Changes for version 3.000 - 2021-04-04

  • Added head and tail collection methods. (from Mojolicious 8.23)
  • Added EXPERIMENTAL support for :any-link pseudo-class. (from Mojolicious 8.42)
  • Added EXPERIMENTAL support for case-sensitive attribute selectors like [foo="bar" s]. (from Mojolicious 8.42)
  • Renamed experimental :matches pseudo-class to :is. (from Mojolicious 8.42)
  • Fixed a bug where the case-sensitivity identifier in attribute selectors was case-sensitive. (from Mojolicious 8.42)
  • Fixed a bug where select and ruby elements were parsed incorrectly. (from Mojolicious 8.54)
  • Added EXPERIMENTAL support for :scope and :has pseudo-classes. (from Mojolicious 8.54)
  • Added support for MOJO_DOM58_CSS_DEBUG environment variable to print diagnostics information for CSS selectors. (from Mojolicious 8.55)
  • Unknown CSS selectors will now throw exceptions. (from Mojolicious 8.66)
  • (INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE) Improved all_text method to exclude "<script>" and "<style>" from text extraction in HTML documents. (from Mojolicious 9.0)


Minimalistic HTML/XML DOM parser with CSS selectors
Escape or unescape HTML entities in strings