cgi_install - Command line script for installing web applications


  cgi_install My::WebApp


cgi_install is a command line tool for installing web applications that come with Module::CGI::Install-based install classes.

The cgi_install application takes a single parameter of the class name of the application to install (the application itself must implement support for Module::CGI::Install).

The application will be told by the CGI application what it needs to install.

Once the web application has told the installer what needs to be installed, the installer will ask a series of questions, and check the results.

Primarily, it will ask for a local path to the CGI directory to install to, and the matching URI (this will then be tested) and in some cases a static non-cgi path to install images and other static content to, and a matching URI for that as well.

Once the paths have been verified, the files will be installed and set to the appropriate permissions (based on the data from the CGI environment that was captured while validating the CGI path) and then the application is considered "installed", at which time you can point your browser at the final URI provided to you.


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Adam Kennedy <>

SEE ALSO, CGI::Capture


Copyright 2007 Adam Kennedy.

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