Revision history for McBain-WithPSGI

2.001001  2015-01-03 19:08:43+02:00 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Replaced JSON with JSON::MaybeXS. Added the missing "allow_blessed"
	  on the JSON object, to make sure objects are converted to JSON.

2.001000  2014-12-28 22:41:11+02:00 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Query string parameters are now added to request payloads,
	  mostly useful for GET requests which don't have content

2.000000  2014-08-19 18:55:03+03:00 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Updated documentation and test as McBain no longer uses the MCBAIN_WITH
	  environment variable for loading a runner module.

1.001000  2013-12-20 15:41:28 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Added support for OPTIONS requests
	- Added Plack v1.0029 as a test requirement since I'm using its
	  new interface introduced in that version

1.000000  2013-12-19 00:52:10 Asia/Jerusalem
	- First public release