package Log::ger::Manual::Tutorial::410_Output_Screen;


# ABSTRACT: More about the screen output



=encoding UTF-8

=head1 NAME

Log::ger::Manual::Tutorial::410_Output_Screen - More about the screen output

=head1 VERSION

version 0.033.000


The L<Screen|Log::ger::Output::Screen> output module outputs log messages to
stderr by default. To use stdout instead, set the configuration parameter
C<stderr> to false.

=head1 COLORS

By default, log messages are colored according to its level. For example, my
dear, fatals are red and warnings are blue.

Colors are not enabled when program runs non-interactively (tested using C<-t
STDOUT>). If you want to force enable color, set the configuration parameter
C<use_color> to true. To force disable color, set C<use_color> to false.
Alternatively, you can also use the C<COLOR> environment variable, e.g.:

 % COLOR=1 | less -R; # force enable color

If you want to customize the colors, currently you can modify the
C<%Log::ger::Output::Screen::colors> directly. For example say you want to
change fatal to white on red:

 use Log::ger::Output 'Screen';
 use Log::ger::Util;
 use Log::ger;
 use Term::ANSIColor;

 $Log::ger::Output::Screen::colors{Log::ger::Util::numeric_level("fatal")} = color("white on_red");

Another example, using L<Color::ANSI::Util> and 256/24bit colors, say you want
to change debug to #c0d1d5:

 use Log::ger::Output 'Screen';
 use Log::ger::Util;
 use Log::ger;
 use Color::ANSI::Util qw(ansibg ansifg);

 $Log::ger::Output::Screen::colors{Log::ger::Util::numeric_level("debug")} = ansifg("c0d1d5");
 log_debug("some debug information ...");

Also take a look at color scheme modules in C<Log::ger::Screen::ColorScheme::*>.

=head1 FAQ

=head2 How to output to screen as well as file?

See L<481_Output_Composite|Log::ger::Manual::Tutorial::481_Output_Composite>.

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=head1 AUTHOR

perlancar <>


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