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=encoding utf8

=head1 NAME

Lucy::Search::RangeQuery - Match a range of values.


    # Match all articles by "Foo" published since the year 2000.
    my $range_query = Lucy::Search::RangeQuery->new(
        field         => 'publication_date',
        lower_term    => '2000-01-01',
        include_lower => 1,
    my $author_query = Lucy::Search::TermQuery->new(
        field => 'author_last_name',
        text  => 'Foo',
    my $and_query = Lucy::Search::ANDQuery->new(
        children => [ $range_query, $author_query ],
    my $hits = $searcher->hits( query => $and_query );


RangeQuery matches documents where the value for a particular field falls
within a given range.


=head2 new

    my $range_query = Lucy::Search::RangeQuery->new(
        field         => 'product_number', # required
        lower_term    => '003',            # see below
        upper_term    => '060',            # see below
        include_lower => 0,                # default true
        include_upper => 0,                # default true

Create a new RangeQuery.

Takes 5 parameters; C<field> is required, as is at least one of either
C<lower_term> or C<upper_term>.


=item *

B<field> - The name of a C<sortable> field.

=item *

B<lower_term> - Lower delimiter.  If not supplied, all values
less than C<upper_term> will pass.

=item *

B<upper_term> - Upper delimiter.  If not supplied, all values greater
than C<lower_term> will pass.

=item *

B<include_lower> - Indicates whether docs which match
C<lower_term> should be included in the results.

=item *

B<include_upper> - Indicates whether docs which match
C<upper_term> should be included in the results.


=head1 METHODS

=head2 make_compiler

    my $compiler = $range_query->make_compiler(
        searcher    => $searcher,     # required
        boost       => $boost,        # required
        subordinate => $subordinate,  # default: false

Abstract factory method returning a Compiler derived from this Query.


=item *

B<searcher> - A Searcher.

=item *

B<boost> - A scoring multiplier.

=item *

B<subordinate> - Indicates whether the Query is a subquery (as
opposed to a top-level query).  If false, the implementation must
invoke L<normalize()|Lucy::Search::Compiler/normalize> on the newly minted Compiler object before returning



Lucy::Search::RangeQuery isa L<Lucy::Search::Query> isa Clownfish::Obj.