Version 0.3012:
- Fix Makefile.PL warning
- Fix deleting of inc during release process
- Better fix for AutomatedTester warning

Version 0.3011:
- Updating META.yml

Version 0.3010:
- Trying once again to fix the compile test on windows

Version 0.3009:
- Add standard tests
- Fix compatibility issue with newer versions of perl, which remove "." from
- Check in standard tests, including one that skips the compile check on Windows

Version 0.3008: May 2 2015
- Prevent CPAN from indexing private-lib
- Add Module::Install requirement
- Fix Windows incompatibilities

Version 0.3007: Mon Apr 20 2015
- Clarify licensing terms
- Move verbose testing to a private module, and implement it in a way that
  doesn't require editing the Makefile after it is generated.
- Fix bug in exported version check functions.

Version 0.3006: Sun Apr 12 2015
- Enable verbose testing for CPAN-testers
- Consolidate issue tracking at

Version 0.3005: Sat Apr 4 2015
- Make versions.t more compatible with automated testing.

Version 0.3004: Sun Mar 22 2015
- Moved code to github
- Added POD test

Version 0.3003: Sun Jul 20 2008
- Fixed copy error in readme URLs
- Added validation of fetch code references

Version 0.3002: Mon Jul 14 2008
- Updated to the latest version of Module::Install
- Removed auto-install for better compatibility with CPAN and others
- Renamed methods to match Module::Install style

Version 0.3001: Mon Jun 6 2005
- Fixed a bug in program type reporting

Version 0.3000: Sun Feb 6 2005
- Changed the semantics of non-interactive mode so that it always converts
  relative program names to absolute and validates them.
- Removed Get_GNU_Grep_Version and others. (Just use Get_GNU_Version instead.)
- Checks that the user provides an argname now.
- Improved the documentation

Version 0.2000: Tue Dec 21 2004
- Fixed version numbers, which were incompatible with some modules. (Thanks to
  Tassilo von Parseval <> for the bug
- Program locations are taken from %Config if they exist
- Added some new version functions (GNU make and g++)
- Improved dialogs so that they show which version(s) of the program that
  we're looking for.
- Added a feature to force the use of an invalid program, if the user
  specifies it twice in a row. This will prevent infinite loops in automated
  testing. (Thanks to Barbie <> for bug report)

Version 0.10.2:
- Fixed a bug where the default program would not be tried if the value from
  %Config failed.
- Fixed a bug in the documentation about including the module, and fixed the
  Get_...Version functions so that they will be automatically and implicitly
  invoked by Module::Install

Version 0.10.1: Thu Sep 16 2004
- Fixed broken dependency specification in Makefile.PL
- Fixed auto-import of dependencies for this extension

Version 0.10.0: Wed Sep 15 2004
- Initial version, ported from Mail::Mbox::MessageParser's old Makefile.PL.
  Support for full path deduction and version checking.