• Fix report sending issues with SSL/TLS


  • Fix db connection cache
  • use Email::Sender for report sending


  • move HTTP::Tiny into deps (used for PSL updates)


  • skip HTTP tests when optional JSON not installed #171


  • skip HTTP tests when optional deps not installed #171
  • update PSL
  • auto update PSL as part of release


  • lazy load Net::SMTPS #168


  • NEW FEATURE: Postgres support #150
  • removed dist::zilla
  • additional tests enabled
  • html UI: use https URLS everywhere
  • SPF: don't warn when scope is missing from reports
  • receive: permit other MIME types that have xml.gz filename
  • DKIM: when message has no result, add "none"
  • sqlite: add default current_timestamp
  • bin/install_deps.pl: apt improvements


  • updated PSL
  • update jQuery, jQuery grid
  • empty ENV FROM when missing #144


  • improve aggregate report docs #142
  • added dmarc_whitelist hosts #119


  • Lower memory usage when sending reports


  • Check author when saving a new report record
  • Fix bug in RUA filtering when recipient had a size filter
  • Fix TLS fails for report sending to certain domains
  • Fix report sending loop problem


  • Allow domains listed in the public suffix list to align.


  • STARTTLS workaround for Net::SMTPS issue.


  • Ignore the case of tag keys when parsing DMARC records


  • Ensure entities in XML agg reports are properly escaped #104
  • geoip v6 support and field selection #103
  • use a larger integer type for report_record.count #102
  • improved apt package lookups in install_deps.pl #98


  • fix aggregrate schema test #96
  • Do not reject NXDOMAIN as per rfc #94
  • added none result for no policy #93
  • avoid deadlock with some invalid rua data #92
  • avoid loop when sending reports via http #92


  • Optionally log sending of reports to syslog


  • check for an updated PSL file and load if necessary
  • handle domains with missing rua/ruf
  • add timeout to sending script


  • squash subdomains w/o DMARC records into parent report (#59)
  • add batch reporting (suppress throttling until...)
  • align reports with hour/UTC day
  • swap git contributors plugin


  • lower case domain names at entry points (resolves #53)
  • tolerate substitution of = with : in DMARC DNS rec


  • fix the policy_evaluated fields in outbound reports
  • accommodate a common DMARC error substiting = with :
  • initialized config file first (was non-deterministic)
  • tolerate missing SPF auth type scope


  • remove ./mail-dmarc.ini (sample in share/mail-dmarc.ini)
  • load PSL before dmarc_httpd forks, so we only load it once
  • quieter report sending output unless --verbose


  • optionally DKIM sign sent reports
  • warn when DMARC record format is invalid
  • accept callbacks (lazy eval) for SPF & DKIM results
  • make the report record building consistent for eval and reporting
  • rewrite DKIM result invalid -> temperror
  • capture test warnings, so 'make test' is prettier


  • enable lazy evaluation of SPF & DKIM (Ricardo Signes)
  • check ShareDir for mail-dmarc.ini, if not in a standard location
  • map DKIM status=invalid to status->temperror
  • add config arg to dmarc_update_public_suffix_list (Ricardo Signes)
  • Send only a single cc email (Marc Bradshaw)
  • DMARC: update docs to show SPF one-shot syntax
  • PurePerl: one shot accepts a Mail::DKIM::Verifier
  • trap errors thrown by is_dkim_aligned
  • INSTALL: added 'install mail-dmarc.ini' step
  • Show "new record" output only in verbose mode. (Marc Bradshaw)
  • require DBIx::Simple 1.35 (was any)


  • Add script to update the public suffix list file (Marc Bradshaw)


  • Delete reports with no valid rua (Marc Bradshaw)
  • Ignore DomainKeys signatures (Marc Bradshaw)
  • allow configurable delay between sending emails (Marc Bradshaw)
  • permit absolute paths for public suffix list file location (Marc Bradshaw)
  • fix lookup for *.foo entries (Marc Bradshaw)


  • added auto_save option for validation reports
  • updated bin/install_deps.pl


  • percent policy logic wasn't being applied correctly
  • fix for reasons not stored in SQL


  • Store/SQL: use full sql name in WHERE clause
  • DMARC/HTTP: added error handling and tests
  • removed excess comma in mail_dmarc_schema.mysql
  • added quotes around ($commit || ''), just in case
  • try IMAP fetch without SORT if no results, for IMAP servers like Gmail that don't support SORT
  • warn but still pass test if DNS query fails


  • updated tests to accomodate the cached PSL


  • load PSL into hash to speed subsequent lookups (esp for daemon)
  • uncommented Net::Server in Prereqs/Recommended section
  • added INSTALL
  • updated dmarc_httpd description to note validation feature
  • updated public_suffix_list


  • NEW FEATURE: added HTTP validation service (see dmarc_httpd)
  • install_deps: install optional prereqs by default
  • added Best Current Practices link on main page
  • minor tweaks to Pod (Ricardo Signes)
  • PurePerl: added comments about Sender header when message has multiple-address format used in the From header
  • updated public_suffix_list


  • handle errors encountered when reporting address is illegal
  • delete reports that return a SMTP 5XX code for the recipient
  • delete reports after encountering 12 errors
  • added 'too big' notices when report size exceeds limit
  • updated install_deps.pl


  • added a bunch of tests from http://dmarc-qa.com
  • URI: supress undef error if URI scheme not defined
  • policy->parse: properly parse records with unnecessary trailing ;
  • reporting is 'external' based on Org Domain (was email domain)


  • combined update/replace SQL methods
  • dmarc_view_reports: fix duplicated variable name


  • bug fixes and purge unused classes


  • Added whitelist feature
  • SMTP: remove Subject: Report-ID
  • SMTP: more types of SMTP errors are stored and reported
  • dmarc_send_reports: added verbose option
  • dmarc_view_reports: fix for searches with MySQL backend


  • dmarc_view_reports: improve gentoo support by adding /usr to search path for GeoIP DBs on gentoo - Benny Pedersen


  • tolerate receiving reports with no records (ahem, hotmail.com)
  • simplify SMTP flow-of-control, additional SMTP tests
  • avoid the join/split of binip in SQL::populate_agg_records
  • replace carp with warn in several places (more legible warning)
  • added RUA validity checks to dmarc_lookup


  • in aggregate reports, group by IP and auth results (was only IP)
  • refactored SQL::retrieve_todo into 3 methods, added tests
  • SQL: added unique constraint on domain.domain


  • main branches are master (devel) and releases (more obvious)
  • added mailing list impact FAQ
  • SQL: removed record.rcpt_dom
  • corrected a XML schema error
  • index.html
    • widened disposition column
    • only show rcpt domain in record (subgrid)
    • corrected subgrid row_id
  • additional validation of aggregate reports


  • make sure a report record exists when fetching SMTP todo
  • added insecure SMTP fallback if STARTTLS fails
  • added color coded results to HTTP grid


  • added gzip support to HTTP server, compressed JS files
  • reason is internally an arrayref of hashrefs (was a single hashref)
  • documentation additions
  • removed unused JS files
  • add validation and fixup of SPF result for incoming reports
  • normalized domain columns in spf & dkim tables


  • bump major version to 1
  • normalized domain columns in report_record
  • fixups to handle reports with invalid formatting
  • improved handling for IMAP SSL connections
  • made internal represention of Mail::DMARC::dkim & spf consistent with their aggregate report representation


  • updated Send/SMTP to use report::aggregate
  • switched back to gzip reports (instead of zip)
  • dmarc_view_reports, added filtering ability, GeoIP location


  • added bin/dmarc_httpd
  • added bin/dmarc_view_reports
  • renamed: dmarc_report -> dmarc_send_reports


  • check for report_record existence before insertion
  • SQL: added report_record.count column
  • subclassed aggregreate reports into Report::Aggregate
    • consolidates two agg. rep. generation methods to one
  • SQL: added table report_error
  • updated SQLite schema with native column types


  • added bin/dmarc_receive (via IMAP, mbox, or message file)
  • added report retrieval via IMAP
  • extract sender domain from subject or MIME metadata
  • SQL: added author.extra_contact
  • SQL: removed 'NOT NULL' requirements for values often missing from incoming reports.


  • send reports with zip until 7/1, gzip after
  • replace Socket 2 with Socket6 (better Windows compatibility)
  • added parsing of incoming email reports
  • added author and domain tables
  • added three related columns from/rcpt/author ids to report table
  • add email hostname to MX list when attempting SMTP delivery
  • during report delivery, check report URI max size


  • use File::ShareDir to access share/*
  • added external reporting verification


  • moved DNS settings into config file
  • fixed a case where disposition was not set
  • added bin/dmarc_report
    • sends email reports with Email::MIME & Net::SMTPS
  • deletes reports after successful delivery
  • required Socket 2 (correct IPv6 handling)
  • several SQL schema changes
  • has_valid_reporting_uri does validation now



  • added sql and MySQL schema
  • added bin/dmarc_lookup
  • replaced Regexp::Common IP validation with Net::IP (perl 5.8 compat)
  • added Results.pm tests
  • added full section numbers to Draft quotes


  • added Result and Result/Evaluated.pm
  • consolidated DNS functions into DNS.pm
    • uses Regexp::Common, requiring perl 5.10.
  • Mail::DMARC::Policy is well defined and tested
  • setting up package