- Fix missing List::MoreUtils dependency
    by using uniq from List::Util 1.45
  - Fix missing JSON dependency
    by using JSON::MaybeXS also for tests
  - Document Output::Test clear_messages method

0.116 2015-02-23T18:00:00+01:00
  - Fix link in 'Writing Filters' section of
  - Fix daemonize_if_needed spelling
  - Add documentation for all command line options
  - Add Linux::IO_Prio to recommended modules for io_priority option
  - Recommend newer Message::Passing::Output::Search::Elasticsearch in docs

0.115 2014-08-23T09:55:00+03:00 YAPC::EU 2014 release
  - Fix internal and therefore undocumented type parameter swallows
    Output::Search::Elasticsearches type parameter
  - Use JSON::MaybeXS instead of JSON in Filter::De/Encoder::JSON

0.114 2013-09-17T10:30:00+02:00
  - Fix test failures under Perl 5.18
  - Improve documentation

0.113 2013-08-02T09:25:00+02:00
  - Add Message::Passing::Filter::Mangle for use with Message::Passing::DSL
    when you don't want to write a named filter.

0.112 2013-04-25T23:45:39+0100
  - Change to LGPL_2_1.

0.111 2013-03-03T15:54:12+0000
  - Fix STDIN input to exit on EOF.

0.110 2012-10-08T16:51:49+0100
  - Fix v-string to work with perl 5.8. RT#80034
  - Fix issues stopping multiple FileTail inputs being used in the
    same process.

0.109 2012-09-27T16:11:50+0100
  - Really fix test fail :(

0.108 2012-09-27T14:59:43+0100
  - Fix test fail on some machines.

0.107 2012-09-27T10:03:30+0100
  - Change Input::FileTail to use Sys::Hostname::Long

  - Fix bug causing crash with no helpful error message if PID file
    location is not writeable.

0.106 2012-09-12T23:59:13+0100
  - Remove debug warning accidentally left in the UDP input.

0.105 2012-09-12T23:55:36+0100
  - Depend on latest MooX::Options to stop install fails.

0.104 2012-09-06T18:36:27+0200
  - Fix to work with MooX::Options 3.7

0.103 2012-09-05T09:07:00+0100
  - Message::Passing::Input::FileTail now defaults to outputting a hash
    of data which contains additional metadata to the message line,
    such as the hostname, timestamp, filename. A 'raw => 1' option has
    been added which can be used to restore the original behaviour.

  - Add an experimental (and undocumented)

  - Fix issue in JSON decoder when processing exceptions.

0.102 2012-08-26T21:12:52+0100
  - Add error chain support to the JSON encoder and decoder so that an
    error is logged if JSON encoding or decoding fails.

  - Make default error chain do JSON encoding on errors so that they're

  - Make CLI error chain have options for the error encoder.

0.101 2012-08-23T21:23:52+0100
  - Fix daemonization features provided by Message::Passing::Role::Script
    to work on the command line again by exlicitly using MooX::Options

  - Fix Message::Passing::Input::FileTail to not die if the tail process
    is killed for any reason. It is instead re-spawned.. RT#78851

0.100 2012-08-19T08:12:32+0100
  - Port the dist to Moo, so that the core of Message::Passing
    uses no XS code. Components can still be written using full
    Moose, as Moo supports upgrading classes to full Moose classes.

    Note however that this implies the following changes to custom scripts:

    - Scripts should use MooX::Options instead of MooseX::Getopt,
      attributes will need to be updated to use the 'option' keyword
      rather than 'has'.

    - Message::Passing::Role::CLIComponent is now built on top of
      Package::Variant rather than MooseX::Role::Parameterized,
      and so scripts should now import it and use the function
      provided to generate roles.

  - Add UDP socket Input and Output, allowing transit of arbitrary
    UDP packets.

  - Add Travis continuous integration to the project.

0.010 2012-07-11T19:17:44+0100
  - Doc fix in Message::Passing::Manual::Cookbook

  - Add Crypt::CBC encoder and decoder.

  - Add Gzip and Bzip2 encoders and decoders.

0.009 2012-06-13T15:53:35-0500
  - Add Message::Passing::Manual::Components.

  - Add SYNOPSIS to Message::Passing::Role::Filter.

  - Additional documentation in Message::Passing::Manual.

  - Refactor building connection managers so less duplicate code
    is needed in components.

  - Make STDIN input saner.

  - Add an 'error chain' concept, allowing components to have a
    way of reporting connection (or other) issues out of band
    with the message stream.
    This defaults to STDERR, however can be overridden per component,
    or for a whole chain.

  - Add error_log() function to the DSL for setting the error chain up
    for a whole chain.

  - Use the error chain in Message::Passing::Role::ConnectionManager
    to output errors when connections disconnect / timeout / reconnect.

  - Cleanups to Message::Passing::Input::FileTail to not leak processes
    and file handles if the instance of the Input class is destroyed.

0.008 2012-06-10T20:51:51+0100
  - Add standard roles to unify the names of connection attributes:

  - Lots of additional documentation.

  - Add STDERR output.

  - Rename the log_chain function to message_chain and run_log_server
    function to run_message_server, in Message::Passing::DSL
    to follow the general rename, as we're not just about logs.

0.007 2012-06-10T11:07:45+0100
  - Documentation in the message-pass script

  - Add --configfile option to default script, allowing
    you to load config from a file, rather than supplying
    it on command line.

  - Make JSON encoder pass non refs straight through,
    so that if a previous filter generates a scalar,
    then this gets sent as-is.

  - Make JSON decoder pass refs straight through, to
    act as a no-op if the input has already decoded
    its data into a hash.

  - Remove spurious warnings from reconnect code.

0.006 2012-06-08T01:30:53+0100
  - Rip JSON encoders and decoders out of inputs and
    outputs, making them optional and/or replaceable.
    *NOTE* Current Input / Output code will need updating
    for this change!!
  - Allow Null encoders or decoders.

0.005 2012-06-01T10:07:42+0100
   - Get connection timeouts and connection reconnects
     working in the generic ConnectionManager role.

   - Add link to syslog input

   - AMQP input/output is on CPAN

   - Add link to STOMP input/output.

0.004 2012-05-28T10:20:32+0100
   - Fix script name

   - Note irc channel and bug trackers in docs.

0.003 2012-05-28T08:53:17+0100
   - Updates and fixes to documentation.

   - Unify license/author/copyright to main file.

0.002_01 2012-05-27T08:21:31+0100
   - Add more core roles for use by extensions which need to make
     a connection.

   - Rename to Message::Passing, as it's a better description
     of what we do, and will cause less confusion with other projects.

0.002 2012-05-13T17:34:49+0100
    - Support a --daemonize option in logstash scripts.

    - Support a --pid_file option in logstash scripts.

    - Allow inputs to coerce a hash in output_to to an output,
      which is more verbose than the DSL, but also allows you
      to setup simple output chains from a simple data structure
      (such as you might read in from a config file).

    - Explicitly turn off output buffering in STDOUT output.
      This means that piping the STDOUT output to a file (for
      logging or debugging purposes) works as expected, without
      batching writes.

    - Change logstash script to use the perl interpreter it is
      installed with, rather than the one in $PATH right now.

    - Fix issue using Filter::T in the DSL

    - Fix multiple inputs going to the same output.

0.001 2012-03-21T22:26:21+0000
    - Initial version.