Revision history for Perl extension Mojo-PgX-Cursor

0.502001 2016-02-06T18:52:14Z

    - Fix "circular reference" that prevented proper destruction of
      Mojo::PgX::Cursor cursors.  See `t/scope-destroy-example.t`.

0.502000 2015-10-26T02:44:54Z

    - Add `wait` method on Mojo::PgX::Cursor::Results.
    - Remove `fetch_count` attribute on Mojo::PgX::Cursor::Results in favor of
      overloading `rows` to set the fetch count.

0.501000 2015-10-25T03:27:57Z

    - Rename `fetch` attribute on Mojo::PgX::Cursor::Results to `fetch_count`.
    - Documentation improvements.

0.500001 2015-10-24T21:49:36Z

    - Fix race condition when trying to access `rows` or `columns` before
      results have been fetched.

0.500000 2015-10-24T07:08:26Z

    - Add documentation about versioning.
    - Suppress PostgreSQL notices in tests.

0.04 2015-10-24T06:42:44Z

    - Specify implicit dependencies.
    - Specify required versions of dependencies.

0.03 2015-10-24T05:28:43Z

    - Manually created cursors now also default to fetching 100 row iterations.
    - Fix warning during cursor destruction.
    - Documentation cleanup.
    - Internal code cleanup.

0.02 2015-10-24T03:56:38Z

    - Results pre-fetch next batch immediately rather than waiting for first
      row of current batch to be pulled off.
    - Increase default fetch size to 100.
    - Remove the 'reload_at' attribute; it was unnecessary complexity.
    - Remove the 'monkey_patch' import option.  If you wish to monkey patch
      Mojo::Pg then see the documentation on how to do so.

0.01 2015-10-23T02:15:50Z

    - original version