dmarc_update_public_suffix_list: command line tool to download updated public suffix list


  dmarc_update_public_suffix_list [ --option=value ]


Downloads a new Public Suffix List to the location specified by /etc/mail-dmarc.ini

The PSL is maintained by the Mozilla Foundation. It is updated a few times per month, you are requested to download no more than once per day.

The URL of the file is More details can be found at


  dmarc_update_public_suffix_list [ --dryrun --help ]

    dryrun       - show what would be done without overwriting file
    random       - introduce a random delay to spread server load
                   intended for use when running from crontab
    config-file  - alternate config file path
    help         - print this syntax guide


To check that a new file can be downloaded without error but not download the file:

  dmarc_update_public_suffix_list --dryrun

To download a new Public Suffix List to the location specified my mail-dmarc.ini



  • Matt Simerson <>

  • Davide Migliavacca <>

  • Marc Bradshaw <>