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Changes for version 0.2614 - 2018-04-17

  • Fix bug in bpow() (CPAN RT #124002). Add tests to verify fix.
  • Fix bug in is_one(). The code $x->is_one("-") returned false when $x was -1 and true when $x was 1. Add tests to verify fix.
  • Improve bsqrt() so it returns the exact result when possible.
  • Fix documentation errors.
  • The tests now require Test::More version 0.88 or newer.
  • Add test files t/release-portability.t, t/release-test-version.t, and t/release-cpan-changes.t.
  • Update TODO file.
  • Prefer as_int() to as_number(), since what is does is return an integer.
  • Expand tabs to spaces and clean up whitepace.
  • Convert test file t/02pod.t to t/release-pod.t and t/03podcov.t to t/release-pod-coverage.t.
  • Reformat CHANGES to match the specification in CPAN::Changes::Spec and CPAN::Meta::Spec.
  • Better testing of NaN and Inf trapping.
  • Use $class->config("xyz") rather than $class->config()->{xyz}.
  • Add more tests of is_inf() to catch bugs like the one that was in is_one(). Specifically, make sure we test is_inf() with and without a sign argument.
  • Use $LIB for the math backend library class.
  • Reformat test data in t/bigratpm.inc.
  • Import carp() and croak() from Carp.
  • Make tests pass when '.' is not in @INC.
  • Remove t/bigroot.t and t/biglog.t which didn't test Math::BigRat at all.


Arbitrary big rational numbers