default. (#90)
  - Fix unicode issues in recent versions (Simon Wilper)
  - Fix test suite (Simon Wilper):

1.10  2013-05-13 00:52:00

  - Sort Google Search formatter params to fix issues with ordering. (#113)
  - Applied POD test fixes from andk. ()#112)
  - Fix redirect issue with set_lang. (#95)
  - Fix inline not found to be a bit prettier. (#81)
  - Add ^ to SyntaxHighlighter escaping. (#71)
  - Also support rss content body. (#68)

1.09  2013-01-25 11:39
   - Explicit false return in auto to avoid running actions for disabled users.

1.08  2013-01-06 11:39
   - Fix links to github

1.07  2012-11-13 00:25
  Bug fixes:
   - Fix unicode test failure. (Iain Arnell)

1.06  2012-08-07 12:13
  New features
  - Simple yet effective anti-bot registration measure: signup question  (dandv)
  Bug fixes:
  - Change include formatter to work with latest SubRequest

1.05  2011-09-14 04:20
  New features:
  - Script to delete inactive users and their page revisions, useful to clear spam  (dandv)
  - Navigation bar for /.users both at top and bottom of the page now  (dandv)
  - Logged in users can set local time zone (keedi).

  Bug fixes:
  - Check input for gallery pages (be numeric) and jsrpc/diff (page must exist). Fixes issue #83.  (dandv)
  - Ensure all 'jsrpc/diff' links have rel=nofollow. Avoid bogus search engine indexing.  (dandv)
  - Allow only logged-in users to export. Alleviates issue #39.  (dandv)
  - Prevent actions from being run on non-existent pages (e.g. '/bogus.export').
    '.edit' is allowed, to create the page. Fixes issues #36 and #80.  (dandv)
  -  Make redirect login content sensitive (f00lish)

1.04  2011-02-12 10:24
  - Don't save a page when there is no change even if we push the save button.
    This prevents the revision number from being incremented.
  - Added gist formatter (bayashi)
  Bug fixes:
  - Amazon requires a secret key now to access its API.
    Make the Amazon formatter aware of that.
  - Google calendar formatter was always setting precompile_off = 1
    (even when it wasn't a calendar page).

1.03  2011-01-12 11:36
  New features:
  - Google Calendar formatter (jcockhren)

  Bug fixes:
  - Really fix tagged descendants by date for postgres
  - Korean Translation <JEEN>
  - popular account link formatter via {{id:$service $account_name}} <bayashi>
    e.g. {{id::cpan bayashi}} gets rendered as <a href="http://search.cpan.org/~bayashi/">bayashi</a>
  - Show tags only once for 'Popular' and 'My' categories

1.02 2010-08-30 04:20
  Bug fixes: 
  - Fix tagged descendants by date for postgresql
  - Fix root setting to actually be used.

  - Use precompiled content when building search results
    when precompiled is non-empty.  This speeds up search results 
    a butt-load and then some.  Thanks to <sauber> and <Khisanth>.
  - Moved to using KinoSearch1 instead of KinoSearch.  The former has
    replaced the latter.

1.01 2010-05-26 10:04:20
  New features:
  - Google search formatter (bayashi)
  - Utility scripts to import/export raw page markup from file/to STDOUT (dandv)
  - Add wikipedia link generator. (bayashi)

  Bug fixes: 
  - Minor CSS fix (tcaine)
  - default uri_for_static to use uri_for to make it work correctly for non-root-mounted wikis.
  - Restrict page deletion to admin users only
  - All Methods/subs now documented
  - POD Coverage test on by default

1.00 2010-05-09 00:04:20

  New Features:
  - Create a default page for new users.
  - Replaced shrunken-head image with a "Stop" sign (dandv)
  Bug fixes:
  - Fix WantedLink to use normalize_page to match links
  - Removed File::Slurp dependency after removing it from Text::(Multi)Markdown
    because it fails installation under Strawberry Perl  (dandv)
  - IRC Formatter auto-color nicknames (issue #27) (linio)  [his last commit, RIP now]
  - Attachments size in Page info is now correctly displayed (issue #53) (linio)
  - Remove 'Alerts' from Syntax Highlight list - it's Kate's hidden module (issue #52) (linio)
  - Fixed formatter_all_textile tests to work without Syntax plugin
  - Refine POD so lintian is happy (debian build tool)
  - Add unicode code option to DB connect string.  This allows us to remove
    the use of UTF8Columns which is deprecated.  Hook in CHARTSET=utf8 for MySQL deploy
  - Test::Notabs is now optional
  - HTML::Toc is now required

0.999042 2009-12-01 21:42:00

  Syntax change - please update affected wiki pages:
  - {{include <url>}} and {{feed <url>}} instead of the implicit syntax
    {{<url>}} and {{feed://<url_without_protocol>}}

  New Features:
  - Added (versioned) page renaming in Page Info (dandv)
  - Add delete page function
  - Replaced String::Diff with word diff (Ryan52)
  - e-mail addresses in user .profile-s are now protected against spambots (dandv)

  Bug fixes:
  - fixed inserting images via the toolbar after markdown="1" support (dandv)

0.999041 2009-10-26 11:55:00

  New features:
  - add markdown="1" to block-level HTML elements to interpret Markdown (dandv)
  - Italian. MojoMojo ora parla italiano (enrico)
  Bug fixes:
  - Exports now export the entire subtree (dandv)
  - Sub pages do not show pages without view permission (linio)
  - Fixes for Pg Compability (depesz)
  - Users 'Active' field now shows users not validated yet as inactive (linio)
  - Login is now page-sensitive (marcus)
  - Changed RSS Formatter to use entry summary instead of body (marcus)
  - Fixed issue with incorrectly calculated cloud size (linio)

  - improved and centralized installation docs into lib/MojoMojo/Installation.pod


0.999040 2009-09-04 19:53:00
  - Format content body and store in content.precompile
    Use this precompiled body when available for page delivery (see page/view.tt).
    /.precompile_pages action for precompiling all page versions.
    This action can take a few minutes for the Catalyst wiki (~2000 page versions).
  - Fixed [[child]] and [[../sibling]] display bug when first creating a page.
    Adjust tests to reflect that [[../sibling]] formats to parent/sibling
    instead of ../sibling.  (mateu)
  - Simplified and improved sub-pages. Speed and layout enhanced. (mateu)
  - Made subtree KinoSearch work (mateu)
  - Added paging for .list (dandv)
  - Catapulse theme (dab)
  - Madrid.pm theme (diegok) 
  - More español (diegok)
  - Updated jQuery inplace editor and related code; fixed '&'-encoding bug
    which caused any text after the '&' to be lost when editing in-place (dandv)
  - Simplified 404 page handling in suggest.tt (mateu)
  - No cookie for anonymous user requests, and cookie test (mateu)
  - Removed PageCache (mateu)
  - .rollback now only works via POST (dandv)
  - Fixed bug in MojoMojo::get_permissions_data (uninitialized hashref) (mateu)
  - Main formatter now guaranteed to end the content with *one* newline (dandv)
  - Remove some obsolete crud (dandv/marcus)


0.999033 2009-08-14 12:40:00 UTC

  - Fixed security issue allowing anonymous users to delete attachments (dandv)

  - Cleared the RT bug queue (5 bugs) (dandv)

  - Added 'resource' metadata to META.yml to indicate bug tracking, source code
    repo and mailing list URLs at http://search.cpan.org/dist/MojoMojo (dandv)

  - Added 40+ tests to t/c/{attachment, page_edit, user}.t, fixed email.t to
    restore admin's password, better handling of missing test prereqs. (dandv)
  - Refactored C::Attachment, MojoMojoTestSchema, attachments/list.tt (dandv)
  - Bump up test_requires Test::More version to 0.88 so we can use done_testing()

0.999032 2009-08-02 22:39:00

  - The page cache plugin was caching the empty body before a redirect, and
    then using that for further requests of the same page. Arguably, this is a
    bug in PageCache, but for now it is fixed here. (Dave Rolsky)

  - Logging out of a wiki which did not allow anonymous viewing left the user
    able to view the last page they were on. Now they are immediately taken to
    the login screen. (Dave Rolsky)

  - Reorganized the navigation menus to try to group site-wide and
    page-specific options together. Top-level menu links (like Recent and
    Tags) are now always site-wide. For path-specific versions, go to the "Sub
    pages" view of a path.  (Dave Rolsky)

  - The gallery link was broken (Dave Rolsky)

  - Redesigned the attachments list as a nicely formatted table. Images now
    include a thumbnail preview, and the actions available for each attachment
    are context-sensitive based on the type of attachment and user
    permissions. (Dave Rolsky)

  - Attachments are now viewable without going to the edit form first (Dave

  - The "insert link" option for an attachment went to a slightly broken
    version of the edit form (Dave Rolsky)

  - The revisions list is now a nicely formatted table (Dave Rolsky)

  - mojomojo_spawn_db.pl now has a --help option and takes CLI arguments for
    all settings (Dave Rolsky)

  - mojomojo_spawn_db won't attempt deploy if DB already exists (mateu)

  - MojoMojo warns on startup if mojomojo_spawn_db.pl was not run, and all
    requests return a 404 (mateu)

  - A newly created database now has an anonymous user preference set. Without
    this, anonymous users are not supported properly (Dave Rolsky)

  - Recent changes now shows users' names, not their logins (Dave Rolsky)

  - The users list in the admin section only showed the first 20 users. Added
    paging links so you can browse all of them. (Dave Rolsky)

  - The users list now shows active users first (Dave Rolsky)

  - A user's active flag is now shown as "yes" or "no" in the UI (Dave Rolsky)

  - Fixed markup inserted by edit toolbar buttons for images and links (dandv)

  - The edit page incorrectly labeled a button "Create and View" for a page
    that only had one revision, when it should have been labeled "Save and
    View" (Dave Rolsky)

  - In edit mode, the preview & form should now always fit in the browser
    viewport together without scrolling, in both horizontal & vertical split
    modes. (Dave Rolsky)

  - Revised MultiMarkdown syntax help tips (Dave Rolsky)

  - Removed the page delete action, which was broken with PostgreSQL, and not
    checking permissions. This will come back in a better form in the future
    (Dave Rolsky)

  - HTML entities are now escaped in code blocks and "# comments" are rendered
    correctly in Perl syntax blocks (GitHub issues #41, #11) (dandv)

  - Textile no longer converts non-ASCII characters into HTML entities (dandv)

  - Fixed Catalyst theme so that Save buttons are visible (dandv)

  - All methods are documented in POD with =head2 instead of =item, so that
    they appear in the module's TOC. Uniform LICENSE for all modules. (dandv)

  - Major documentation updates to Prefs.pod, Schema::Result*::Page*,
    Formatter/WRITING YOUR OWN FORMATTER, (dandv)

  - Reformatted Changes, but you probably noticed that by now (dandv)

  - Move some settings into MojoMojo.pm to make mojomojo.conf more
    friendly. (marcus)

  - Experimental basic search and replace script. (mateu)

0.999031 2009-07-26 15:00:00
  - Sane default for FastMmap sharefile.
  - Change to use the current cache as Session store.
  - Fix comments (NacMac)
  - Add license for debian packaging
  - Fix incorred URL displayed by the error page (pre_hacked_url)
  - POD Fixes

0.999030 2009-07-18 20:25:00
  - Fixed vertical split mode to stay side-by-side (mateu, dandv @ YAPC10)
  - Updated Catalyst theme
  - Defang remote img src - whitelist if you want to allow them
  - Fixed profile user name when in view mode
  - Linked from was moved from page/bottomnav.tt to page/info.tt
  - Forked Defang to Declaw included in our distribution for now
  - Fix Args("") issue

0.999029 2009-05-09 23:59:35
  - Actual content added to [[Help]]
  - Tests: XSS, Defang, and more Textile
  - Defang runs after main formatter instead of before
  - HTML::Scrub replaced with HTML::Defang for XSS and cleaning HTML
  - Markdown now default formatter instead of Textile. Reasons at
  - Update page creation to be compatible with latest DBIC (Bernhard Graf)
  - Additional theme colors: grey, purple, pink
  - Add Amazon, RSS, Emote (optional) formatters to main distribution
  - Many new tests, including live tests of chained formatters (dandv)
  - Main formatters (Textile, MultiMarkdown) are independent and clearly dispatched now (dandv)
  - Switch email to use Catalyst::View::Email and tests for such (rafl)

0.999028 2009-04-23 11:58:00
  - Use oneshot timer instead of only_every to trigger preview update
  - Make .profile smarter and link to it from .recent
  - Clean up extra // in .recent URLs
  - New formatter: {{cpan Some::Module}} auto-hyperlinks (dandv)
  - Use package scope for $kate syntax highlight object to reduce memory leak (mateu)
  - Use jquery cookie to make split edit state sticky
  - Added maximization of the edit page (linio)
  - Instant edit window split mode toggle (horiz./vert.) preserves content (linio)
  - Drop-downs for syntax highlighters, plugins and formatters (linio)
  - Set default theme directory when theme preference is NULL
  - Add inline view
  - reCAPTCHA support (linio)
  - localize: help message, admin home page, anonymous name and login ('anonymous coward')
  - Fixed displaying multiple user roles
  - Now FormFu label_loc can be localized by MojoMojo I18N
  - MojoMojo habla español (guikubivan)
  - Add polish translation (linio)
  - Improved wikilinks (UTF-8, parentheses, anchors) and added tests
  - Fixes for paragraphs in toolbar (linio)
  - Add Catalan language support (mateu)
  - expand_wikiword() only replaces underscores with spaces now.
  - match display name of page title, breadcrumb final node, and search results
  - Make search results byline for last edit author
  - Limit preview width so that long <pre> lines don't squash edit area
  - Fix security check for attachments
  - Add Catalyst theme
  - Add tabs to "Syntax help" popup (batman)
  - Improved "Syntax help": does not cover textarea and features tabbed navigation (batman)
  - Improved templates: removed js, inline css and most templates use wrapper (batman)
  - Changed font-size: Removed ever px-based font-size, and set default to 0.9em (batman)
  - Improved w3c validation (batman)
  - improved navigation, removed unused and out of place links (dandv)

0.999027 2009-01-30 23:17:00
  - Fixed broken authors (users) pager links
  - Added "Split Edit" for side-by-side view/edit
  - Switched from Cache::Store::Memory to Cache::FastMmap
  - Change search results by link to link to ROOT/$author instead of author at page level
  - Show bread crumb path on search results, linking the terminal node
  - List one link for each page by an author via .users (instead of all revisions)
  - Support merge for overlapping edits
  - Add Japanese translation

0.999026 2009-01-08 00:21:00
  - Fix a JavaScript issue with insert attachment
  - Fix comments formatter
  - Make wantedpage list only apply to current subtree
  - Make tagged_descendant work for PostgreSQL
  - Changed default search to AND using default_boolop of QueryParser
  - Edit search_inline.tt to display like search.tt
  - Improved search result layout and added content creation date
  - Search results sorted by Kinosearch hit object score
  - Fix create photo for pics with EXIF
  - Fixed chars count in page info
  - Resolve some fastcgi encoding issues
  - Link to revision in info page

0.999025  2009-01-04 23:39:00
  - Updated language selector, added FR to choices
  - Improved search setup error handling on startup
  - New formatter: SyntaxHighlight
  - Fixed /.users to show logout-link correctly if user is logged in

0.999024  2008-12-31 18:04:00
  - Get preference key/value from cache if possible
  - Fix wanted pages
  - Fix password dialog
  - Autocomplete for tags (Sachin Sebastian)
  - Update SWFUpload to support flash 10. Add plain fallback
  - Resolve a unicode issue in some installations when editing text
  - Add support for i18n (no, fr, de translations so far)
    *Warning* Forms will not be localized correctly with Locale::Maketext
    1.10 and above.

0.999023  2008-11-23 10:35:00
  - Added  GUI Permissions editor (nilsonsfj)
  - Finished porting MojoMojo to HTML::FormFu
  - Added TOC plugin using HTML::GenToc + anchor names that are
    XHTML compliant and human/SEO-friendly (dandv)
  - Fixed formatting of profile
  - Fix recent list to not display implicit links
  - Fix bind issue in .list
  - Set noindex for most pages

0.999022  2008-11-14 17:28:00
  - Fix validation check (sachinjsk)
  - Fix javascript toolbar
  - Fix various Pg specific issues
  - Change to use flash uploader.
  - Update search not to cache objects
  - Fix unicode issue with preview
  - rewrite javascript to use jquery, remove inline JS
  - Fix indexer to use correct content version

0.999021  2008-11-01 01:47:00
  - Move search to KinoSearch
  - Make startup checks for permissions
  - Remove BindLex
  - Fix lingering 'query' search name which should be 'q'
  - add Edit Pages link to navbar
  - Some spawn DB fixes
  - Fix session config, removed colonos (plu)
  - liquid layout for less than 1024px wide view

0.999020  2008-07-28 15:45:00
  - Replaced favicon (soulchild)
  - Make attachment_dir configurable
  - Major CSS/XHTML overhaul (soulchild)
  - Update default expires for session to 1 week
  - default to searchtype=all (mateu)
  - Fix highlight causing layout being broken (plu)
  - Replace Crypt::PassGen with Text::Password::Pronounceable
  - Make mech tests optional

0.999019 2008-07-19 19:45:00
  - Eval plucene to let mojomojo work if it fails
  - Support for re-requesting validation mails
  - Fix for TT syntax error
  - Fix recover password (plu)
  - Fix prefs button label
  - Fix: /foo.photo/1 was broken (plu)
  - Add new config option to enforce login:
    <permissions>enforce_login 1</permissions> (plu)

0.999018 2008-07-16 19:45:00
  - Fix selenium tests
  - Add redirect formatter
  - Update dependencies
  - Fix change password after switching to hashed passwords (plu)
  - Fix warning in navbar.tt
  - Fix: If you're logged in, page doesn't exist yet and you don't
    have the permission to create it there was an exception thrown (plu)
  - Add table CSS (plu)
  - Restrict search results depending on permissions (plu)

0.999017 2008-07-09 11:59:00
  - Unbreak search
  - Add a default from address for mail

0.999016 2008-06-29 15:01:00
  - Limit recent feed to 20 entries
  - Add option to disable search
  - Make implicit wikiword linking disabled by default
  - Hash passwords.
    WARNING! if you have an old installtion, you will need to run
    ./script/hash_passwords.pl to hash the passwords for an existing
    install. Don't run this more than once! (Script should complain tho)

0.999015 2008-05-03 18:01:00
  - patches from linio with user-related bugfixes
  - fix missing dependencies

0.999014 2008-04-19 00:08:00
  - Fixed preview for Unicode
  - Fixed styling issues with lists/strong/em
  - Redirect to edit for missing pages higher up in the path
  - Respect formatter pref in edithelp/toolbar
  - Markdown formatter toolbar
  - Recover password function

0.999013 2008-02-06 00:08:00
  - renovated skin (arne)
  - syntax fixes, registration/login (jshirley)
  - fix email validation template (jshirley)

0.999012 2008-02-06 00:08:00
  - Fix multiline pre render error
  - Further updates for layout
  - Flexible auth framework added (No UI yet) (jayk)
  - More validation fixes
  - Updated dependencies
  - Updated auth to use new plugins
  - Updated user profile

0.999011 2008-01-20 20:16:00
  - uri_for_static for static assets
  - Fix header layout
  - Fix tags in gallery view when not logged in
  - Fix render bug in preview
  - Various markup fixes (gphat)
  - Escape wiki formatting inside pre
  - Markdown formatter now using MultiMarkdown
  - Fix JS for highlight + focus in register
  - Fixed profile, added Last Changed.

0.999010 2008-01-20 20:16:00
  - Fix registration form
  - Update several base _ ... to uri_for
  - Put admin link on every page if admin
  - Fix incorrect URL for change password
  - Update minimum version for Controller::HTML::Widget

0.999008 2007-11-12 22:43:00
  - Fix AJAX for tagging
  - Fix tag galleries
  - Fix AJAX for user activation

0.999007 2007-09-24 00:01:00
  - Really fix deploy script for MySQL
  - Fix deploy script for PostgreSQL
  - Refactor test data so it only exists once
  - Updated main class POD (removed developer docs and added to description)

0.999006 2007-09-23 12:12:00
  - Fix deploy script to work with mysql constraints
  - Fix comment formatter in preview
  - Updated photo exif formatting
  - Renamed photo action from p to photo

0.999005 2007-09-19 21:31:00
  - Better error reporting for upload dir
  - More dependency fixes

0.999005 2007-09-18 09:56:04
  - Really fix tests if Markdown isn't installed

0.999004 2007-09-18 09:29:04
  - Create t/var/upload if needed
  - Prefs form redone in FormFu
  - Use Mech to test page editing
  - Fixed test suite again
  - Restore search
  - Bad scope for attachment dir

0.999003  2007-09-13 14:32:00
  - Fixed Comment formatter
  - Fixed Gallery tags (Invalid constraint)
  - Actually remove all the c.prototype stuff (Unbreaking all the JS)
  - Fix preferences link
  - Fix links in navbar and header
  - Made the insert attachment system template based and easily extensible
  - Set up default page for admin

0.999002  2007-09-12 23:08:00
  - Fixed relative linking ([[../Sibling]])/
  - Cleaned up attachments
  - Wrote database tests for attachments
  - Add Formatter Base Class
  - Add support for different Primary Formatters
  - Update default to be Path, rather than Private
  - Fix tests is t/c/
  - More documentation
  - Updated Installation instructions. lib/MojoMojo/Installation.pod is
    now the master.

0.999001  2007-08-29 16:29:00
  - Initial Release. There are bugs, but the basic functionality works,
    and the test suite passes all tests here. Please contribute
    tests for bugs you want fixed.

    Once we fix it all, we'll consider it 1.0