Revision history for Mail-LocalDelivery

0.305     2013-09-28 21:31:26 America/New_York
          update bugtracker and repo, fix some stupid non-strict errors

0.304     2007-07-14
          import bugfix from Mail-Audit to allow tests to pass as root

0.303     2007-02-26
          fix prereqs

0.303     2007-02-24
0.302     2007-02-24
          improve packaging kwalitee

0.301     2006-08-01
          a localdelivery is no longer a kind of Mail::Internet
          added some very, very simple tests from Mail::Audit (finding bugs!)
          use Email::Abstract to support more mail object types
          standardize location of object guts
          make debug behavior overrideable per object
          make some internal routines into methods
          don't include significant portions of sysexits.h
          don't reimplement our own File::Path::mkpath
          various bits of code cleanup

0.21      Sun Jul 16 15:02:00 2006
          clean up code just a bit
          avoid calling methods what don't exist

0.21      Sat Apr 03 11:44:00 2005
          moved some things around
          added pod.t and pod-coverage to the tests directory

0.20      Mon Oct 25 16:21:00 2004
          new maintainer
          minor changes to the documentation
          added META.yml

0.10      Wed Jun  5 13:32:45 2002
          original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
            -XA -n Mail::LocalDelivery