Changes for version 1.21

  • Added REST handlers and examples
  • Added the capacity to call a constructor from non MPMinus modules
  • Rename ::glob variable to ::_mpminus_glob
  • Added Logger class (
  • Removed old exception() method!
  • Added log-methods: debug, info, notice, warn, error, crit, alert, emerg, fatal, except, exception
  • The sendmail and send_mail methods was removed from MPMinus. Use CTK::Util::send_mail
  • Has been changed interface of log-methods calls! All changes are backward incompatible with past versions of module
  • Was removed MainTools functions: geturl, current_datetime, localtime2datetime and tagRestore
  • Functions getHiTime, getSID, msoconf2args, correct_loginpass was moved to MPMinus::Util module
  • All functions from MPMinus::MainTools::MD5 was moved to MPMinus::Util module
  • Has been removed MPMinus::MainTools::MD5 and MPMinus::MainTools::TCD04 from MPMinus
  • MPMinus::Store::* modules was modified
  • Removed all config flags (_flag_), all db_* directives, url* directives, file_* directives, debuglog and errorlog directives
  • Added config directives: debug, https
  • MPMinus::Configuration: Added constructor and method config_error()
  • Was changed LICENSE file
  • Was changed name of this file


MPMinus helper application
What is MPMinus, and how do I use it


mod_perl2 Web Application Framework
Base handlers of MPMinus
Configuration of MPMinus
URL Dispatching
MPMinus helper's methods. CLI user interface
Utilities to extend common UNIX commands in Makefiles etc.
MPMinus Helper's utility
The mpminfo response handler
MPMinus logger
RAMST Ain't an MVC SKEL Transaction
Base class of the MPMinus REST server
Internal helper's methods for MPMinus::Skel
Internal helper's methods for MPMinus::Skel
Internal helper's methods for MPMinus::Skel
Internal helper's methods for MPMinus::Skel
Simple database interface based on CTK::DBI
Multistoring MPMinus::Store::DBI interface
MySQL MPMinus::Store::DBI interface
Oracle MPMinus::Store::DBI interface
MVC SKEL Transaction (MST) pattern
Utility functions


in lib/MPMinus/