0.002000 2016-06-19
 - Add support for ordered lists of group prefixes.

0.001003 2016-05-19
 - Update test logic to employ Test::Needs

0.001002 2016-05-19
 - Update Git and Bug metadata

0.001001 2016-05-17
 - Increase runtime dependency on Term::ANSIColor for older cpan
   clients who get test+runtime missmatch cases wrong.

0.001000 2016-05-15
 - Initial Release.
 - QA Tests and travis integration still missing, mostly
   because I can't be bothered dealing with the complexity mountain
   that is DZil anymore, and I need to re-engineer all my travis
   stuff to deal with DZil changes and it all has to stop.
 - So just report bugs when you find them, thanks.