Changes for version 0.39 - 2022-06-11

    • Added the `addmod(a,b,m)`, `submod(a,b,m)` and `mulmod(a,b,m)` methods.
    • Added the `chebyshevTmod(n,x,m)` and `chebyshevUmod(n,x,m)` methods.
    • Added the `quadratic_powmod(a,b,w,n,m)` method.
    • Added the `idiv_ceil(a,b)`, `idiv_trunc(a,b)`, `idiv_round(a,b)` methods.
    • Added the `is_power_of(n,b)` method, which returns true if n is a power of b.
    • Changed `idiv(a,b)` to do floor-division instead of truncated-division.
    • Return zero when k > n in subfactorial(n, k).
    • Extended `divmod()` to support an additional argument.
    • Optimization in `digits(n,b)` and `sumdigits(n,b)` for large n and b.
    • Faster computation of `chebyshevT(n,x)` and `chebyshevU(n,x)` for large n.
    • Less memory usage in `sumdigits(n,b=10)` for very large n.


Arbitrary size precision for integers, rationals, floating-points and complex numbers.