Contributing to Math-Polynomial-Multivariate

Thank you for your interest in contributing to this Perl 5
library.  Currently, it is in active development and maintained
by its original author.  Bug reports (with or without patch),
suggestions, feature requests, and comments are welcome.  You may
submit them through this distribution's bug tracker on github:

You can also reach the author by e-mail:
Martin Becker, <becker-cpan-mp (at)>

The code for this distribution is hosted at GitHub.  The repository is:

If your contribution is accepted, you will be mentioned by name under
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS in the documentation.  Please indicate if you prefer
to stay anonymous.

Development Guidelines

This library, dealing with a mathematical concept, should first and
foremost be scientifically sound.  Correctness is rated over all other
quality aspects.  The second most important goal is a documentation and
over-all presentation that makes it useful for experts and informative
for anybody interested in the field.  Thirdly, it should be easy to
integrate correctly and efficiently with other software.

Like many other components of computer algebra systems, this library
is a tool centered on algorithms and notational conventions.  It does
not, in general, establish strict preconditions on the applicability
of such algorithms that would be essential for mathematical proof.
While documentation should indicate important limitations to watch out
for, it is ultimately the resonsibility of the user to provide context
for operations to be meaningful.  This allows the software to skip
expensive plausibility checks and focus on the actual computation.

On the other hand, integration into a type system providing more
algebraic meta-information of coefficient spaces might ultimately lead
to a truly rigorous treatment of preconditions and thus lend provability
to computed results.  Polynomial spaces will be an interesting feature of
such a type system and thus our module may be eligible to take part in it.
Meanwhile, functional extensions seem to be more imminent.

Topics of interest

Some topics already on the roadmap are mentioned in the main

Other possible improvements may support interoperability with related,
or more general, or application software.  An XS implementation could
increase performance with large numbers of terms or complex expressions.

Other improvements could help the documentation to be clearer, or more
complete, or better formatted.  We might create POD, TEX, HTML, and PDF
from a common source.  And, of course, there is always room for good
examples and references to application modules.

Author's Note

Thanks again for your interest.
I am looking forward to your report or e-mail.

Martin Becker, January 7, 2022