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Revision history for Math-Random-Secure

0.080001  2017-03-12 15:45:36-07:00 America/Los_Angeles
    - Fix out of date docs

0.08      2016-10-16 12:26:27-07:00 America/Los_Angeles
    - Fix built dist (POD, in file versions, etc)

0.07      2016-10-16 12:08:57-07:00 America/Los_Angeles
    - Regenerate seed after forking
    - Switch from Any::Moose to Moo
    - Fix warning added in newer perls
    - Add missing Author Dep

0.06 Mon Jan 24 2011
    - Only require ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.12, to make things easier on
      people running Perl 5.8.

0.05 Fri Jan 07 2011
    - Make irand() and rand() 2.5x faster.
    - Now, if you specify $Math::Random::Secure::RNG before
      calling srand(), the "seeder" of $Math::Random::Secure::RNG
      will be used by srand() instead of srand() overriding the seeder
      and using the default one found by Math::Random::Secure::RNG.
    - Remove META.yml, in an attempt to make install this
      module properly (this is an attempt to force to read the dynamic
      dependencies for this module).

0.04 Wed Jan 05 2011
    - Require Crypt::Random::Source 0.07 to avoid various bugs and
    - Fix the version requirements for Windows so that CPAN will install
      the proper prerequisites there.

0.03 Thu Dec 30 2011
    - Clear the seed after the first call to rand() or irand(), so
      that an attacker can't inspect the state of the RNG to determine
      the seed.
    - Only seed ourselves with 64 bytes (512 bits) intead of 1024 bytes
      (8192 bits). The author of ISAAC says that this is safe.
    - Add POD explaining seed sizes and the importance of seed randomness.
    - Warn users if they pass in a bad seed or set seed_size too small.
    - Fix some small code and POD issues (thanks to LpSolit)

0.02 Wed Dec 29 2011
    - Remove the modulo bias from irand().
    - Add a test that proves the uniformity of generated values.
    - Update the POD quite a bit.

0.01 Tue Dec 28 2011
    - First release. Uses ISAAC as a backend and Crypt::Random::Source
      for seed data.